Google search has been recording and keeping your voice searches

by Marty Carlson


here is how to delete those recordings

As most of you know Google keeps track of everything you type into it search bar, just like it analyzes your content of your emails.

Also of note, Google has been recording you when you do those voice searches in the search bar. When you use Google’s voice control features, normally prompted after saying “okay Google” or hitting the microphone icon, everything that you said is recorded and saved on Google’s databases. Apparently it is intended to give you  search history and perhaps improve their voice recognition.

Google does however allow you to listen yourself and clear that history. Some other services do not.

You can visit Google’s history activity site, log in, and go to the voice and audio activity tab, and you can listen to what you’ve asked Google and delete all the files. You can also change the settings to make sure it does not record you again.

It has been suggested that Apple Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana the have been recording in the same way, but there does not seem to be at least at this point the ability to delete those recordings. Amazon echo also records when you ask in your searches, in addition is also has people concerned because it’s always on and listening, but like Google Amazon does lead you clear the history of the Amazon echo.

Just for information I went there and had to delete a long history of recorded searches myself on Google.

Just little bit of information if you’re concerned about privacy.