This is the afternoon report on the Frank Carson et al. case by Marty Carlson.

This’ll be a brief report just kind of a synopsis as Tom Jensen and Warren Yates will also be submitted reports this evening.

As you know if you listen to my noontime audio report the hearing continued on into the afternoon and right up until fact a little after 4 o’clock and there were some interesting arguments going on and basically the judge was having a hard time accepting the Dist. Atty.’s representations. Robert Woody’s comments to his mother basically were what they call not in his penal interests and so is not allowed for the most part for Beverly Woody’s testimony to be allowed into record. The judge did chop it up somewhat certain parts yes certain parts no as what she seemed to do with all the stuff.

There was some representations by the DA which included questions and asked the judge if they were to come up with a new theory of the case if the judge would recruit reconsider some of her rulings, which is really a strange thing to ask and the judge gave her one of those judge like looks and it doesn’t change the fact that the cases been re-represented to the court now.

The judge also admonished the DA as she was obviously not prepared for this hearing and was not aware what was actually in the motions because she does not write her own motions, she has staff that does that and apparently she did not read or proofread and there were some areas that were not addressed in the Dist. Atty.’s motion in regards to some of the points and authorities made in the Martha Magana’s motion.

There’s some of it was taken under submission and will be ruled on probably next Monday as the judge needs to look at some of the transcripts and a couple case laws but basically the Dist. Atty. was not able to substantiate what she is trying to say for the most part, and the judge was very critical of her responses and was not letting her make long arguments like she normally does. In fact the judge was cutting her off and asking questions, and at one point she asked the judge’s she could finish her statement the judge says no.

Late in the day Melissa Ferreira got on her cell phone was sitting at the counsel table and court was in session and normally it is allowed if they get permission from the judge first, which she did not do in the judge chastise her and also stated something to the effect of come down off the bench and Bobby upside the head if you don’t get off the cell phone.

That’s pretty much yet in a nutshell this is how I am going to leave it, and let Tom and Warren write their reports.

And the biggest term of the day was a declaration against his interests, and I am going to do a special report on that in the morning or later on tonight, to give you a little clarification what that means.

And I’ll say it again this case has fallen apart as if there was anything to hold together in the first place, and if this District Attorney’s Office had any integrity they would walk into the courtroom and dismiss this God damn case.


  1. Come up with a new Theory.

    Or come up with a new lie.

  2. What the heck is this DA thinking? If she comes up with a new theory of this case if the Judge would reconsider some parts. Does she really think she can shop around like they did to get the warrants signed. This Bitch gets stupider every second. She needs to get some medical help real soon. This just goes to show how far they will go to frame innocent people. A big title wave needs to come threw here washing away these corrupt lame asses to the bottom of the sea. When will Justice be served for Carson and the others?

    1. Don’t be knocking the DA now! She went to Empire Law School in Santa Rosa. Here is one review of the Empire Law-

      “Empire is notorious within the professional community for substandards and employers will not regard an education from here very highly. Therefore, it is incumbent upon any graduate to really expect to have to sell themselves even more during job interviews.”

      She is only living down to the expectations of Empire Law School.

      Seriously, I cannot imagine being stuck in jail for one day. It is July 11th and they have only been in court three of those days thus far in July. So Ferreria had around 8 days off to get her shit together? They wasted two of those days with Dr. Cook pinging here pinging there with no sense to it. I still have no image in may head as to what they are trying show. At the very least, give bail to the ones in jail.

  3. Marty, I agree with you 100% that the DA should drop this case. But you really can’t use the words integrity and DA in the same sentence. It just doesn’t work. Today I think we all can see the light at the end of this long dark tunnel, even if we will have to go through Ferriara ass to get through it. Too bad “special agent Bunchy” wasn’t there today, would have loved to laugh at his dumb ass as he pulls his thong out between those sweaty cheeks.

    1. I agree and that is why I used the term “IF” they had integrity.

      1. Maybe these people will take an interest in the case-


        Alliance for Justice

        They even allow for bloggers I believe.

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