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Today, I witnessed a person with no honor. Yesterday morning, I sat in court and watched Marlissa Fereirra make an agreement with defense attorney Timothy Rien. Timothy had to do a trial out of town, and was going to have another lawyer from his office fill in for him today. Marlissa promised Timothy Rien that she would not do any witnesses today that would concern his client Walter Wells. Today, Marlissa broke her word, and was trying to drag Walter Wells back into this fiasco. Walter has been proven to be innocent by the cell phone evidence, and the testimony of self-proclaimed cell phone expert Jim Cook. Marlissa had Detective Jon Evers on the stand doing Prop 115 testimony for CHP Officer Eduardo Quintanar, who is charged as an accessory after the fact in this case. She did not take very much time to violate her promise to Timothy Rien, and tried to get Evers to give testimony that would once again implicate Walter Wells.

Make no bones about it. I hate Marlissa Fereirra. This lady, if you want to call her a lady, is a low life scum ball in my opinion. If she is the best that our DA’s Office has to offer, someone should shut the office down. We need to replace the scum balls who work there with people of integrity, who have respect for the laws in this country, and at least have honor. This person without honor is a scab on the face of our judicial system. For Marlissa to sink that low is just an example of how desperate the DA’s Office has become to salvage their failing case against the 8 innocent people that have been suffering for almost a year. Now that I am done with my rant, I will try to give you some detail of what happened this morning.

We start out with Melissa Adams being introduced as the lawyer who will be sitting in for Timothy Rien. Marlissa Fereirra brings Bal Sindal to the stand. Bal Sindal has testified earlier in this hearing. She works for the DA’s office, and is being used as an interpreter for conversations concerning the Athwal brothers. She is shown Peoples Exhibit 149A13, and is asked if she recognized it. She said: “Yes.” The exhibit contains a translation of a conversation on 07/13/2012 between Daljit Atwal and Baljit Athwal. Bal Sindal is asked if she did the translation of this conversation. She said that she had done the translation. That is all Marlissa had to ask Ms. Sindal, and she is allowed to step down.

Marlissa Fereirra then puts Detective Jon Evers on the stand. We all call this guy Baby Huey. He is a very large man with a terrible temper that has a history of spousal abuse. I think the nickname fits him well. Evers is asked about an interview he did with Keith Hobbs on 05/29/2012. He admits doing the interview. He testifies that the reason he did this interview was that Keith Hobbs had information on threats that had been made. Keith Hobbs is the son of Eula Keyes. Evers testifies that Keith Hobbs lived at 1364 Lander Ave in Turlock. This is where Eula Keyes and Michael Cooley lived at the time. The interview was done at 1:39 PM at that home on Lander Ave. Evers states that he recorded the interview, and that he brought a copy of the recording to the courtroom this morning.

Marlissa Fereirra wants to play the recording in court. There is a flurry of objections concerning double and triple hearsay on this recording by the defense attorneys. Defense attorney Percy Martinez states that the tape is full of speculation as well as the hearsay issues.

Judge Zuniga states that she is more concerned about the hearsay issues on the tape. Marlissa goes on another one of her endless rants. After her tissy fit, Judge Zuniga sustains the objections, and tells Marlissa to have Evers go on to another person he is going to give Prop 115 testimony for.

Marlissa then gets Evers to give Prop 115 testimony for CHP Officer Eduardo Quintanar. Evers says he asked Eduardo Quintanar if he knew about the disappearance of Korey Kauffman. Officer Quintanar told Evers that he did not know anything about it. Marlissa asks Evers if he asked Officer Quintanar about the guns that had been left at Pop N Cork Liquors. Evers testified that he had asked Quintanar about the guns. Evers said that Quintanar told him that he had sold a shotgun to Daljit Athwal. There were objections to this line of questioning based on relevance. Judge Zuniga rules that there is no relevance to the fact that Officer Quintanar legally sold a shotgun to Daljit Atwal that was not in any way involved in this case.

