Tonight’s podcast was a massive failure and I apologize I have ongoing problems with blog talk radio and sometimes people cannot even listen to the podcast on blog talk radio. I sound check everything before I start a show and everything is working in fact I’m using it right nowContinue Reading

HAVE LIES WILL TRAVEL FRANK CARSON CASE 07/06/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) Jim Cook was back on the stand being cross examined by Hans Hjertonsson and Martha Carlton Magana during the afternoon session that I attended. Jim Cook reminds me of a hired gun named Paladin that I watchedContinue Reading

Jim Cook answers lead to: Objection nonresponsive By Marty Carlson 7-6-2016 Court started at 9:30am court time and 9:55 AM real-time will. The first order of business was a Mme. DA the turnover to thumb drives to the court, one she explained was from officer going of the high-tech crimesContinue Reading