INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE FRANK CARSON CASE 07/29/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) As this preliminary hearing enters its eleventh month, I am thinking about the glaring lack of evidence that we have that would indicate guilt for any of the charged defendants. We can now see that the Ramey Warrant thatContinue Reading

HERE IS THE INTERVIEW WITH BEVERLY WOODY BY POLICE ABUSE.COM HERE IS HER DAUGHTER MARY With the revelations of today I find it more than appropriate to reveal the real nature of this woman trying to save her son……. Note the differences in what she said in courtContinue Reading

    MARLISA FERREIRA UTTERLY DESTROYED TODAY HER WOODY PROBLEM JUST HAD A PREMATURE EJACULATION…. KEY EVIDENCE TOSSED AND MORE FRANK CARSON CASE 7/28/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM)   I have written that the truth is about to set them free. I am more certain today that this isContinue Reading

Just for in formation too the Modesto bee was not in the courtroom, (not a surprise), anyone and everyone may want to consider sending a link to two people at the Modesto bee for them to be informed. 1) Kevin Valine: 2)  Ken Carlson:              3) Rosalio Rahumada:Continue Reading