Anatomy of misconduct there is much to learn when a trial goes wrong

by Marty Carlson


As we come closer to what I feel is the end of this Carson et al. preliminary hearing, I start to wonder how things get to this point. However, we sunk so low to have people face these type of charges where I am convinced none whatsoever were warranted.

Recently I was contacted by a follower this sent me a link of an older article, dated 2003, originally written by the Center for Public integrity.

It seems to really show many similarities to this Carson case. It talks about someone who is unjustifiably arrested, went to the court process, and was actually convicted at one point simply because they reported a suspicious circumstance that would end up being a homicide.

My question is how do things in up this way? I am no bleeding heart for the criminals, and anybody that is convicted of a crime I honestly believe they deserve the full punishment for the crime. I do not believe in giving drug addicts syringes in the parks so they can have clean needles to use, I believe drug use, alcohol use, is a real problem in society and is not a victimless crime as many other people are adversely affected by some self-serving people’s choices.

But how does a law-abiding citizens like a successful attorney Frank Carson, His wife Georgia Defilippo her daughter Christine Defilippo, Immigrants Daljit and Baljit Atwahl, CHP officers Walter Wells, Scott McFarlane, Eddie Quintanar, all in end up this type of situation. The reports written by Tom Jensen, Warren Yates, and myself on my site speak for themselves.

When you look at the original Ramey warrant, and all the absurd information that from the start I thought was erroneous, and now sitting in court all these months I see nothing accurate that was included in that warrant. Just a couple of examples the warrant stated that when the remains were found a bullet fell out of the Pants, listening to the Mariposa County deputy that recovered the body, we all know that was not true. The bullet was found under what she described as a layer of dirt, that was dug out with sticks they picked up off the ground. It did not fall out of the pants.

A second thing that was represented in the Ramey warrant was that the victim’s cell phone pinging off a cell tower and showed it was at Walter wells his house. That is a blatant lie, as the victim cell phone in 2012 was subscribed to the cricket service and in 2012 cricket did not have GPS capabilities whatsoever even real-time. And GPS capabilities is not possible through any service through historical records. It was a blatant misrepresentation to the judge who I believe did not actually read the warrant.

I’m not going to continue critiquing this piece of fabrication they called a Ramey warrant but there this article I referred to above that I think everybody should take the time and read. The case in this article is something that could happen to anybody at any time during your everyday business, as can what is happened to the Frank Carson et al. group of people. Please take the time I know it’s a long article that there are some valuable points of information in there and we need to stop and look how some things are done in our criminal justice system.

Read article here: Anatomy of misconduct