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Jim Cook was back on the stand being cross examined by Hans Hjertonsson and Martha Carlton Magana during the afternoon session that I attended. Jim Cook reminds me of a hired gun named Paladin that I watched on TV as a child. For those of you too young to remember Paladin, you really missed out on a good show. Paladin handed out cards with “Have Gun Will Travel” printed on them. Paladin would gun down anyone for a price. Jim Cook is making an obscene amount of money convicting people. Based on what I have seen of his work in this case, many of his convictions are probably done with manipulated data that does not reflect the truth. Who is the criminal in this sort of situation? I bet he sleeps well at night, because he does not care. In my opinion, money can make this man do anything a prosecution wants. Have Lies Will Travel.

Hans Hjertonsson starts out at 1:43 PM talking about data events where someone’s device would be staying in the same position, and is connected to a website like Facebook. Hans tried to get Mr. Cook to admit that the megabyte usage being the same for 5 hours at a time would indicate that the device was not really being used, but was getting a refresh on an hourly basis. It turns out for those of you that use iPhone IV’s, these devices do not have call detail records for text messages. That may be a factor in my next phone purchase. I hate the way our phones can be used to ruin our lives by law enforcement with an agenda.

Hans gets Cook to admit that there is only around 210 feet between Pop N Cork Liquors and the residence of Robert Woody. Both locations would ping off of MOD 30 cell phone tower. Hans gets Cook pinned down on there being a 15-degree overlap between two cell phone towers that cover these two locations. I note at this time that Marlissa Fereirra looks exhausted, and is rarely with a smile on her face.

Hans gets Cook to testify that there were 13 connections between the device associated with Daljit Atwal and the law Office of Frank Carson. It was brought out that 5 of these connections had a duration of zero. These calls did not get answered. There were zero calls in 2012 between the cell phone associated with Georgia DeFelippo and the Law Office of Frank Carson. There were zero calls between 2011 and 2014 between Christina DeFelippo and the Law Office of Frank Carson.

Hans: “Was the cell phone associated with Korey Kauffman mapped?” Cook: “Yes.” Hans asks about a call from slide #54 on 04/02/2012 at 23:17 that hit off MOD 30 SW sector. Cook had to admit that Michael Cooley’s house would be in that sector. Another call to Korey Kauffman’s device on 04/08/2012 at 10:52 would also have Michael Cooley’s residence within the sector.

Hans Hjertonsson then asks Mr. Cook about the time period between 6PM on 03/30/2012 and 6AM on 03/31/2012. It turns out that there were no calls between Daljit Atwal and Baljit Athwal during this time period. There were also no calls between Baljit Athwal and Pop N Cork Liquors during this time period that could be proven. Cook said that records for that time period had been expunged. It was revealed that there was 1 phone call between Baljit Athwal and Robert Woody during that time period. Robert worked for the Athwal’s at Pop N Cork, so I see nothing unusual about this call. There was also one call between Daljit Atwal and Robert Woody during this time period. There was no phone activity during this time period between Robert Woody and Pop N Cork Liquors.

Cook was asked by Hans Hjertonsson if he knows about a term called a “Cell Phone Dump.” Cook says: “Yes.” A cell phone dump lists all call activity from a particular cell phone tower during a specific time period. Hans: “Did you do any?” Cook: “No.” Hans asks Cook if he was aware that another attorney was working out of the Carson Law Office. Cook said he did not know that.

Hans Hjertonsson gets Cook to admit on the stand that he was “Eyeballing” when he mapped out the cell phone tower reception areas. He admitted that he was using approximations.

Hans then asks Jim Cook about his CB (Resume). On this resume, Cooks lists 102 previous trials that he was involved in, and whether there was a conviction, or plea deal in the case. His convictions make me wonder how many people have suffered because of the lies and misconduct that probably occurred.

Cook states that he has no degrees in science, mathematics, or engineering. Mr. Cook stated that he does not consider himself an expert in radio wave technology.

