Former Stanislaus Sheriff’s Detective gets a sweetheart deal

by Marty Carlson

Kari Abbey the former Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Detective, was initially charged with homicide in the shooting of one of her rental tenants, and then had the homicide charge dismissed, plea bargained to unlawfully entering a home and possessing steroids both misdemeanors. All felony charges were dropped

She was sentenced to three years’ probation, 40 hours of community service, $225 in restitution to the Sheriff Department said Dave Harris who prosecuted the case for the Stanislaus County’s district attorney’s office.

Michael rains, Abbey’s attorney, said both sides took a more realistic and pragmatic approach to the evidence after some review.

He also stated that some of the charges would never been held up in front of a jury.

He also said that he did not think that Kari Abbey had committed the crimes which she pled to, but took the plea to save the out-of-pocket cost of a trial. Attorney rains also stated that the taxpayers would probably been on the hook to the cost of her trial.

Now the interesting part of this is that this Atty. rains also represented one of the investigators in this case and also the DA himself Dave Harris. That investigator was none other than Steve “the juice” Jacobson. I am curious how he could mount a defense for Kerry Abbey after representing Steve Jacobson and Dave Harris in a previous criminal trial of jury tampering which came as a result of the AJ Pontillo trial. Which is also a connection to the Frank Carson trial. Frank Carson was the one who filed charges in the case.

Attorneys regularly get what they call a conflict if they have to cross-examine the witness which is either a current client, or a former client.

Michael rains would not have been able to cross examine Steve Jacobson who was an investigator in the Kari Abbey case, in addition he would have to oppose his client, deputy DA Dave Harris, in this case.

Now if you remember Superior Court judge Linda McFadden had dismissed the case against Harrison Jacobson based on insufficient evidence. She also stated that the judge believes the investigator and a prosecutor now recognized the mistake that they made, and if everybody remembers correctly that is the case where they and I quote sincerely apologize to the judge to have their charges dismissed in my opinion opening the door for many potential felons to sincerely apologize to have their charges dismissed.

Abbey’s husband, a former police officer, is still facing several charges from the same type of circumstances.

Kari Abbey obviously went to the Sabrina Romero school of plea bargaining and knew what she was doing on this one she walked away with very little accountability.


  1. For lack of a better term this whole thing is like “Legal Incest”. I guess there are just a few good defense attorneys in this county to go around. It seems like there is no way to prosecute this case without a lot of conflict of interests. I must assume there might be a lot of innocent people in jail because they did not have good legal representation.

    One more thing I do not understand, well I do a little (save time and money which isn’t true justice), but I am against it, and that is “Plea Bargaining”. It just doesn’t seem fair. Say an innocent person, or guilty person, is accused of a crime. DA says plead guilty and we will give you time served and probation, but if it goes to trial and you are guilty you face 10 years. I have to wonder how many innocent people, maybe with bad advise from a court appointed Public Defender just pleads guilty out of fear that they might get 10 years. It is not true justice. Guilty people with nothing to lose will take it, but a truly innocent person is faced with a very hard choice. I just think Plea deals do not represent true justice.

    What are your opinions?

    1. Plea bargains end up great for the guilty, and not so great for the innocent who take a deal with very little other options. All pleas are ultimately the choice of the accused and no others.
      Any better suggestions?

  2. Again using video to imitate life. Where he talks about a deal-

    1. Especially the end part where he talks about “You want a deal” stuff

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