FRANK CARSON et al 7-14-2016 (marty)


by Marty Carlson


This is the afternoon report for the Frank Carson preliminary hearing for July 14, 2016.

This a be a short report as court was only in session until 2:45 this afternoon but it did have a little bit of drama involved in it.

It started out with an email that was received by the clerk in the courtroom from an Alameda County District Attorney’s Office asking when this hearing was going to be finished, as there waiting for Jesse Garcia in a pending case. The question brought a large chuckle from everybody in the room they get that’s a question everybody is asking in this monstrosity. The judge advised that she would respond to the email in devising there for or appropriate response but she wasn’t very clear but I don’t think she knew what to say at this point.

Melissa Ferreira was doing re-direct examination on the cell phone expert Jim Cook and it was nice to see that old swagger back in Mr. Coates face and his ability to answer questions finally returned I guess it was simply because you’d be in asked questions by the Dist. Atty. which is back in his comfort zone. It was obvious to me that Melissa Ferreira was trying to rehabilitate this gentleman’s decimation by the defense team.

She was talking about a trip to the mountains on June 26, 2012 that Baljit Atwahl had taken, and then all of a sudden began talking about a phone call from Daljit Atwahl. And things got very confusing at that point as a usually do because she can’t keep a fluid thought process going. The witness said that the phone call was not put on the map in the PowerPoint presentation as it was not a map able event. Which I thought was very interesting that he’s making all these representations about other things but apparently there are not Mapp able events with cell phones that he hasn’t talked about this before.

The DA also trying to establish that the witness has had some ideas and understandings with FBI agents in the past and worked on cases it was kind confusing what she is trying to establish that I guess giving credibility to the talk to the FBI it doesn’t mean that he’s done anything, the judge then admonished her were none relevant testimony.

Jim cook also admitted that not all calls were mapped as became obvious as far as Walter wells was concerned, because many calls had to be vetted out because of the mass number of calls and that decision was made by Kirk bunch of which calls to not be mapped out.

I also noted that the witness’s demeanor was extremely different in this particular question and answer. He did not have from dancing questions yes or no and giving precise answers as he did when he was being cross-examined by defense attorneys, and he obviously didn’t show the disdain for the system with the DA talking to him.

The DA try to talk about some landline phone calls that were made to Frank Carson’s law office, and the witness advised that those would not be documented in the historical records. The DA began asking about landline records and if he reviewed and start leading to multiple objections which was led by Jesse Garcia, who was feeling like I was at the time that this gentleman was certified as a cell phone expert and now they want him to testify to landline phones and service, and namely talk about phone calls that they have no record of so they don’t know if they occurred or not. To be perfectly honest with you this was a silly thing to do and made the DA look kind of foolish.

Again there was multiple objections and arguments and the judge took it under submission and it was the end of the day on the short day today and the judge will make a ruling on that later on when we can reconvene on Monday, remember the start time Monday is 1:30 PM.


  1. Perhaps the judge can tell Marlissa “To shit or get off the pot” so Jesse Garcia can do his case in Alameda County. She should be given some sort of a deadline. Right now the prosecution is scared to end this thing. It’s like Custer going to the Little Big Horn. They are going to take some arrows for sure. Holding this over to trial takes a very low level of proof. It might go to trial, but the odds are improving for this thing to get tossed out. If it goes to trial, no jury will ever convict anyone charged of anything. This is going to cost a fortune some day. They don’t care. The taxpayers will foot the bill, and pay their inflated salaries, and legal expenses that will certainly be spent. It is impossible to compensate the defendants in this case with enough money to make up for what they have spent and endured.

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      I just want to hear her say WHAT THE FUCK! for Micah

      1. Lol! Your voice saying WTF!?!!?? Popped in my head today..several times today tickled me everytime WYF??!!! INDEED! You and Tom ( have have done the people of stanislaus county such a great service by dedicating everyday to bee g present in court to document the proceedings and working hard to make sure the truth is reported to us. You are doing lightwork and I commend all of your warriors for truth the pen is mightier than the sword, and wherever the light of truth is shone in the darkness evil cannot abide.

        Quote from St.john against theaters and circuses :
        From what is now going on amongst us it is possible to see the pain of your intellect. Now just as I am speaking these words I can see some people beating their foreheads, and I am very grateful to you for being such a compassionate people. In fact I think many of those who have never sinned are beating themselves, because they suffer pain from their brothers’ wounds. Therefore I lament and grieve, because the devil is tormenting this flock. But if you want to we can quickly block his entrance. How and by what means? If we could see those who are diseased becoming healthy. If we could unfurl the nets of our doctrine and go around seeking those who have been captured by wild beasts, and snatch them from the lion’s throat. Do not say to me “There are only a few who have been taken from the flock.” Even if there were only ten, it would be no ordinary loss. Even if there were five, or two or one. That famous shepherd left behind the ninety nine sheep for the same reason, and ran after the one sheep, and did not return until he brought it back with him, and completed the defective number of one hundred through the restoration of that one which had wandered away. Do not say “It is only one.” But consider, it is a soul, on whose account everything that can be seen came into being: laws, penalties and punishments, and countless wonders, and the infinitely varied works of God. On that soul’s account he did not spare his only-born son. Consider what a price has been paid even for the one man, and do not undervalue his salvation, but go away and bring him back to us, and persuade him no longer to fall into the same mistakes. Then we have a sufficient defence. But if he should not give in, either to our advice or to your entreaties, then I shall thereafter use my power, which God gave us not for destruction but for construction.
        Therefore I make this proclamation, in a clear and loud voice, that if anyone after this exhortation and teaching deserts back to the unlawful disgrace of the theatre, I shall not receive him within these precincts, I will not let him share in the sacraments, I will not let him touch the sacred table. Just as shepherds separate the sheep that are afflicted by mange from the healthy sheep, so as to prevent the rest from catching the disease, so I shall act in the same way. For if in ancient times the leper was ordered to sit outside the camp, and even if he was a king, was expelled along with his crown, so much more should we expel from this sacred camp the one who has leprosy in his soul. Just as in the beginning I used exhortation and advice, so now after all this exhortation and teaching it is necessary from now on to deploy exclusion. For it is a year since I entered your city, and I have not ceased from frequent and constant reminders to you about this. [277] But since some have persisted in the putrefaction, well then from now on we should introduce exclusion. If I do not possess an iron sword, at least I have a word which is sharper than iron. If I cannot touch fire, I have a doctrine which is hotter than fire, and can burn more fiercely.
        Do not scorn my decree. Although we are worthless and most pitiable, nevertheless we have been granted a status by the grace of God that can achieve these things.

        1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
          dawg417 says:

          Thank you so much I appreciate you taking the time and the support.

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