FRANK CARSON et al. 7-19-2016 (marty)





  1. Just a thought here- remember Stayner Yosemite Lodge murder back in 1999. Horrible, I do not need to describe it. One thing that always stood out though was that a person actually not involved at all confused to the murders. Here is a clip from ABC news-

    “Police rounded up suspects, including convicted sex offenders, career criminals, and one man who reportedly gave a false confession to the killings. It seemed, for a while, the crimes were on their way to being solved.

    Through the spring there continued to be reports in the media that the prime suspects were part of that criminal enclave in Modesto, and authorities assured the public that the suspects were in custody. ”

    I have always wondered how a person could confess to such a horrible crime when they did not even do it?

    Now I have to wonder about Woody’s possible confession. Micah, who seems very intelligent on the court system and how the DA and police work, said on one of your Podcasts something like he doubted Woody even did it. Micah said something that really stood out to me at the time- those guys have a way of making people confess to crimes they did not even do. Stayner was never on their radar. Authorities said they had the people they did it in custody. Had Stayner not killed again and finally admitted to the murders someone else would be on death row I have to believe.

    It begs the question now- do the authorities have the right people custody?

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      Call in and ask Micah tonight on the podcast.
      Remember these investigators are good at manipulation of people specially tweekers who don’t want to get locked up.
      And Robert Woody is a real dumass.
      From an evidence standpoint there is nothing to hold these people on after all these months.
      No the right people are not in custody, and probably never will be.

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