1. Let’s not fault Cook too hard here. He’s just a foot soldier in a war, a mean to an end, a puppet with strings stretching back to the DA and perhaps beyond. It’s easy to get angry at Cook, but T. Rien’s sentiment should rule here (thank you for your testimony); we should all take a collective deep breath and thank Cook as well. The level of deception and manipulation stemming from the DA office for this case is nothing special, it is systemic, it is deliberate, and it has no ethical boundaries. It is disheartening to think how many Walter Wells of the world were wrongfully destroyed and punished by this system because their case did not have a Frank Carson attached.

    There’s something much larger here. Cook did not cook up (yes, pun…) this on his own, the motive is not there. Cook’s motive is simple, bill and milk the system; Cook’s only moral compass is pointing toward more green. Follow the money, and we will find the puppet master that’s pulling his strings. To borrow a line from a Mel Gibson movie: “One man… you go high enough you always come to one man… who?”… In this case, it may be one woman, who? B. Fladager? K. Harris?

    When all this is said and done, whose responsibility is it to revisit ALL the prior “expert” products from Cook? ALL the prior convictions from Ferreira? Keep in mind, for the few cockroaches you see, there are hundreds that you don’t. It’s not enough just to step on the Cookroaches, we need an exterminator.

  2. So let me get this shit straight. Ferreira thinks that her reputation has been tarnished by some sort of doing by the Wells family/friends? She has the fucking nerve to actually insinuate that? I’m not sure what her reputation was like before this case, but by her agreeing to take this bullshit of a case she did this to herself. A REAL woman and attorney would have taken one look at this and said no way. Now Walter and the rest of the defendants have had their personal business and pictures plastered all over the media wrongfully. What about their reputations, and the reputations of their families? Fuck that fat ass, roast beef eating BITCH. She did this to herself.
    I have to disagree with you Marty. I think she fucking blows as an attorney. Her objections have no grounds, and she rambles on just to hear herself speak. She’s a disgusting and nauseating person. Don’t even get me started on Bunch and the rest of those mongloids. Theyre all shit stains on the underpants of Stanislaus County. If Bunch spent more time fixing those buck teeth and crooked smile, and less time hating on what “could have been” for him, he could maybe be a mediocre person. Nope. Jealous and BUTT ugly.

    As for Mr. Bow tie handle bar mustache, he looks like should be riding one of those old fashioned bicycles with the big front tire and 2 little ones….here ye here ye. He belongs on the front of a monopoly box not a witness stand. After the defendants sue she hell outta all of them, he’s gonna have to sell that pretty truck and opt for pinto. If he will even be able to afford that. Mark my words, they’re all gonna pay a VERY pretty penny. The 3 officers who lost their jobs won’t need to worry about working EVER again. Georgia, Carson and Christina will get every penny back and then some! So will the Athwal brothers, they won’t even need a store anymore. Maybe they will keep bunch and Ferreira around to clean the toilets. Doubtful though….

    Once again, through the DA’s stupidity they actually did these defendants a favor if you think about it. Yes they had to suffer. Yes they’ve missed a whole year of living, but the financial rewards for these people will be astronomical. Through their story they will have exposed the DA for who they really are. Now people who have been wrongfully convicted by Stanislaus DA, will have a chance at redemption. The truth will set EVERYONE free!

  3. Marty, You Tom and Warren have been given the greatest gift of all no amount of money in the world could compare altho would be nice. You three have brought the people involved in the corruptness in our system out in the open to the public to see and hear. Without you guys people around the world would not of known all the shit innocent people are enduring and how low the DA and Investigators have gone and will continue to do so until a stop is put to them. You guys are their daily reporting on this case and I am sure the defendants are more than appreciative of this and once this case is over and they are set free you guys will be shown how much they appreciate all you have done. I for one do appreciate all that you guys do and stand behind you in hopes the corruptness in this system is brought down. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

    1. Thank you Susan remember that when I need money put on my books 🙂

      1. Marty I will have no problem to put money on your books or phone card write letters and visit if you were to go to jail. But this is never going to happen. You are just posting exactly what is happening in court and a lot of other people in court are seeing and hearing the same. We all know how low and corrupt this justice system is that is why it is important that everyone stand up and let it be known that it needs to stop. Too many innocent people are in jail because of this, you bet your ass families out there will be having cases re-investigated because of what has happened in this case and thanks to you and everyone else reporting on this case hopefully things will start to change. When I become friends with someone I am there for life unless they screw me over then I say screw them. So as I said before I am behind you 100%.

