Well here I am again, Marlisa’s favorite pain in the ***. To keep the PG rating I will say neck for now. I was able to take an afternoon off of my workload to appear in court yesterday, Wednesday, afternoon. It was good to see several of the gallery’s regular attendees including but not limited to Tom Jensen and other faithful supporters of the Carson 8. I am sure that Mme. Dist. Atty. felt a huge sigh of relief seeing that something terrible had not happened to me during my absence.

Upon court resuming one of the prosecution’s star witnesses retook the stand. That would be Jimmy Cook with his stacks of binders. Now understand that all along I’ve been calling him an expert Verizon cell phone salesman. On one my prior commentaries, one of the comments mentioned said not to give Verizon a bad name. So I’m going on record now and will say only that Jimmy Cook is a no name expert cell phone salesman.

From the very limited amount of time that I was able to see Jimmy Cook on the witness stand, I had been told by other commentators that when answering questions, he had a propensity to be a windbag. It seems like yes and no were not in his vocabulary. Well when I began watching Jimmy Cook answering questions, lo and behold he seemed to be answering yes and no. I was told that in some of his expounding he was saying some things that seemed detrimental to the prosecution’s case.

As he was being questioned this afternoon, I noticed that right after he said either a yes or a no he made a funny twitching motion. Now I can’t be positive about this and it is only speculation which is normally reserved for the prosecution’s witnesses, but I saw what appeared to be some type of something or other under his shirt collar. That’s when I looked over at the prosecution table area and saw an unnamed investigator with some type of remote-control looking device in his hand. And then putting two and two together the only conclusion I can come to was that Jimmy Cook was wearing a low voltage shock collar and with each shock, that means “shut up”!!!! Now again that speculation only which flows so freely through the courtroom.

I noticed that in the courtroom there were no bees buzzing around, not even the Modesto Bee. I also noticed that Mr. Felon markie davis, was not there either. He is the one who called the commentators criminal types. Here’s his posts:

On Dawgs Blog

July 4, 2016 at 09:57

“you are only kidding yourself, what a joke, this DA’s office has the highest integrity around and criminal types like you are the only ones supporting this POS Frank Carson”

and one more:
Mark Davis

July 4, 2016 at 09:52

“I think these asswipe bloggers have created a fantasy about what is happening in the courtroom. These Carson people have been no doubt been shown culpable and need to be put away.
The courtroom lice heads in the back row need to shut the fuck up, the DA in this case has done a marvelous job in a very tough situation.”

Temper, temper now Mr. Felon.

The Stanislaus County court index shows that markie davis is a drug dealer and a lowdown sneak thief. And he calls us, who have never been arrested in our lives “criminal types”. I was going to say that sounds like the pot calling the kettle black, but I was afraid that the word “pot” might send a thrill down the leg of the drug dealer. Some people who have stayed in a room with bars on the doors and windows should be careful of the stones they throw at those who have not.

Okay, back to the persecution of the Carson 8. And I noted as before, Jim Cook’s son, Jimmy Junior is still sitting at a computer at the table next to Mme. Dist. Atty. so he has been filling Bunch’s seat all this time. And like before, every question that a defense attorney asked his daddy, Jimmy Junior conferred with Marlissa on numerous occasions who would then make an objection which much to her chagrin were overruled.

On numerous occasions Jimmy Senior had to come down to confer with Jimmy Junior and look at the computer to answer a question. Watching Jimmy Senior and Jimmy Junior together at the computer reminded me of a couple that I had seen somewhere else before. Oh yeah, now I remember. That would be Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee. The only thing missing were their Beanie Propeller Caps. Maybe they don’t wear them in public. Only in Wonderland. I think the Mad Hatter crafted them for them.

During questioning by defense attorney Hans Hjertson, he asked about Jim Cook’s Curriculum Vitae or CV. Hans asked him how many convictions were posted on the CV for which Jim Cook was laying claim to for his “expert testimony”. Cook’s answer there were “several”. Hans asked how many is several, 15 or 20? Cook says I don’t know without counting them. Hans asked him to count them and tell them how many.

As Cook began counting them the time went on and on and in fact I saw one gallery member step out for a smoke break. After some time, Cook came up with a figure of 102 convictions that were listed on his CV. Cook added that they were either through convictions or plea deals. Hans asked him if he was proud of all of his convictions. Cook answered “I am proud that justice was served”. Does Cook consider justice is being paid $200 an hour for his artful but deceptive testimony which was exposed by the defense attorneys in this case?

