1. This is a very interesting case. Please give us more. I I heard Walter’s mom talk on your show talk about Walter having a open relationship with as many women he wanted because he was single. Does Water’s girlfriend, Jessica, know about this open relationship or is this new to her? its no secret here in Turlock that Walter is hooking up with women all the time at the gym. very interesting …

    Hopeful in Turlock…

    • That is not what she said and I suggest you go back and listen to it again.
      And if you have some information about this please step up and be accounted for
      otherwise you are just another person trying to insert yourself and stir it up
      for whatever motives you may have.
      Now if you have some information in regards to this I am eagerly awaiting to hear about it.
      You can also send me an email

    • Walter’s not married and why would a girlfriend matter at this time,so many people are so worried about him and woman,who gives a shit this is about a murder of a human being let’s focus on the real murders that are running the streets still, not someone and his friends at the gym! Smh

      • I agree and the comment by hopeful in Turlock is just someone wanting to show their ignorance, and the only reason I didn’t delete it is to show there are people out there that like to show a lot of ignorance and their hating side.
        If they were to actually have any type of information they would have just put their name on it and shown some integrity. I have also given them the opportunity to do just that and they chose not to.
        If he or she had some relevant information I would post it for all to see but obviously they do not.
        So we will just consider the source as someone trying to throw more hate around like the right side of the room does everyday.

    • Shut the fuck up “Hopeful in Turlock”! You sound like a pathethic person trying to cause trouble. Walter’s mom said that just because he has friends that are girls doesnt mean he is sleeping with them! Even if your statement is true, wtf does that matter? Were talking about someone being murdered and ypu want to bring up petty crap like that? Get a life!

    • I am a journalist and as such I have a responsibility to provide realistic and accurate and unbiased news. that is why your dribble was not published,

    • You just want to talk hate and crap and do not have the grapefruits to put your name on it.
      Look around all over my site my name is on everything. cowards like you cannot do that.

    • Put your name on it or it means squat. You just hating right now. Put your name (real name) and I will print everything you write.
      You are even using a spoofer. It is just hate talk.

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