1. This DA continues to have witnesses falsely submit information to justify her actions. The judge should have put a stop to this bullshit from the beginning. Over 20 thousand dollars paid to Jim Cook to lie on the stand. He has no morals and no courts should ever let him testify or submit his crap in any cases again. So many innocent people in jail because of nothing but lies, lies, lies. We all can see what kind of kids they have brought into this world. A bunch of no good for nothing liers.

    1. Thanks. Waiting for cross.

    2. Not mention the cost to Dauwgs Blog for using Dr. Cook’s testimony. As Dr. Cook’s attorney Mr. Dauwg you owe my client $500,000 for use of his expert testimony in your blog.

  2. Actually, it is somewhere North of $206,000.00 and counting. I heard estimates of over $300.000.00 before he is totally done. If it somehow goes to trial, there will be even more money spent on his Dog and Pony show. Tom Jensen

  3. Just wondering, is Mr.Carson present at each of these proceedings? I Dont see mention of him being there from your reports.? Also, now that the obstruction of justice charges have been dismissed. Can defense file a motion for bail. To be set again? Seems to me that the violent criminals who pose any sort of threat are out free t9 show up at court and or anywhere really to threaten the safety of. The public. EZPECIALLY since they think they are backed by day..

    1. You cannot have a hearing without all the defendant present. And nothing’s been dismissed as of yet but the judge indicated that the da have some serious problems with much of their case. And there was one criminal type that showed up at the courthouse but he was looking for the Blocker in the back of the room that was Patrick Hampton. They don’t let him in the courthouse with their Witnesses and most of deputies know these guys are criminals anyway.

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