Good morning everyone,

Yesterday in my audio report I mentioned there was a gentleman by the name of Art Hively that I was having trouble recalling who he was.

Thanks to some of my listeners and people who obviously pay more attention than I do, it was revealed to me that Art Hively is with the Ceres Police Department high-tech crimes unit. He is the officer that analyzed Christine DeFilippo’s computer and probably some other stuff too.

They are making a motion to strike his testimony probably on the basis of his nonrelevant but I don’t know will find out when we see the motion.

Just for information too, I believe Art Hively is also officer Perry’s father-in-law and was the one who is unable to open the mysterious thumb drive that is now in Sacramento being evaluated for data.

Just want to clear that up and I appreciate the help the people give me and reminded me of some of the information that sometimes gets evacuated between my ears.