It has taken ten months, but Judge Zuniga has finally reached the point where she has had enough of Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra. Throughout the morning session, Judge Zuniga made revealing comments about how she feels about what is happening in this never ending preliminary hearing.

This morning, we went through two boxes of search warrants, arrest warrants, wiretap warrants, and other legal papers that should have been filed with the court about a year ago.

All morning long, Judge Zuniga admonished Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra with angry words: “Mam, this should have been filed when they were arrested.” “I told you not to talk.” Marlissa would stare at the ceiling, and Judge Zuniga tells her: “Mam, you better be listening.”

While the judge was going over the hundreds of documents, Marlissa was caught on her cell phone, and was admonished for doing so. Marlissa seems to be in a mode where she is trying to dominate the judge in certain situations. It backfires on her every time.

Judge Zuniga tells Marlissa that she is going to ask Judge Mitchell C. Rigby from Madera County to provide all original documents concerning this trial that he was involved with. Rigby signed literally hundreds of documents for this case, and is still in possession of many of the original documents. Many of these documents appear to be missing. Marlissa Fereirra seems to have little knowledge of where some of the very important documents are at this time. We have people who were arrested and are presently in custody that never had their arrest warrant filed with the court. It is just a symptom of the sad state of affairs that exist within our DA’s Office in Stanislaus County.

There is a rat’s nest in a big expensive building that costs the taxpayers more than they will ever be allowed to know. When this fiasco is finally done, one or two people will be thrown under the bus to protect the really rotten core that will try to preserve their high paying jobs.

As long as we have a local newspaper that is too afraid to speak up, I fear this situation has no end in sight. The bastardization of our legal system will continue, and our Constitutional Rights will continually be abused. Someday, many of us will have a party to celebrate a great victory. The Truth Is About to Set Them Free.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)