FRANK CARSON et al. 6-30-2016 pm (tom)





I had the privilege of watching a master at work this afternoon. Defense Attorney Timothy Rien totally destroyed self-proclaimed cell phone expert Jim Cook on the stand, catching him in lies and misconduct. When this preliminary hearing comes to an end, I will be surprised if he is not brought up with some serious charges concerning the lies and misconduct that have been exposed. In my opinion, his testimony has been impeached to the point that it will be useless. He will walk away with over a quarter of a million dollars for his work, and may well spend most of it on attorneys trying to defend his actions. I took a lot of notes today, and this one is going to take me quite some time to write. Sit back, and I will paint for you another picture of what I saw in the courtroom this afternoon.

The afternoon session began with all the attorneys going into the judge’s chambers for a discussion of the newly found thumb drive. They come out after about 15 minutes, and we get Jim Cook back on the stand for the continuing cross examination by defense attorney Timothy Rien.

We start out with slide 172 of 270 total slides. It concerns calls from the cell phone associated with Korey Kauffman. The places and people of interest included Pop N Cork Liquors, Walter Wells Residence, the Carson property, Walter Wells residence, the Michael Cooley residence, and Robert Woody’s house. It was brought out that all of these were within the same cell phone sector.

We go to slide 173, which is a graphic of cell phone activity concerning Jessica Crisp, and the cell phone associated with that of Korey Kauffman. It concerned three different cell phone towers. Two were AT&T towers, and one was a Crickett cell phone tower associated with the Korey Kauffman cell phone. Rien gets Cook to admit that he can’t tell if anyone’s phone is on Hwy 99. Cook was trying to say that one of the phones was within a residence when it pinged off of two different cell phone sites during the same call. It was brought out that Jim Cook could not tell if anyone’s phone was in any particular place. Cook admitted that he had done no experiments to test reception within the Walter Wells residence. Rien: “How do you know if there are any obstructions to reception within the Wells house?” Cook: “I don’t know.” Marlissa Fereirra argues a ruling once again by the judge, and once again she gets severely admonished for doing so. She just can’t help herself. Cook admits that he can’t tell if Walter Wells cell phone was traveling North on Hwy 99 when it vacillates between two different cell towers in a one-minute time period. It is brought out that Cook can’t tell if Walter had pulled over to make a text message. Cook also admitted that he could not tell if the cell phone had been in an overlap area between the towers.

We go to slide 176. It concerned a 03/31/2012 call from the cell phone associated with Korey Kauffman that happened at 1801. Rien gets Cook to testify that this call did not involve anything with Walter Wells.

We go to slide 177, which concerned a call from the cell phone associated with Korey Kauffman on 04/02/2016 at 2023. This call did not involve Walter Wells.

We go to slide 178, which concerned a call from the cell phone associated with Korey Kauffman on 04/03/2012 at 0606. Once again, Walter Wells was not involved with this call.

Next up was slide 179, which was another call that was from the cell phone associated with Korey Kauffman on 04/04/2016 at 12:36. Walter Well’s cell phone was not associated with this call as well.

Next up was slide 180. It is another Korey Kauffman cell phone call on 04/06/2016. No Walter Wells involvement here as well.

Slide 181, another 04/06/2012 call from the cell phone associated with Korey Kauffman at 9:22 PM. Walter Wells was not involved with this one as well.

This goes on and on through slide 198, and Walter Wells was not involved with any of them. Timothy Rien did a very thorough job in showing that Walter Wells had no cell phone activity concerning the cell phone associated with Korey Kauffman. It is interesting to note that Eula Keyes, Michael Cooley, and Lori Freitas had lots of activity concerning Korey Kauffman’s cell phone during the time period after he disappeared.

Now we get into some really damaging stuff concerning the integrity of the work Jim Cook did in his analysis of the data. Jim Cook has tried show that Walter Wells had the cell phone of Korey Kauffman in his possession with his Power Point presentation. Jim Cook goes back to slide 177, which showed no involvement with Walter’s device. Rien brings up a cell phone call made from Walter Well’s cell phone. This call was during the same time period that someone else was using Korey Kauffman’s cell phone somewhere else. This call was not included in Jim Cook’s Power Point presentation.

We then go back to slide 178. Rien shows that Walter Well’s cell phone had made a call during the same time period that someone else was using the Korey Kauffman cell phone somewhere else. This cell phone call was not on Jim Cook’s Power Point presentation.

We then go back to slide 179. Rien shows that Walter Well’s cell phone had made a call during the same time period that someone else had made a call using the Korey Kauffman cell phone somewhere else. This call was not on Jim Cook’s Power Point presentation.

