Warren Yates Commentary 7-17-2016


By Warren Yates


Why is there such a big push to have students go on to college after graduation from high school? After watching Jim Cook in court with his son on their gravy train run slopping and groveling out of the public trough, it is obvious that if someone can slide through high school with just enough of a GPA to graduate, they can magically declare themselves an expert in technology matters, because of their extensive experience as a cell phone salesman and as a Palo Alto Times calls him.

Here is the education entry that jolting Jimmy has on a website he’s featured on:

Carrier training by major Carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint/Nextel, Boost, Metro PCS, Cricket, T-Mobile, GTE, Contel, Pac-Tel Cellular, Cingular, Airtouch to name a few and is versed in all Carrier billing formats and Network operations. In addition, manufacture training by Motorola, Fujitsu, Nokia, Samsung, LG, RIM, Ericsson, Technocel, and Shintom.

There you have it. Not one secondary school degree. Not even in basket weaving or watching the grass grow. We know that he does know how to make the” GREEN GROW” based on the $200 per hour fee that good ole jolting Jimmy is gouging the taxpayers of Stanislaus County for, and of course with the blessings of the District Attorney’s Office but not the citizens.

Oh, but wait! Ole Jimmy is not alone in the financial endeavor to shear the fleece off of the sheep in Stanislaus County. He has a partner in crime by the name of Chris Cook, his son who is purported to be an attorney at law. Now what we taxpayers have to understand, is that ole Jimmy cannot share his expertise with the legal world without his son Chris, or Jimmy Junior as I call him, sitting right next to Mme. district attorney at the persecutors desk. Now young’un Jimmy Junior has his butt parked there and is stiffing the taxpayers for $150 per hour.

Since we are talking about fleece here and we are in political season, I wish to present a book for your perusal called “The Fleecing of America”. This book was written by an American patriot by the name of William Proxmire who was a US Senator from Wisconsin for 32 years. The late Sen. Proxmire was a watchdog for stupid and superfluous spending by the government. I am going to present a couple of the idiot ideas that people have used to fleece the government taxpayers out of their money.

Senator Proxmire was noted for issuing his Golden Fleece Award,[6] which was presented monthly between 1975 and 1988, in order to focus media attention on projects Proxmire viewed as self-serving and wasteful of taxpayer dollars.[2] The first Golden Fleece Award was awarded in 1975 to the National Science Foundation, for funding an $84,000 study on why people fall in love.[2] Other Golden Fleece awards over the years were awarded to the Justice Department for conducting a study on why prisoners wanted to get out of jail, the National Institute of Mental Health to study a Peruvian
brothel (“The researchers said they made repeated visits in the interests of accuracy,” reported The New York Times), and the Federal Aviation Administration, for studying “the physical measurements of 432 airline stewardesses, paying special attention to the ‘length of the buttocks.'”[2]

Citizens of Stanislaus County: I think you would agree with me that if Sen. Proxmire were alive today, he would be bestowing several Golden Fleece Awards to the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office. With the array of prosecution witnesses that are criminals, drug addicts, liars and thieves, and then we have our self-proclaimed cell no college degree cell phone expert Ole Jimmy. Ole Jimmy may not know an amp, ohm or volt from his rectum but at $200 an hour, who cares? If we were able to present the DA with a Golden Fleece Award, Sen. Proxmire would be looking down from above and saying well done citizens, the DAs office worked hard to earn it. Just saying…

Now let’s get back to ole Jimmy and Jimmy Junior. The question arises, if ole Jimmy is such a tremendous jaw dropping expert in cell phone technology of which he does not have a degree, why does ole Jimmy as the batter, need somebody in the on deck circle, or in this case, prosecutors desk in order to have him be able to hit a home run on his own because of his legal prowess?

I have been told that Jimmy Junior is a taxation attorney. If that is true, is Jimmy Junior really sitting there doing daddy’s taxes and figuring out the best portfolio for ole Jimmy to put OUR MONEY in? Jimmy Junior sure can’t be any help in this case unless ole Jimmy told everything he knows to Jimmy Junior on the drive down from Ripon to Modesto.

Ole Jimmy makes so many trips from the witness stand to the prosecution table that he is wearing out the carpet between the two locations. And ole Jimmy knows each time he does he can hear the cash register go “chaching,chaching,chaching”. The other question that arises is, what benefit is Jimmy Junior’s presence in the courtroom to the prosecution? We don’t know if that question will ever be answered. Maybe a defense attorney could ask if Jimmy Junior tags along on all of his daddy’s cases. The answer would be interesting.

I did a little checking online I located a case that ole Jimmy testified in Santa Clara County. It was a murder case and I am showing a page from the Palo Alto Times that appeared regarding that case.

Cook, a former AT&T field representative who now trains law-enforcement officials on analyzing wireless devices, presented the jury in Zumot’s murder-arson trial Friday with detailed spreadsheets listing all calls and text messages made and received by Zumot and Schipsi, including ones they exchanged between themselves.

He also produced a series of maps illustrating the coverage areas of the towers the two cell phones used between the evening of Oct. 14 and the evening of Oct. 15.