        1. Thank you Susan I do appreciate the support from you and everybody else

          1. You are very welcome. Just think Marty how many people will be contacting you for help. New paid business for you going to happen. You will have to get a special business license.

            1. you are only kidding yourself, what a joke, this DA’s office has the highest integrity around and criminal types like you are the only ones supporting this POS Frank Carson

  4. Yes I agree with Susan as well! I’m sure that you will be greatly compensated for your hard work as well! You bloggers have put your lives in danger to get this story out there. We commend your bravery! I wish I had the money to give you that you all deserve. I know you do this out of the goodness of your hearts, and for justice to prevail. You guys are excellent at what you do. Keep up the good work!

    1. I think these asswipe bloggers have created a fantasy about what is happening in the courtroom. These Carson people have been no doubt been shown culpable and need to be put away.
      The courtroom lice heads in the back row need to shut the fuck up, the DA in this case has done a marvelous job in a very tough situation.

  5. Mark Davis why don’t you go steal everything from a house again. You are the one that needs to be put away. You are nothing more than a wire wearing snitch. Good luck to you when you go to jail your ass will be taken care of.

      1. He thinks he does. With his record and sexual preference he has no room to talk.

      2. Marty: You didn’t read my post. A man has balls. The snitchbag has a vagina.

  6. Lmfao Mark Davis….. Really? You’re just as delusional about the DA as you are telling yourself you’re not a pedofile. Maybe wearing that wire is sending electronic waves to your already fucked up brain. If you genuinely think the prosecution is doing a good job, then hip hip hooray for you pal. Have Ferreira change the batteries in your brain next time. Looks like your puppet strings work just fine, so keep doing what you do. We enjoy a good laugh at your expense.

  7. Let me get this straight. This turd mark davis. I don’t capitalize accused felons names, so this three time accused felon suspect for felony conspiracy, felony Insurance Code violations and felony grand theft has the vagina to try to tell we commenters to STFU. You talk pretty tuff on a blog markie. mark davis you are a king size moron if you think the da is doing a “marvelous” job. She is obviously telling you that thru your da provided wire you have running down your leg.

    Remember when birgit gets recalled after this is over and the right DA is in, your free ride from justice will be over and your snitch rear end will be wearing the orange and white stripes of “snitchville”. Heck, maybe you can “bunk” with ronald cooper in Pleasant Valley recreational facility after your conviction. They probably just send the wire along with you.

    And you called us “criminal types”. You obviously have your head so far up someone’s butt, maybe the da, maybe a da special agent investigator or your own butt. You might check the court index. You are the clown that is facing felony charges, not us. Might want to check that out markie.

    And I think a lawsuit is in the offing for your libelous accusation about us being “criminal types”. Libel, is the written “publication” of a defamatory remark that has the tendency to injure another’s reputation or character. I am sure Marty is going to preserve your libelous accusation here on his blog as evidence. And I know a lot of people that will testify that my reputation and character has been injured by your untruthful, callous and egregious statement. I am sure that Marty and Tom will also have many people to so testify that their reputation and character have been injured also. So keep jacking your jaws Markie. And don’t be too surprised when you get served.

    1. Remember he is not only an accused felon (4 pending charges) but he is also a convicted felon, mostly by way of an admission in court.

  8. Marty The Who’s in Custody log for Robert Woody shows he is in the County Jail and the Arr Agency was SNR. I think this is what they are calling their 5 agency team that was involved in this case. I spoke with a lady at the Safety center and she was not sure was it meant . Go figure.

    1. Maybe she wasn’t sure or maybe she doesn’t want to say

  9. Don’t know but I will find out. He was arrested by the Sheriff Dept.

  10. Marty, you are right. Mr. Microphone has two felony convictions and a misdemeanor conviction. Let’s see now: convicted of felony possession of a controlled substance (Probaby Monostat for vaginal invections) and also convicted of felony possession of a controlled substance for sale. So this dweeb that accuses us of criminal conduct is actually the twice convicted felon as anyone can see on the court index. So Markie is actually a scumbag low life drug dealer like several other of Marlissa’s witnesses from the dark side.

    He also had a felony burglary reduced to theft which means he isw a low life scumbag sneak thief and look what he calls us. Long pause…………….. I fell on the floor laughing while I was writing this. I know a hungry attorney just out of law school that is looking for something easy like Markie to get his teeth into for a happy meal.

    We may have to change Markie’s name from Mr. Microphone to Mr. Felon. That would be much more fitting.

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