As a disclaimer for this commentary, I wish to go on record as I have in numerous other commentaries that have been posted. I spent 27 years in law enforcement and fully support all legitimate and unbiased law enforcement in our country, state, county and city dedicated men and women who put their lives on the line 24 hours a day to protect us. The two keywords in my commentary are “legitimate”, “dedicated” and “unbiased”. I totally reject an agenda driven prosecution whose sole purpose is not to find justice, but to decimate the lives, reputations and physical well-being of innocent people.

I have been absent from the scene for several weeks due to an extremely high caseload of cases involving some innocent people and some people who were just overcharged by the District Attorney’s Office. I will say it again that the DA thrives on convictions, even in innocuous cases that could be easily negotiated. The W column is the only thing of interest at 832 12th St # 300. Because I give credit where credit is due and with gratitude, I am giving a shout out to Deputy Dist. Atty. Megan Anderson. I have a friend of my daughters who was severely beaten by her coward husband in a domestic violence incident.

She was advised that the district attorney was not going to file any charges against the assaulter. Feeling outraged by this I went to the office of the Dist. Atty. and requested to speak to the deputy district attorney that refused to file charges. I was told I would receive a call. I had gone in on a Thursday and heard nothing until Monday morning. When Ms. Anderson called me, she advised me that in cases like this, it is a he said she said situation with no evidence of an injury. I advised her that I have a copy of the hospital report showing the severe injuries that she received at the hands of this bullying coward.

Ms. Anderson advised me she had not received a copy of the hospital report or the complete police report. I told her I have both and would be glad to bring them directly to the District Attorney’s Office because I was downtown. She requested that I do that which I did. After reviewing the hospital reports and the complete police report, Ms. Anderson then proceeded to file a criminal complaint against the coward. That case is pending, and again I wish to thank Ms. Anderson for her kindness, interest and desire to seek justice for a battered woman. Go Megan Anderson.

My disclaimers appear to be getting longer and longer so let’s get this show on the road.

Well hello out there Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea as Walter Winchell used to open his programs with. As my close friends will verify, I’m no Walter Winchell. And, I don’t have a radio show. I am merely a budding cub reporter that has been absent too long from the scene of what one of my fellow cub reporter Tom Jensen, calls a dog and pony show. As I have alluded to in some of my prior writings, the big picture is that this court proceeding by the DA is the Bungling Brother and Sister’s Dumbest Show on Earth and Marlissa Ferreira is the Ring Mistress.

This comedy show, and it is not a comedy show for the eight people being persecuted while the actual murderer, Robert Woody is living in hog heaven while in custody. He is being given special considerations including but not limited to, special visits by his mother Beverly Woody after she is testifying. These are considerations that other prisoners are not given. But no deals here of course.

Now this circus is re-appearing after three failed prior performances here in Modesto. The Carmen Sabatino, AJ Pontillo and Frank Drummond fiascoes that went in the tank, all at taxpayers’ expense seems to be the norm for the district attorney. And now Ms. Ferreira has produced in the center ring a flock, pride, litter, drove, herd, pod, brood, clutch, colony, band, cast, swarm, troop, horde, plague, fleet, nest, cackle, school, rookery and don’t forget gang of clowns with a trashy past, present and future, drug users, drug dealers, burglars, embezzlers, violently assaultive, thieving thugs that the proclaimed “Father of Clowns” Emmett Kelly, would not let near a respectable circus.


We know that a number of months ago, County supervisor Jim Demartini appeared on a broadcast on blog talk radio and said that there has been over $3 million spent on this case. He also made the statement that this is the case that the Dist. Atty. cannot win. The next question is why of the Board of Supervisors continuing to allow this complete drain and waste of taxpayers’ money to continue.

All they have to do is turn off the spigot of wasted funding and have the Dist. Atty. focus on bringing the admitted murderer, Robert Woody, to trial for the heinous murder of Korey Kauffman.

Then some months later Jim Demartini has what is purported to be an “interview” with Bunch, believed to be Marlissa Ferreira, Bob Taro and somebody else. This visit by Bunch and Ferreira kind of mirror how they came to a citizen named Samra and jerked him around. Here’s a recap of what happened to him:

I was appalled at the conduct afforded Mr. Samra by the Dist. Atty. staff. I was in law enforcement for 27 years, 19 years here in Stanislaus County and have never seen such underhanded, unethical and lowdown tactics as exhibited by the District Attorney’s Office against Mr. Samra. When you read what they did you need to be very angry with the District Attorney’s Office for their ethics destroying actions and worried that they could do this to you or your family.

There is no question that Investigator Bunch had knowledge of the warrant outstanding for Mr. Samra when they went to his residence and made contact with him. While interviewing him and telling him what he should do when defense attorney Forkner talks to him and then saying” I was never here and this never happened” smacks of egregious misconduct. Both Ferreira and bunch were there in the effort to intimidate Mr. Samra.

