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  1. A lot of people out here are not fluent on how the cell phone towers and the ranges involved really work. Cook and the DA are trying to make it like they were within inches of each other when these calls make. This is not the case. So literally speaking there are so many people with cell phones in those sectors that could be involved in the death of Korey that the Expert wantabe cop and DA and not telling about because they are focusing on Carson and others due to their vendettas and bringing Carson down because he has exposed their corruptness and actions in our justice system. How many calls have been made to Carson and his office from other people other than these from the same sectors and towers more than one to three times? Korey Kauffman was involved in illegal activities and drugs that put his life in danger. Numerous people he called his friends, people he sold stolen items too or bought drugs from and gang members made threats on his life. Carson’s wife and step daughter work at his Law office so of course their will be a need to make calls to them about cases other than to say hi babe whats for dinner or step daughter checking on her. How many people call their wife and kids more than once for one thing or another? A lot of us do. The person or persons that really took Koreys life is laughing his ass off as the DA makes a fool of herself and a mockery of our justice system.

    The investigators from day one were trying to frame Carson telling people on the streets of Turlock that he murdered Korey offering deals to criminals to say Carson was involved. From the beginning and even to this vary day people of Turlock and other areas of Stanislaus County are talking saying Carson and others in this case are not guilty and being set up. The DA needs to open her eyes and wake up stop her vindictiveness and trying to frame innocent people. Jim Cook focusing on these people because the Da and Investigators from the beginning informed him too. He has charges this county over twenty thousand dollars. Good chunk of change I would say for nothing.

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      $206,000 before testifying and now $200 hr.

  2. Are they done with what wire tap information is being used?

    I think the in affidavit these cell phone pings were just to show pings off cell phone towers the day the body was “supposedly” moved by someone to the mountains? I thought it just went something significant happened and on that day they moved the supposed body to the mountains where it was found. The cell phone pings from someone’s phone showed, again “someone”, might have been in the area where the body was found. A one day event. Not three years of who called whom? A busy attorney calls people. People that operate two convenience stores probably call a lot of people. Drug dealers probably take calls all day.

    What worries me is this possible perjury thing with Carson after he was arrested I believe, and supposedly misrepresented his worth to get bail for his wife and daughter ? I emailed that question Saturday to the podcast if he could get disbarred for this and the answer was yes. They would have to prove that he knowingly lied? Is that difficult to do?

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      There is no rhyme or reason to the case being presented, and it was an end around to a previous ruling by the judge and pretty obvious when they tried to introduce this previously stricken wiretap.
      If there is a criminal conviction for a perjury charge it could be a real problem for an atty they are trying to get disbarred but otherwise not an easy thing to do but is always possible I suppose.

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