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I was in court this today to cover the morning session. We continued Marlissa Fereirra’s makeup party where she is trying to put lipstick on a pig. She is desperate to rehabilitate her $300,000.00 self-proclaimed cell phone expert Jim Cook. It appears that she may have done things this morning that will make her rehabilitation impossible. I got no details of what this might have been, but the defense attorneys were all very pleased with what happened in the morning session. One key thing that I noticed was the fact that there was no evidence that Baljit Athwal or Daljit Atwal had any phone calls between themselves and Robert Woody after 7:00 PM on 03/30/2016. Jim Cook was asked about this, and had to admit that there was no evidence of any call to or from Robert Woody with anyone that could have communicated with Robert Woody. This is huge, because the Ramey Warrant says that one of the Athwal brothers made a call to Woody to come over to the Carson property the night that Korey Kauffman was allegedly killed on the Carson property. It is just another of a long list of things that are untrue in this document that started this whole mess.

Judge Zuniga starts out at 9:43 AM by telling the courtroom that she took a look at what Mr. Cook was going to provide concerning slides he provided to DA Investigator Kirk Bunch. She stated that she does not have the Bates Stamp numbers for these slides. The Court Clerk Cindy is at a dental appointment, and will be back in the afternoon. The judge will speak to her about that issue when she gets back after lunch.

Marlissa Fereirra then goes into a motion that she is making to strike testimony that shows that Michael Cooley had confessed to the killing of Korey Kauffman. Keith Hobbs made a statement to Charley O’Dell that said Michael Cooley had confessed to the murder of Korey Kauffman. Marlissa is moving to strike because it is not supported by the evidence. The defense attorneys respond by stating that they are going to present lots of evidence when they finally get their chance to present their case. Marlissa has spent 10 months presenting her case, and she is not anywhere near done. God knows how much time it will take for the defense to present their case. This preliminary hearing seems to have no end in sight. Timothy Rien stated that the issue is whether it was asked in good faith, and an expert can be asked questions about things that will be addressed in the evidence.

Judge Zuniga states that she is going to reserve the motion to strike until she gets a chance to listen to the defense testimony. Defense attorney Jesse Garcia states that “We played the interview of Kimberly Stout into evidence where she made the statement…” “We brought the evidence into the record.” This trial goes on so long, that it is truly difficult to remember many things that have happened.

It is now just before 10:00 AM, and Marlissa starts applying the lipstick to the lips of Jim Cook. She seems to be getting desperate to find some way of rehabilitating his testimony. His testimony is like pealing a rotten onion. Each succeeding layer reveals more rot. The further she tries to get Mr. Cook to explain things, the more damage he causes. She has opened up caverns by keeping him on the stand forever. Suicide is painless you know.

Marlissa asks Cook if it was inconsistent with the cell phone data that Korey Kauffman’s phone was at the area near Michael Cooley’s house from 03/31/2012 and 04/16/2016. This was the time that many calls were made to Korey’s cell phone after he disappeared. The phone was turned on during many of these calls. Cook surprises Marlissa by saying that it was not inconsistent with the cell phone data. Korey’s phone was shown by the cell phone data to be near the Cooley house several times. I don’t think she got the answer that she wanted, or expected. This could end up being a big thing.

Marlissa then gets Jim Cook to speak about Korey’s phone changing cell phone towers and sectors. This means it was on the move.

Marlissa gets Cook to testify that it was inconsistent with the cell phone data that Walter Wells cell phone was at his house on 03/30/2016 between 11PM and 8AM on 03/31/2016. Cook states that 11 PM, Walter Wells cell phone connected to the Central Turlock cell phone tower NW sector. This tower covers Walter’s house. At 11:05 PM, his phone connected with the SE Turlock SE sector tower. This tower is in the area associated with Pop N Cork and the Carson residence. Cook also states that Walter’s cell phone hit off a tower associated with Terry Locke. There must be something illegal going on when a young man communicates with his mother or pays her a visit. Marlissa says: “Nothing More.”

Timothy Rien requests a five-minute break so he can speak with the other lawyers. When he comes back he says: “No further questions.” Hans: “No further questions.”

Defense attorney Martha Carlton Magana then presents a joint exhibit. Martha: “May I approach the witness?” She brings up CDR’s 36-49. She wants to make sure these are read into the record. It is named Joint Exhibit 125. It contains CDR’s of Korey Kauffman from slides 36-46 of 309. Martha: “Mr. Cook, is it correct that the phone associated with Eula Keyes called Korey Kauffman’s cell phone starting 03/31/2012 and ending with the last call on 04/09/2016?” Cook: “Yes Mam.” Martha gets Cook to admit that there were 10 such calls from Eula Keyes phone to Korey Kauffman’s phone, and each call connected to Korey Kauffman’s phone. Eula was probably stupid enough to be calling Michael Cooley while Michael was getting some free cell phone usage. Just saying.