We then go back to slide 176. Rien shows that Walter Well’s cell phone had made a call during the same time period that someone else was making a call using Korey Kauffman’s cell phone somewhere else. This call was not on Jim Cook’s Power Point presentation.

Jim Cook was beyond turning pink. He was sweating on the stand. Rien asks Cook to go to the cell phone data records to see what cell phone towers were involved with these calls. Cook has to go to the computer that is on the desk with Marlissa Fereirra. All the calls were from cell phone towers that would serve Walter Well’s house on Arabian Way. This pretty much proves that he was not in possession of Korey Kauffman’s cell phone. It also proves that Jim Cook is selectively manipulating the data to show guilt concerning Walter Wells, when the data actually proves his innocence. I think that Jim Cook is the guilty one, and I hope he has to answer for this in court.

Timothy Rien then really gets into Jim Cook. Rien asks Cook if he told the investigators that you had located calls that did not overlap, but showed separation. Cook: “No Sir.” Rien asks Cook if he assisted the investigators in preparing the Ramey Warrant. Cook: “No Sir.”

Timothy Rien then springs a trap. He approached the bench with a document, and asks that Jim Cook read a yellow highlighted area out loud. Judge Zuniga tells Cook to read it to himself. Cook is turning beyond pink, and is sweating. Rien asks Cook whether he was the source of the information concerning a phone call listed on the document. The call was from the device associated with Korey Kauffman, and was made at 1801 on 03/31/2012. Cook says: “I probably did, I can’t specifically recall.” Rien then brings up a call on 03/31/2012 at 1808 that was an incoming call from Walter Well’s sister. Rien: “Did you tell them about this one?” Cook: “Yes, don’t specifically recall.” Cook continues to turn pinker.

Rien then approached the bench with another document. Rien: “Recognize the map?” It concerned calls made on 03/31/2016 from 1801 to 1808. It is a report that was done by Cook in October of 2015. Cook: “Yes Sir.” Rien: “How long did it take you to develop the overlay?” Rien: “Does this refresh your recollection on the previous 18:08 incident?” Cook: “Yes Sir.” Rien: “In fact you knew that” Cook: “Yes.” It seems Mr. Cook was involved with false information that was included in the Ramey Warrant. Rien: “Is there a reason you stopped mapping Walter Wells at 15:31 on 03/31/2012?” Cook looks like he is going to vomit.

Timothy Rien directs Jim Cook to slide 156 from his Power Point presentation. Rien: “you told us you were mapping 03/30/2012 to 03/31/2012.” Rien: “Do you remember me asking you why you left out the rest of the day?” It seems he left out 8-10 hours on 03/30/2012 and another 8-10 hours on 03/31/2012. Cook: “The device was not close to the Korey Kauffman device.” Rien: “You told Jesse Garcia that you reproduced the Power Point presentation. You left out overlay 124. Slide 124 shows that the device associated with Korey Kauffman and the device associated with Walter Wells did not overlap.”

Timothy Rien: “Mr. Cook, thank you for your testimony. There is no way Marlissa Fereirra can rehabilitate Jim Cook. His credibility has been totally destroyed. He has been caught in numerous lies, and it has been shown that he has manipulated the cell phone evidence to show guilt where innocence is actually shown. He should never again be allowed to testify in a court of law. His work is an abomination of justice, and has resulted in false information that was used in a Ramey Warrant that is full of untruths. This whole hearing has been a sham based on lies, and people are suffering and spending their life savings to defend themselves.

After Cook left the stand, we bring up the thumb drive issue. It is decided that there is information about another case on the thumb drive that is totally unrelated to this case, and is sensitive in nature. Judge Zuniga will keep the original unencrypted thumb drive, and a copy will be made by next Wednesday that will contain everything else. This redacted thumb drive will be provided to the defense attorneys. We did not have enough time today to get into the work product privilege files that are in dispute. I am sure they will be turned over to the defense. Jim Cook totally destroyed Marlissa Fereirra privilege by admitting on the stand that he had them in his binder to use as a reference for his testimony. Because of the holiday, and other issues, court will not resume until next Wednesday. The hearing on the motion to strike Beverly Woody’s testimony is changed again back to July 11th.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


  1. Looks like Jim Cook is a Charlatan.. going around the country selling his deeply flawed theory as a magical elixir of physical science. If he is getting more than 200K from this case, imagine what he is dragging in from courts all over the country extracting princely sums with his flawed magic potion.

