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Today, we continued Marlissa Fereirra’s makeup party where she is trying to put lipstick on a pig. This is the second day where Marlissa is trying to rehabilitate the testimony of self-proclaimed cell phone, and now land line expert Jim Cook. Judge Zuniga ruled today that Jim Cook is an expert in land line communications. Oh well. Marlissa’s questions were a feeble attempt to salvage something out of the approximately $300,000.00 the Sheriff’s Department is being billed for his work on this case thus far. Judge Zuniga made a comment about her questions not being a difference maker in what she thinks about Mr. Cook’s testimony. I found the questions to be mind-numbing, irrelevant, and boring. I had to fight to keep myself awake. I think she thinks if she puts us all to sleep, she can pull the wool over the eyes in the courtroom.

Judge Zuniga apologized to everyone for being late this afternoon. I guess the traffic was terrible, and she had a doctor’s appointment this morning. Court started at around 2:30 PM. Judge Zuniga stated that the defense attorneys are being provided copies of a minute order with respect to the testimony of Beverly Woody. She said it was difficult for her to prepare this because Beverly would continue to talk after objections had been raised.

Judge Zuniga tells Marlissa that she has already indicated to her that she does not believe there exists an uncharged conspiracy to commit or conceal a homicide. She talks about Marlissa making claims that there was non-assertive conduct on Frank Carson allegedly driving away with the murder weapon. Zuniga stated that she has a problem with that claim at this point in the hearing. She states that she is not finding that there is an uncharged conspiracy, that there is a gap that Marlissa can’t get past. It concerns the first level of hearsay that Marlissa has been trying to get past. Judge Zuniga also said she has a problem with Marlisa’s claim that it was an admission against penal interest, and that Marlissa had tried to use this as a vehicle to get past the hearsay.

Judge Zuniga again reminds Marlissa that she is going to have to put Robert Woody on the stand to testify, or to take the 5th. If he takes the 5th, the judge says Marlissa will have to do Prop 115 testimony for Robert Woody. If she does not comply with these instructions, the judge’s rulings on this issue will go against Marlissa. I think she is screwed either way.

Judge Zuniga then rules that Jim Cook is an expert in land line communications. This ruling is hard for me to believe, but it just is added to a long list of such rulings in this case.

Marlissa Fereirra then gets Cook on the stand, and Mr. Crook is asked about the land line records concerning Pop N Cork liquors and the Law Office of Frank Carson and the land line communications between Baljit Athwal and the Law office of Frank Carson. She gets Cook to testify that there were cell phone calls to the Carson law Office that were not listed on the land line records. She gets Cook to testify that a similar situation existed with cell phone calls from Georgia DeFelippo and the Carson Law office. Marlissa gets Cook to testify that there were also cell phone calls from Christina to the Carson Law office that were not included in the land line records. Marlissa gets Cook to testify that not all calls to land lines are captured on land line records.

Cook denied doing analysis on the calls between Natalie and Patrick Emery to the Law Office of Frank Carson.

Marlissa then goes into questions designed to show that if was not possible for the Korey Kauffman cell phone being on Hwy 99 instead of being with Walter Wells on 03/31/2012. I don’t think this testimony was very convincing by Mr. Cook.

We then hear questions concerning Walter Wells cell phone being in the same area as Pop N Cork Liquors on 03/31/2012 around 8 PM to 8:26 PM, and that Korey Kauffman’s cell phone was in the same area during this time period. This was not very convincing testimony as well, in my opinion.

Marlissa then asks Cook questions concerning the 4 phone numbers that called the Korey Kauffman cell phone during the 16 day period mentioned in earlier blogs. All of these calls were made when the Korey Kauffman cell phone was turned on. Marlissa tries to show that all of these calls were made by friends or family of Korey Kauffman. Any legal expert will tell you that friends and family are all high on the usual suspect lists in cases such as this. There were objections to this line of questioning. The objections were sustained. Marlissa gets Cook to testify that Korey Kauffman’s phone was in different cell phone areas and sectors during the 16 day period being discussed.

Judge Zuniga then starts talking about how Mr. Cook was supposed to supply her with all the maps he had given Kirk Bunch for purposed of the Ramey Warrant. I seem to remember Cook testifying that it was a Word Document that he had provided Bunch. The judge was not very happy with the answers she was getting from Marlissa about this issue. She stated that this document was going to be for her eyes only.

As we are running out of time, Marlissa starts talking about a motion she has made to strike the confessions that Michael Cooley had made concerning the killing of Korey Kauffman. Judge Zuniga stops her, as we are already past 4:30 PM. Court resumes tomorrow at 9:30 AM.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


  1. TOM!!!! Don’t think for a minute that what I said in the hallway about lipstick and a pig is going to be reduced to writing…😂😉😗😗😗😗😗 LOL

  2. I see it is plural on confessions, so Cooley made not just one, but more than one confession he murdered Kory Kauffman? The last man to see Kauffman alive confessed to it, once or even twice, and the DA wants them stricken? Are these even on the record? Just wondering how much the so called irrigation pipe might have been worth? Maybe that night Kory came back something very valuable, something worth fighting over, something worth killing over? Maybe the irrigation pipe was never there and he brought back something different that was worth a lot of money. Again it makes no sense that they never made any effort pursuing Cooley as the suspect.

  3. All you flea bitten slime dawgs need to get a life, Marlisa Ferreira is one of the warmest and most heart felt people in the world and deserves your respect. In fact you tin foil wearers need to get a life.
    Show me proof they did not do this.

    • I was not aware the constitution had been changed where the defendant has to show innocence.
      The prosecution, by law, has the burden of proof. You have been hanging around the DA long enough to know this.
      Not to mention they have not met any level of that burden yet.

    • How did you know about my flea bites?
      Send me half of the Cook’s money and I will get a life.

  4. Lmfao Mark Davis. What magical promises were given to you by the DA to wear a wire and be a tattle tale? Did they promise to keep you out of jail? Did they promise you rainbows and ponies? To be honest I really thought you were a decent human being from the short convo I had with you at court. I really thought you just got a bad rap for being a snitch. Then you come here and open your big fat mouth and defend Ferreira. Any person who would go along with prosecuting innocent people and know they’re innocent, is nothing but a lowlife piece of dog crap. So you want to call her Warm Hearted, yet her heart is cold, black and smells like donkey ass. I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume Ferreira is a smart woman/man, whatever. So she knows what the hell she’s doing. There’s going to be no excuse for her actions in the end, and I’m gonna lmao when you’re thrown in prison where you belong. Then, the rest of us “lice heads” will get together and celebrate your sodomy, compliments of Big Daddy D.

  5. Hey MarkDingleBerry Davis…..

    You have me in stitches!! I myself thought for a brief moment that this POS Davis (in my opinion) was a nice person until he showed his true colors
    He has spoken to me with foul comments and I would have slapped him but I was worried I’d be arrested
    While in court he smirks at the Attorney’s and defendants……like he is perfect

    Why he isn’t in a jail cell is beyond me with all the charges against him…

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