Martha gets Cook to testify that the calls were made while Eula Keyes phone was in the area covered by Mod 030 sector 2, and one call while Eula Keyes was in the area covered by Mod 030 sector 1. Korey Kauffman’s residence is in this area. Martha gets Cook to admit that Kevin Pickett called the cell phone associated with Korey Kauffman on 04/06/2012 at 9:27 PM. Between 4/06/2012 and 04/16/2012 Kevin Pickett’s phone called Korey Kauffman’s phone 20 times. All 20 of those calls were made while Korey Kauffman’s phone was turned on. Nineteen of those calls were in the sector that served the Korey Kauffman home. He then corrects himself and says that 20 out of 20 were in the area that served the Kauffman home. It was revealed that Korey Kauffman lived in the same house with Kevin Pickett. Cook denied knowing that Korey Kauffman lived in the same house as Kevin Pickett.

Martha then goes into the calls from Lori Freitas to the phone associated with Korey Kauffman between 04/07/2012 and 04/13/2012. There were twenty-four calls from Lori Freitas and Korey Kauffman’s phone, and all of them connected to Korey’s phone. Korey’s phone was turned on. Twenty of these 24 phone calls happened while Korey Kauffman’s phone was near his home on Johnson street. This proves that Walter did not have the phone with him at that time.

Cook is asked if he is aware that Lori Freitas is the sister of Dawn Poma. Cook says he was unaware of that. Dawn Poma lived with Kevin Pickett.

Cook, after being evasive with his answers, admits that he did not make separate maps for Lori Freitas, Kevin Pickett, or Eula Keyes concerning calls to Korey Kauffman’s cell phone. Hiding the truth to convict the innocent seems to be just fine with this man. Have Lies Will Travel works best for Jim Cook.

Defense attorney Robert Forkner has no questions for Cook. He reserves questions after some expected discovery is received.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez asks Cook if there is any record of land line communications from the Carson property on 03/31/2012. Cook says there were none. He states there were some text messages that were sent on cell phones on that date.

Cook states that there were no calls between Baljit Athwal’s phone and Robert Woody’s phone after 7 PM on 03/30/2012 after 7 PM. Also none from Baljit to Robin Attenhoffer’s cell phone on this date and time. There were no calls from Daljit Atwal’s phone to Robert Woody’s phone on this date and time. There were no calls from Daljit Atwal’s phone ant Robin Attenhoffer’s phone on this date and time. This shows another lie in the Ramey Warrant. Woody was never called over to the Carson property that night as stated in the Ramey Warrant.

Percy Martinez then tells Cook that he asked Mr. Cook on 07/14/2016 if other mapping was done. Percy reminds Cook that he testified that he believed there was some previous mapping done before he started working on this case. Percy asks Cook if he had come across any prior mapping. Cooks says: “no.” Percy: “What led you to believe there was prior mapping?” Cook: “May have been a conversation with Kirk Bunch.” Marlissa lets out a sigh, and looks like she is going to get sick. Cook then says: “Yes, Kirk Bunch told him about the prior mapping.”

Percy asks Cook if he received CDR’s after you were involved with the case. Cook speaks about over 400,000 CDR’s that he was provided with. Cook is asked if he provided any information for the Ramey Warrant. Cook denies providing any information for the Ramey Warrant. I really don’t believe this man.

This preliminary hearing has a long time to go. I see the innocent spending their life savings trying to defend themselves. Many are going on a year in jail. THE HORROR.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


  1. Wow Tom, please don’t tell us that porky pig is up there telling more fucked lies again. Ray Charles could clearly see through the bullshit these assholes are shoveling out. So no phone calls from anyone during this supposed killing. They all just showed up using a bat signal or what. What a “Special Agent” bunch of shit. Wake up Stanislaus County and demand your district supervisors step up to the plate and end this circus. $4,000,000.00 and counting. It can all come to an end if the DA could do there fucking jobs and arrest Cooley, Keys, Freitas, and whatever tweakers are involved and let these other innocent people out so they can live their lives. Bunchy, Nevers, Fingerdick, you all know who did this, now do the right thing for the Kauffman family and Stanislaus County.

  2. Nice coverage Tom…..I am loving the fun photos you inserted
    In my opinion that smug bastard is so overrated….he thinks by staring down the attorneys he can intimidate each one…WRONG!!!!
    They had him sized up four weeks ago….it is brutal listening to him tell his tales…putting his spin on his expertise and the constant reminders from the Judge to answer the questions correctly, stop with the editorials and to mention when he is going through paperwork

    He is so swarmy ….today I watched him looking at a piece of paper to get answers and yet when asked about what he was doing he isn’t decent enough to tell the truth
    To Anyomous…..I love the nicknames you have given the motley crew on the right side of the room

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