  2. Why? Why? Why? Is this case allowed to continue? No evidence, All witnesses lying, drugged out, thieves and free on the streets. They have been given the BIG OK to continue with their criminal activates while Carson and the others are put threw the wringer locked up all rights and their freedom money and property taken from them when they did nothing to deserve this. This is not right and to let this shit continue is total bull shit. There are people that can stop this now and they should do what is right and set Carson and the others free and focus on arresting the corrupted DA, Investigators, Cook, and all the witnesses who have perjured themselves on the stand. How these POS live with themselves daly is beyond me. There is one big bitch out there that no one can stop and her name is KARMA. i hope they all meet her real soon and get what they deserve. Some fucking experts they are I need to vomit.

    1. Before all of this happened, I just believed what the Bee said and assumed the DA’s office was full of honest people and they had a very solid case. In my mind at the time I remember thinking “Pissed off lawyer kills thief”. I was so blind! A friend of mine said you ought to read about this. One day the Bee was just sitting there and I started reading about it. Then when they mentioned on the news about the fucked up affidavit I had to read it. I am lucky that I found the bloggers and followed this. If I hadn’t, I would not have even known the prelim was still going on, or even what it was. I think most in the county still have no clue what is really happening. I try to get people to come here and read the blogs. They won’t! Most actually do not even know who Carson is and the other 7. I try to tell people about the trial and they just change the subject. They have no interest at all, and never will, even when this case gets tossed.

      They will not know how the DA’s office has destroyed so many lives. First I think about Carson’s daughter. She is enjoying her first year in college and these DA thugs show up in New York, embarrass her, bring her back to California and just ruin what should have been some of the best years of her life. The families, friends, and others who are affected by all this. And of course, most important, innocent people in jail. Just shit like there will be only two days of court next week. Why are they taking Tues. off? It’s not a holiday? From today to next Monday there will be only 2 days of court. That’s like 10 days with only 2 days of court. A person has the right to fair and speedy trial? The prelim I guess isn’t covered by this? I have been following Dawg and his bloggers almost since this started, and that was just by chance. I thank you all for having the courage, and taking the time, to shed light on how dirty the DA’s office is. I just wish more people would come to your blogs. I am trying to get them to, but like I said, most just do not care.

      As I follow this case I find it ironic, it is becoming more clear to me what the DA’s agenda is, by how unclear, and convoluted their case is. I need not even say what their agenda is because we all know.

      1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
        dawg417 says:

        People do not realize how serious of a problem this is until it happens to them

      2. frank is guilty all these gays work for the ass nine of course they are going to talk shit about everyone except for frank and his lolly pop kids The so called lawyers. If he is so inacent why the fuck does he have nine lawyers trying to help get him out of this shit and if they where good lawyers I think he would only need one not almost a dozen don’t you.You need to take your underware off cause your smashing your little brain.

        1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
          dawg417 says:

          Linda sue burns why do you keep doing this? go fuck yourself and the stolen property you carry to the recyclers and antique shops in your meth/heroin addicted Bike burying dumass lifestyle that was responsible for Korey’s death. Just ask Eula she told the court all about it.

        2. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
          dawg417 says:

          BTW DUMASS Robert Woody has testified thank Frank Carson and Walter well were not there nor knew anything about it.
          You are beating a dead horse but that does not surprise me. Try rehab it does wonders.

        3. Bitch you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. The only gay person around is you. Frank Carson only has ONE ATTORNEY what planet are you on? You and all the rest of the crew better get ready because all you lying, thieves and druggies will be playing for all the shit you have done. Korey Kauffman would probably still be alive if it weren’t for the Cooley gang. Maybe you should put some clean underwear on. Wise up and try to come back to earth you stupid bitch. Get a real job and stop stealing from hard working people.

  3. Tom, I can almost guarantee you that Porky Pig will not be brought up on charges that he lied and deliberately left information out of his PowerPoint presentation. He will more than likely do what Special Agent Bunch does when he gets caught tampering with witnesses. Just tell the judge you’re sorry and it won’t happen again. Seems like this whole bunch of clowns the DA has in their office has this privilege.

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      His punishment will be buying a new Lexus that was a demo and not brand new, CASH!

  4. And the reputation of Empire College Law School continues drop.

    i feel bad for those students who graduated from Empire College Law School last spring. I am sure their resumes are being tossed in the trash even before the door shuts.

  5. As I keep reading I cannot believe what is happening here. I myself was subjected to some of their corruption and their wrongful prosecution. But I did not and or anything that closewhat Frank and the Seven others have endured.
    We need to get the word out as far and as quickly as possible. So when you get an email of a notification of a new blog forward that to all your friends and family. Let them know what’s going on in this corrupt County of Stanislaus. The bloggers that have been covering this story have done a masterful job of getting out the true story. If we had relied on the Modesto Bee we wouldn’t know anything.

    Marty Tom and Warren please keep up the good work.

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