Obviously everyone has their own definition of justice especially if it’s colored green. The only number that Cook did not come up with was how many cases he was involved in and for whatever reason he lost. We might still be counting today on that one.

Cook states that he only has that information on his CV for business purposes. That’s right Jim, by listing the number of convictions you were involved in, you’re pandering to any district attorney anywhere that wants to be able to have you say the right thing for their case. Cook gets paid $200 per hour as an expert in cell phone communications but he did not have the answer for what “Radio Wave Technology” is. But he is Mme. district attorney’s star expert witness. Cook stated that he only testifies for the prosecution. He stated the reason is because a couple of the associations he belongs to, one being the HTC I A, would banish him forever if he were to ever testify for the defense.

This is true. Here is an example of that organization’s bylaws: Members may not, by virtue of their employment be in a position to represent or assist the defense in a criminal prosecution, unless:14

A. They are employed by an entity (military of governmental) that does not distinguish between prosecution or defense (An example of such incidences are military attorneys and/or investigators who are directed to work for the prosecution at times or the defense at other times).

B. They are a member of an International chapter whose member’s legal system does not distinguish between prosecution or defense, provided the member must reside and practice in that country and not perform defense work in any country that does make that distinction.

C. They are a member who is subpoenaed to testify by the defense in a matter they investigated for their agency or employer.

So there it is folks. If you don’t swear to say what the prosecution wants and give the official signal you cannot belong to this organization.

Apparently the headmaster of the “HTCIA” ILLUMINATI, THE WORLD’S ZENITH CONFRATERNITY would revoke his membership and take away his magic “Sky King Mystery Ring”, take away his cowboy hat and he would never again be able to fly out of the “Flying Crown Ranch” in Arizona with Penny, Clipper and Sky in the “Songbird” to anymore Dist. Atty.’s offices. If some of you are scratching your heads on this one, that’s why we have Google.

During attorney Rein’s cross-examination of Mr. Cook’s expertise, Mr. Cook
was spanked so severely on his backside and shown to be less than honest and trustworthy, the word was Mr. Cook had to sleep on his stomach for several days thereafter. I think I saw that somewhere on the Internet. Just saying…

Attorney Hans then asked Cook if you have a degree in engineering? Cook said no. Do you have a degree in science? Cook said no. Attorney Hans asked in several of those all to which Cook answered no. He then asked Cook had any degrees in all and Cook answered no. He was asked if he had a mentor to answer his questions while he was learning this and Cook answered no. But he did relate that he had been “Salesman of The Year” one year. That verifies my first impression of Jim Cook. Expert cell phone salesman.

Then during his testimony which is covered better in Tom Jensen’s commentary, Cook among other things said that he had provided phone numbers for the search warrant and given them to Special Agent Bunch. Cook was asked who he provided the subscriber information to and he said it was Special Agent Lingerfeldt.

And then it was either attorney Hans or attorney Martha Carlton Magana who asked Cook if he spent time going over his testimony with the district attorney. Cook stammered and stuttered a little and finally said yes. He was asked how many hours he spent with her and his answer was, are you really ready for this? “Several hours”. When asked to say how many he came up with a figure of 128 hours.

128 hours at $200 per hour comes out to $25,600. Now that is just for discussing the case and his testimony. It wasn’t asked and we don’t know if Jim Senior had Jimmy Junior with him at $150 per hour. If he was with them that’s another $19,200 of taxpayer’s money. This whole case is obviously a “cash cow” for Jim and Jimmy.

The question arises why can’t Jim Cook handle his expert testimony on his own? It would be interesting to find out if Jimmy Junior tags along on every case with his daddy and again milking the taxpayers because they only work for District Attorney’s Offices who have deep pockets at taxpayers’ expense.

Well I’m gonna wrap this up for now and am not sure when I will be able to get into court again but I rely on the honest commentaries of my peers. Hope to see you all later.

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  1. Everyday Jim Cook is bulking tax dollars from citizens of Stanislaus County in this case. This needs to stop. Our hard earned dollars being taken away and used for lies to assist the DA and Investigators on this case solely for the personal vendetta they have on Carson. Get Cook off the stand and out of this County. We are tired of supporting him and hearing his mum bo jumbo. It’s clear to everyone he along with the DA and investigators are a bunch of low class liers. They need to return all the money they have wrongfully taken from the County and defendants and set them free now. This County needs to start cleaning up the corrupt justice system in hopes that the citizens can begin to believe in justice again. A stop needs to be put to cases being prosecuted when their is no evidence and made up events to take people down for no reason. JUSTICE FOR CARSON AND THE OTHERS. SET THEM FREE.

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