Cook’s testimony was instantly disputed by Zumot’s attorney Mark Geragos, who produced his own AT&T records and argued that the data Cook relied on doesn’t actually exist. Geragos showed the jury the AT&T report listing the call data from the two phones. For the three phone calls in which the two phones appeared to be traveling together, the fields that normally display data for cell towers were blank.

Geragos blasted Cook’s findings and told him to produce the AT&T report on which he based his conclusions. When Cook couldn’t produce that report, Geragos pointed out repeatedly that the numbers Cook was showing the jurors was an Excel spreadsheet that Cook himself had put together — not raw data from the company.

“There isn’t a single record from AT&T that has this cell-tower data,” Geragos said during his cross-examination.

Cook said that while the data was missing in this report, he requested more information from AT&T later. He said all the data he used in his analysis came from AT&T. He also said that he had not read any police reports relating to this case.

Here is a comment made in the local media:

Posted by Domanica

You must not have been paying attention to the truth that was said today in court. Well, you did but you don’t care for the truth. Mr. Cook was caught in a lie! Point blank, that’s the truth. He was asked, ” did you make up these spreadsheets” and his answer was YES. Yes, with the look of shame and embarrassment because he was caught.

You did not like the outcome of today’s BLOW to the da’s fabricated case so now you want to take it out on the reporter, for simply doing his job, reporting what happen.

Remember, the truth will always prevail!

For those of you citizens who have not been in court, I am adding a picture of ole Jimmy for your information. I was told that this picture shows Jimmy proudly holding up the new bag of money for being salesman of the year at that no name cell phone company. I know he’s proud and we’re proud of him.

So according to the Palo Alto Times, ole Jimmy seemed to have been caught in a lie in a murder trial in Santa Clara County. Making up his own charts and trying to get those to fly. To quote the Palo Alto Times reporter, ole Jimmy is a “former AT&T field representative” who now trains law-enforcement officials… The nagging question is does Jimmy Junior go along while he’s training the law enforcement officials to answer the questions that daddy can’t? Don’t know, don’t really care. Just saying…

The bottom line in this, is that regardless of the numerous millions of dollars spent on this fiasco so far, there is no evidence that any of the Frank Carson 8 was involved in the unfortunate death of young Korey Kauffman that was committed by Robert Woody. The prosecution can bring in all of the thugs, thieves, tweakers, drug addicts, drug dealers, perjurers both citizens and law enforcement, and you know who you are and we know who you are, and I don’t have to name names, so she can scrape off the bottom of the barrel.

All citizens of Modesto need to be concerned because if you cross the wrong people particularly in law enforcement, you too one day, might be sitting in the same chair that Frank Carson, the Athwals or Walter Wells is sitting now. Can’t happen to you? Ask A. J. Pontillo. Ask Carmen Sabatino. Ask Frank Drummond. They have all been there, done that and beat the agenda driven DA.

As I have said before numerous times, the majority of all of our law enforcement personnel are hard-working, dedicated, trustworthy and put their lives on the line each day and night protecting us. But for those few that are not, they need to be weeded out before more people’s lives are ruined because of an agenda driven vendetta.

I think it’s time that citizens of Stanislaus County begin to stand up and call for this horrendous miscarriage of justice to end. We need to gather strong and united and demonstrate in front of the District Attorney’s Office and make sure all of the major news networks are present. Maybe with this type of pressure, the Board of Supervisors may remember that they are elected and not appointed and elections do happen. As you know Supervisor Jim Demartini said in public that at least $3 million had already been spent on a case the district attorney cannot win.

That figure has now escalated to somewhere in the neighborhood of $4-$5 million. I think Jim Demartini should caucus with his fellow supervisors and convince them to stop pouring money down the drain and have the district attorney dismiss these charges against the Carson 8. She should be using the money to prosecute the confessed killer. Robert Woody.

If they got ole Jimmy and Jimmy Junior who have produced no evidence of guilt of any of the Carson 8, off the stand and out of town, the DA could cut her losses which if this farce continues, may exceed a half $1 million paid to them alone. There used to be a saying during the depression, which I’ve missed by the way, by Herbert Hoover that said – “A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage”. At the rate we are paying the Cook team, ole Jimmy doesn’t want chicken but wants pressed duck under glass and not a car but a Lexus for each day of the week. If this farce isn’t stopped soon, he may get his wish.

So let’s think about getting a demonstration together to show the Board of Supervisors and the world that we are tired of this lack of judicial wisdom, personal agenda driven vendettas, the egregious drain of wasted money and the destruction of human lives.

I understand that when the transcripts for this travesty of justice are printed, the opening line is going to be “Once Upon a Time”. Just saying…


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  1. When do you want to have the demonstration? The Board meets on Tuesday. Maybe a lot of people should show up there and address this case and the m0ney situation. Why is Jim Cook’s son there anyway and the County paying him $150.00 per hour of tax payers money for nothing? Same goes for Jim Cook. He has already been proven a liar and doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. Stanislaus Co wants a new court house, but no money now. Stop wasting and giving away tax payers money to these liars the DA and Investigators call their great witnesses and on this case. Enough is enough Stop this bull shit and set them free.

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