Evers is asked questions by Marlissa concerning Quintanar stopping his contacts with the Athwals and Pop N Cork after the search warrants were served. Marlissa states that there were cell phone records that conflicted with his statement that he had stopped contact with the Athwals. Evers asked Quintanar if he had talked to the Athwals about the search warrants. Evers said: “Yes.” Evers states that conversations concerned law enforcement telling Daljit and Baljit that they were looking for Korey Kauffman. There were objections about the use of the word “They.” The defense lawyers are contending that the use of this term is speculative, and it is not clear who “They” was referring to. Defense attorney Jesse Garcia states that Eduardo Quintanar is only charged as an accessory after the fact, and is not a part of this hearing.

Now we get to the point where Marlissa Fereirra violates her promise to defense attorney Timothy Rien about not asking questions about Walter Wells while he is not in the courtroom. She asks Evers if Quintanar had told him how he met Daljit Atwal. Evers said that Quintanar told him that he had met Daljit Atwal through Walter Wells. Eduardo Quintanar was substitute teaching in Ceres when he met Walter Wells.

Judge Zuniga is already on point, and quickly tells Marlissa that: “This is not relevant Mam.” “The problem I’m having Mam is you said Quintanar had been told by the CHP to stop seeing Daljit and Baljit.” Marlissa then states that Quintanar stopped seeing the Athwals, but Walter Wells kept seeing them even after he had been told to stop. There was another flurry of objections from the defense attorneys.

Judge Zuniga then tells Marlissa that this line of questioning was irrelevant, and sustains the objections.

Marlissa once again tries to bring Walter Wells into the conversation. She asks Evers if Quintanar had told him about a birthday party for Eduardo Quintanar at Pop N Cork Liquors that was attended by Robert Woody and Walter Wells. Evers did not recall, but was able to refresh his memory after reading from a report. Many objections were made by the defense attorneys. Marlissa states that this shows that they were all interacting together. The objections were sustained by the judge.

Marlissa then asks Evers if Quintanar told him if he had knowledge of Robert Woody and Frank Carson. Evers said Quintanar told him that Frank Carson had represented Robert Woody in a theft case. Marlisa: “Did Quintanar tell you who introduced Frank Carson to Robert Woody?” Evers said: “Yes.” Evers testifies that Quintanar told him Daljit Atwal and Baljit Athwal obtained Frank Carson to represent Robert Woody. There was another flurry of objections concerning hearsay. Judge Zuniga: “Mam, I know Quintanar testimony is coming in on Prop 115 testimony.” “What is the exception for the additional hearsay?” Marlissa states that the testimony is offered for non hearsay purposes. Defense attorney Martha Carlton-Magana states that what Marlissa is saying is: “Exactly Sanchez.” Defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson states that if it is not for the truth of the matter it is not relevant. Defense attorney Jesse Garcia states that the information was common knowledge on the streets, and has no evidentiary value.

Judge Zuniga states that she will take the testimony subject to a motion to strike.

Marlissa finally pushes Judge Zuniga too far. She asks Evers if Eduardo Quintanar told him that he had talked to Walter Wells about the investigation of Korey Kauffman. Judge Zuniga orders Marlissa Fereirra and Melissa Adams into her chambers for a very lengthy private conference. After about 20 minutes, the rest of the defense attorneys were asked to come into the judge’s chambers as well.

This conference goes on till 11:48 AM, and everyone is back in the courtroom. It is obvious that there was a war. Marlissa looks like she has been really been taken behind the wood shed. It is announced that defense attorney Martha Carlton-Magana is ill, and we are allowed to go home for the day. Court resumes on Monday at 10:00 AM.

Marlissa Fereirra, as far as I am concerned, you can and will go to Hell. That is all.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


  1. Tom, thank you for your input on this fucking circus. Yes, Ferriara can, should, and will go to hell, she is nothing more than a crack munching fucking pig. As for “special agent Evers, aka “special agent little dick never will amount to anything” this piece of shit couldn’t do an “honest” day’s work if his worthless life depended on it. Come on Stanislaus County, fucking wake up. Get hold of your district supervisors and tell them to cut the funds to this bullshit. This DA has turned this county into a cash cow for their own benefit.

  2. Holy heck Anonymous…..
    Tell us how you really feel…..heeheee (I couldn’t agree more)
    Tom, you called it perfectly….she has no conscience let alone a heart

  3. I love throwing in a song. This one goes out to the DA’s office. I have one question-
    Which DA investigator is the guy in pink with the cow bell?

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