THE JUDGE HAS HAD IT WITH DA FRANK CARSON CASE 07/12/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) It has taken ten months, but Judge Zuniga has finally reached the point where she has had enough of Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra. Throughout the morning session, Judge Zuniga made revealing comments about howContinue Reading

Just for the record by Marty Carlson 7-11-2016 This is the afternoon report for the Frank Carson preliminary hearing, Tom Jensen will do the morning report there was not much to report but he is going to put something out pretty soon. The afternoon session started with detective Cory BrownContinue Reading

REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH!!! By Warren Yates 7-11-2016 This is YATES-ZILLA arising from the ashes one more time. This is my commentary for July 11, 2016. Because of the anticipated decision expected from Judge Zuniga, by the time the doors to the court room were opened, the gallery filed and thereContinue Reading