JIM COOK IS SO BUSTED FOR LIES FRANK CARSON CASE ET.AL. 06/30/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) I had the privilege of watching a master at work this afternoon. Defense Attorney Timothy Rien totally destroyed self-proclaimed cell phone expert Jim Cook on the stand, catching him in lies and misconduct. When this preliminary hearing comes to an end, I will be surprised if he is not brought up with some serious charges concerning the lies and misconduct that have been exposed. [ 1677 more words. ]

Click here to see the report:  http://dawgonnit.com/…/…/frank-carson-et-al-6-30-2016-pm-tom


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  1. Now maybe you bloggers can get a multiplier effect. You now have 600 views. I believe these people will be a bit surprised about what is happening and will want to inform other people. Say they are able to get 200 more people here. Now you have 800 people that want to tell other people about what is going. At some point you will have a large enough group that will of concerned people, and really it doesn’t a whole lot, but if the DA starts looking out her window and starts to see say just 200 to 300 people with signs and protesting the injustice, the Bee, and hopefully some reporting from the local news channels will have to show up, at that point a lot of people going to start wondering what is going. 300 people seems small, but in a small area that is a lot of people. It becomes very news worthy. When people start hearing it is the second longest prelim in CA history, and began to hear about DA misconduct, Fladager and others will have to start circling the wagons. If just one person working for the DA’s office is arrested for perjury or obstruction of justice the shit is going to hit the fan, or maybe the people will bring the fan to the shit because they are upset. DA’s office will have to go into serious damage control. Remember how Nixon’s damage control ended.

    They may have to put Woody on the stand and offer him a sweet plea bargain deal. What he testifies to will be probably not much evidence, but it will be the only way they can create can create damage control.

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