Then in court when Mr. Samra’s testimony was not favorable to the prosecution, all of a sudden the deputy district attorney Ferreira blurts out, “you have a warrant don’t you? “and Mr. Samra is arrested. YOU DON’T GET MUCH MORE LOW LIFE THEN THAT! The judge brought everyone into chambers and admonished the district attorney. How would you like a member of your family to be victimized like this by the top law enforcement officer in Stanislaus County. This is sad, so very sad. So everyone of needs to beware of snakes in the grass disguised as law enforcement personnel. SHAMEFUL!!

During the opening salvo that morning in court defense attorney Martinez reiterated the fact that Investigator Bunch told the witness” that this meeting never happened and I was never here”. Mr. Martinez also pointed out the fact that Investigator Bunch did not memorialize the meeting. LIKE A CAT TRYING TO COVER SOMETHING UP KIRK AND MARLISSA? AND WE KNOW WHAT!

We have to wonder if Jim Demartini was told “we weren’t here, this never happened”? In watching this case develop I am reminded of the story of Gordius, the King of Phrygia who tied a knot that could only be untied by the future ruler of Asia. Instead when Alexander the Great saw it, he drew his great sword and cut it. The analogy is that the people’s case appears to be the Gordian knot and the defense attorneys are akin to Alexander the Great and cutting that knot. And the other obvious analogy is that the District Attorney’s Office appears to be Goliath and the defense attorneys represent David. And one smooth stone of justice will lodge in Goliaths forehead tumbling him/her to the ground dead. This persecution case is as dead as Goliath.

Today I managed to steal some time to be able to go into court this morning. I saw many my friends again which was great. One of the first orders of business was Mr. Martinez advising the court that he was called for jury duty of all things. He advised the court that he been excused for over 35 years from sitting on a jury but they required he attend. Mr. Martinez advised the court that if he was not able to be in court this afternoon, an associate would be sitting in for him.

Judge Zuniga told him to voir dire Mr. Carson to verify that that would be all right with him. As Mr. Martinez verified with Mr. Carson that it was all right to have a associate attorney if needed, Mr. Carson stated several times that no voir dire was needed and he consented which he already had. The first thing I noted about Frank Carson’s voice was that he didn’t have the snap, if I can call it that, in his voice that he normally has. His words sounded very measured and mechanical.

I immediately confirmed this with my fellow commentator Tom Jensen, that Mr. Carson’s voice was nowhere near normal. After having watched many months of this 11-month travesty of justice and many of the machinations of the District Attorney’s Office in this case, I had the immediate suspicion that there was something being placed in Mr. Carson’s food at the Stanislaus County jail in order to interfere with his thought processes to aid in his defense. It would be my suggestion to have a blood test performed on Mr. Carson by a laboratory outside Stanislaus County to check for any unauthorized substances in his body.

While suggesting that Mr. Carson’s food has been adulterated is a serious issue, I wish to go on record that I am not casting aspersions on the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department as a whole. I have many friends on the Sheriff’s office that I have worked with during my tenure in Stanislaus County law enforcement, and consider my friends that I would trust implicitly. We have but to read the newspapers or watch television news to know that in the barrel of every profession in existence, there are always a few bad apples that ruin it for the rest. If I am mistaken in my belief about a few bad apples within the Sheriff’s Department, I sincerely apologize for my thought.

I speak with experience when talking about bad apples in law enforcement. I will once again reiterate that the Dist. Atty. of Merced County Larry Morse, III, is complicit in protecting criminal law enforcement officers in Merced County. I filed a case with the Merced County District Attorney’s Office regarding a deputy sheriff who filed a false police report in a criminal matter. I presented my written report and also a video confirming that the deputy sheriff lied in his report. I was told by chief deputy Dist. Atty. Rob Carroll that an investigation would be conducted and I would be notified of the results.

As a side note it should be noted that I was working on a criminal case in Merced County when I discovered the criminal conduct by the deputy sheriff. I was contracted with the Merced County public defender’s office and working with deputy public defender Eric Dumars. After I turned in the criminal conduct by the deputy sheriff, public defender, champion of the accused Eric Dumars fired me from the case. Even the public defender in Merced County implicitly supports criminal conduct by their Sheriff’s Department. Oh BTW, Dumars tried to hang himself in his garage and failed to accomplish his mission. He was subsequently “separated” from employment with Merced County.

Did I ever get a reply from the Merced County District Attorney’s Office? NO!!! Did I really expect one? NO!!! Now for the rest of the story. Having heard nothing from the crooked Merced County District Attorney’s Office, I made a complete package including my report and video proof and submitted it to the office of, are you really ready for this, Kamala Harris, attorney general of the state of California. One of the jobs of the Atty. Gen. of California is to investigate criminal conduct by local law enforcement officers. We all know that our Atty. Gen. in California is looking out for our interests. I felt much better sending my complaint and video to them.

Did I get a response from the office of the Atty. Gen. of California? YES!!! I’ll bet you all thought I was going to say no. Less than three days after submitting my complaint I received my package with a response from the Atty. Gen.’s office written by one of their lackeys in Sacramento. In the response to my complaint, the dedicated champion of justice Deputy Attorney General wrote me that they did not investigate criminal police.