Jim Cook testified that he provided some phone numbers to DA Investigator Kirk Bunch that he wanted to get search warrants for. He was asked if he asked for warrants on the device associated with Korey Kauffman. Cook said he did, but the records had been expunged by Crickett. There were over 50 phone numbers that search warrants were obtained for. Cook said Dale Lingerfeldt and Kirk Bunch were the source of many of these search warrants, and he requested the others.

Martha Carlton Magana: “Did you ask for subscriber information on Michael Cooley?” Cook: “No” Eula Keyes?” Cook: “No.” Kevin Pickett? Cook: “No.” Don Poma? Cook: “No.” Keith Hobbs? Cook: “No.” Lori Freitas? Cook: “No.” I guess none of these people were people of interest with the prosecution. They simply did not fit their theory, and their effort to take Frank Carson down. Kevin McGrath? Cook: “No.”

Martha Carlton Magana brings up cell phone records that show calls from three phone numbers to the cell phone associated with Korey Kauffman between 03/30/2012 and 04/16/2012. There were over 20 calls to the Kauffman device during this time period. For some reason, Jim Cook and the DA Investigators did not even find out the identity of the people associated with these three devices. I bet they know who was calling, and I bet the defense will figure that out as well. I am sure the people that were calling had something to do with the disappearance of Korey Kauffman. Court will resume tomorrow morning at 10:00AM. I will do the morning session, and Marty Carlson will do the afternoon. That is all.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


  1. What a worthless piece of shit oh Slippery Jim is. He fits right in with “Special” agent Bunchy. Can’t wait for July 11th when judge Zuniga tosses the bullshit fairytale that good ole Beverly Woody puked from her pie hole.

  2. I have a question- they brought Momma Bev in to testify right? If I remember it was a difficult task because of her physical condition and they wanted to get her testimony in before she was unable to testify? Why did they not use a 115 with her?

    Now with Robert Woody they want to use 115, but he is fully capable of testifying on his own and is just a walk away from the courthouse or close enough? Am I correct in this? Can the judge make a determination on 115 testimony? Can she just say this is not within the spirit of the 115 law? I mean Woody has to testify soon right?

    Another item, I can very little sense of all this ping here, ping there stuff, makes absolutely no narrative that I can follow. I mean what is the end result the prosecution wants this to show? Is it that Turlock, us country folk, not from the Bar Area, have cell phones and cell towers? I won’t even go into the $350/hr, but I am, can the DA’s office put in a limit as too how much an “expert” gets paid? What if the DA said decided to pay Cook and his son $500/hr?

    Another very serious question and I ask this with utmost respect- Micah cannot attend court because he is on the witness list. I would have to assume that the Kaufmans and their immediate family that are in court are on the witness list too. I fully believe they should be allowed to attend, but at what point is the line drawn as to who can be in court? Cooley said in his interview that Korey was like a son to him. I assume Cooley is on the witness list. Can Cooley come to court each day? No sarcasm here at all. I hate to put this in print, but this is about the truth, can the prosecution find some way to put you bloggers on the witness list and have you removed from court?

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      Beverly Woody was able to come up with this amazing story after all this time and never told this to an investigator or apparently anyone else. So no 115 for her.
      115 is the law and the judge has no say so but can determine if someone fits the requirements to 115.And Woody is not required to testify as one cannot testify against himself. (5th amendment)
      The DA was trying to show the relationship between the defendants and the Victim by using the cell tower data but they did not put all the information in that also showed innocence by the defendants. The attorneys (defense) did their job and uncovered all the information.
      The DA’s office seems to have no limits in what they want to spend in this case. $200 an hour is what some areas are willing to pay for this type of “what you want to hear testimony”
      Cooley or any witness under subpoena cannot hear other testimony in the case ,but family to the victim are allowed and I do not know if they are under subpoena or not.
      Unless there is a gag order any media member, yes bloggers are considered journalists, is allowed to attend court, and they would have to show good cause to subpoena a blogger. and would go to a hearing if need be.

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