FRANK CARSON et al 6-29-2016 (marty)

Here is the am audio report for today’s hearing:

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  1. I just do not understand what the DA wants the end results to show with all this ping here, ping there, stuff?

    Say you buy a puzzle, you dump all the pieces, you show an “expert puzzler putter-together” the picture on the front and tell the expert I need you put the pieces together and show it should show the picture on the box. What I am trying to say is what is the DA’s puzzle supposed to look like when all the pings are put together. Seems like they have pieces from a bunch of different puzzles and are just sorting out pieces and wasting time. Like a group of kids who mixed together a bunch of puzzle pieces into three different boxes and lost like 40 pieces and their parents are telling them get all the pieces into the right boxes. We paid good money for those puzzles (I think the family is named Cook) now put them in the right boxes and put them together! Two of the kids are colorblind “and it goes on and on and on……”. (Journey) Funny the song is “Don’t Stop Believing”.

    For those of you a little older you might remember America’s Top 40 with Casey Kasem-

    “Coming in this week at number 7 is a special request song from Marlisa to Judge Z., Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing’ ”

    One last question, how the hell does one reformat any drive, or storage device on accident? Not possible.

    A person has a serious piece of evidence, first has to insert the drive, then do a right click, then a left click, then maybe after a one more click it says “Are you sure you want to reformat drive E:? All data will be deleted” So they go to all the trouble to finally produce the drive, they work through the encryption to get to what’s on the drive, and at that point they choose to reformat it? A powerful magnet “accidentally” placed near the drive might have been a better choice. Makes me think if there was any DNA discovered in this mess it would have been contaminated by the DA’s office, unless it maybe fit their narrative.

  2. Just a sidebar issue here. Now might be a great time for Fladager to step down. The opportunity as presented itself with the protestors on that case. She can say-
    ” I have loved serving this county, but with the protests demanding I resign, I must respect the people’s wishes, and today as of noon today, I will no longer be DA of this county.”

    Then she could do a Nixon maneuver, helicopter flies in, she turns and faces the crowd, raises both arms and flashes us the peace sign and flies off.

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      I am not a crook!!!

  3. Trying to piece all this together & from what I understand so far is that the DA Ferierra is either totally lost & is trying to railroad a very powerful & talented man (Carson) & all other accused people in this case also. Now there is a couple of things that I do question, 1 specifically being the statement(s) made to the police officer from a wiretap recording where one of the Athwal brothers supposedly said something along the lines of knowing about a murder investigation that he seen in a warrant from authorities that occurred before they even knew that Kauffman had been murdered. Anyways that only says that he heard from somewhere that Kauffman was murdered. Hearsay I say. Being that Robert Woody the guy who has since confessed to Kauffmans murder, worked for the Athwal brothers it could have been very possible that he did hear something about a murder. Either way its crazy to assume that everyone else is also guilty because they are associated with the Athwal brothers. Another thing that really caught my attention was that there is a lot of talk about cell phones & how there hasn’t been any calls or text to or from any of the accused during the dates before & after or around the time of the disappearance of Kauffman. I’m not pointing blame in any direction except Woody of coarse as he did admit to the killing. Who admits to killing someone if they didnt kill someone? Like DUH! Although, it would be interesting to know if there was any pay phones or unknown numbers in the Turlock area that contacted any of the other accused parties cell phones on the night of Kauffmans disappearance…. Just sayin! I now that I know a lot more about Carsons history with DA, and other “AUTHORITIES” involved in this crazy circus case believe that Carson along with most if not all the other defendants, except Woody, are for the most part innocent & should be released or proven guilty with something more then some theory from the DA. This is ridiculous!

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      You should sit in court and see how they’re trying to sell this monstrosity, if they had any integrity they dismiss this case right now!

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