I was ordered to take it back to the County in which the criminal law enforcement officer committed the crime and report it to the Dist. Atty. in that County. DOES IT GET ANY STUPIDER THAN THAT???? The illustrious Deputy Attorney General in his response said we don’t care about crooked criminal cops. So the people’s Wonder Woman of Justice, Kamala Harris refuses to protect the people of the state of California from criminal cops.

As you may or may not know, Kamala Harris is running for United States Senator from California. It really doesn’t matter which US senator from California she replaces if elected, whether it be Boxer or Feinstein, she will hit the ground “a running” and be as useless as either one of her predecessors. She will definitely fit right in. So there you see my experience with district attorney’s offices and sheriff’s departments.

Getting back to this morning session, there was a representative of the California state Atty. Gen.’s office there (OH NO, HORROR OF HORRORS NOT THEM AGAIN) to try to quash a subpoena regarding confidential records with two prior California Department of Corrections winners of inmate of the year, Michael Cooley and Patrick Hampton. Now I understand that I am merely a pimple on the butt of progress but it seems to me when someone commits felonious acts and in so doing harms someone, causes them a loss of assets or inflicts psychological harm on them, the dirtbags that did it should have no right to hide their heinous acts.

Their complete records should be made wide open for public perusal so citizens can be forewarned and be able to avoid these dregs of society. Unfortunately, left-leaning liberals are all too quick to try to protect criminals. But let one of those criminals the liberal protected offend against them or one of their families, they want the dirtbags hung from the highest yard arm on the ship. Being a liberal is fine as long as it doesn’t affect you. Thank you Second Amendment since the police can’t always get there in time.

Well then Mr. Jim Cook retook the witness stand with Jimmy Junior sitting right next to Marlissa. As the senior Cook or as one person in the gallery called him, a glorified Verizon cell phone salesman, was asked questions by the defense attorneys, Jimmy Junior would whisper something to Marlissa who would then immediately make an objection most often overruled. I hate pouty faces.

During prior questioning, Mr. Cook related that he only testifies for the prosecution in cases because if he were to testify for the defense, he would lose his membership in the good old boys “hang them high club”. Also during prior questioning, I was advised that senior Cook is making $200 per hour and Jimmy Junior is making $150 per hour. Jimmy Junior who is alleged to be an attorney must not think much of his ability by working so cheaply. A good private investigator makes more than that. :0) I was also advised that up to this point, senior Cook has made $200,000. Before his testimony is over he will have carved out a big chunk of the 3,000,000+ dollars that supervisor Jim Demartini said has been spent on a case that the district attorney cannot win.

During today’s testimony was determined that senior Cook had gone out and taken pictures of cell towers at $200 per hour. The question arises, why couldn’t he let Jimmy Junior go out and take pictures at $150 per hour to save the county money? Oh the humanity of it all!!! Another question senior Cook was asked was if he did any cell site surveys of the areas in which phones were used in this case? His answer was no!

Then under stiff cross-examination by Tim Rein, this alleged cell phone expert, not salesman mind you although he might be an expert salesman, had to admit that the methodology he used in putting this attempt to justify his rip-off of taxpayer monies and to pander to the district attorney to try to say the answers she wants. This slanted prosecution shows that they are fearful of being exposed for egregious conduct. If they’re gonna blow the taxpayers money like they are, they should’ve at least obtained a cell phone expert that has testified for both the prosecution and the defense rather than obtain one who is merely a sock puppet whose mouth moves but says what the Dist. Atty. wants.

Well that’s gonna do it for me for a while. I have to get back to my caseload and fight other injustices. I will get back into court when I get a chance.

Free the Frank Carson Eight

Fry the Robert Woody 1


  1. Very, very good Warren. You have been missed a lot in court. Your reports are so interesting and you provide us with so much information. I just don’t understand why the board of directors have not stepped up and put a stop to all this bull shit. So much corruptness going on it’s not even funny.

  2. Always enjoy your reporting Warren.

    If you talk to Marty he can tell you more about my case.

    In 2008 I went to every law enforcement agency in the country requesting assistance on investigating the corrupt District Attorney’s Office of Stanislaus County. Each and every one of them said they have no jurisdiction.

    Went to my senator and my congressman comma who also said they had no way to help.

    Corrupt is as corrupt does. Nothing changes from one Administration to the other. Nothing changes from Democrat to Republican. Nothing changed from Jim Brazelton to Birgit Fladiger. Arnold Schwarzenegger to Jerry Brown. Nothing changes that. Liberal or conservative does not make a difference.

    Frank Carson’s case is the biggest miscarriage of Justice. Frank and the Carson 8 are getting the bum’s rush. And I have to agree with you Frank is always sharp no matter if he’s not feeling good.

    But until we get The public’s attention, nothing is going to happen. Until somebody in power steps up and says enough is enough this will continue.

    Warren keep up the great reporting always love reading your reports.

    However being a Verizon employee I’m a little insulted that you associate him to a Verizon cell phone salesman. Just kidding.

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