by Marty Carlson


Anybody that listen to DAWGS BLOGS podcast last night knows that I have uncovered information, from what I consider a highly reliable source, that Stanislaus County district attorney BIRGIT FLADAGER had ordered Deputy Dist. Atty. Marlisa the Ferreira to make this preliminary hearing last as long as possible.

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This order was given at the beginning of this preliminary hearing to be done as a penalty against Frank Carson. This is an effort to try to psychologically, physically, and financially ruin these people in this hearing. They even brought Frank’s wife Georgia, her daughter Christine, to immigrants, and three CHP officers into this.

Right off the top after sitting in court every day for 10 months all the representations that were made in that fictitious Ramey warrant have all proven to be false. This Ramey warrant was signed by a Madera County judge after service telephones was rejected in other courts. The Ramey warrant was a 330-page document that was read by Judge Rigby and Madera County in about a two-hour period, remember 330 pages is about the size of most normal novels, which cannot be read and cannot be read in that amount of time unless you are a massive speed reader.

Looking at the evidence that has been presented in court, and the DA is still presenting its case in chief, not one of the allegations in the warrant has been proven true by the evidence.

I will give a couple examples

1: The Ramey warrant claimed with the victim’s body was recovered a bullet fell out of the pants, when the Mariposa County deputy testified, when she recovered the remains she found a bullet under a “layer” of dirt after digging in the ground with a stick that she picked up off the ground. There was no usable DNA on the bullet.

2: The Ramey warrant said that the victims cell phone was tracked to Walter Wells was house, the victim cell service that he used at the time in 2012 was Cricket. The cell phone expert testified in court that in 2012 Cricket service cell phones did not have GPS capabilities period. Some cell services like AT&T have GPS capabilities real-time but not in historical records, Cricket cell service in 2012 had no GPS capabilities at all.

I’m not going to go into the entire Ramey warrant you can read it for yourself, but my point is this preliminary hearing has been deliberately drug out for 10 months now and has at least a couple more months to go. Most preliminary hearings

What are the reasons for that is what I keep asking myself and I finally received an answer.

I have been hearing rumors for a while now, as we always do in cases like this, one rumor in particular has been confirmed by someone in the District Attorney’s Office that has insight to what has happened in this case. Stanislaus County district attorney Birgit Fladager ordered Marlisa Ferreira to make this preliminary hearing last as long as possible for the reasons listed above. And she has done so brilliantly.

Many of my posts I have been critical of Mme. DA, I have talked about the lack of preparation, the officers not being prepared to testify, Melissa Ferreira not being prepared for court on many days. She does not do her own briefs, and it is become obvious she does not proofread them either. She is simply not taking this case seriously as she knows they cannot win. There is no evidence, and even more so there is no cause of death, they do not know what Korey Kauffman died of, they have no forensics or actual physical evidence. They have some week circumstantial evidence that they have basically created with the help of the cell phone expert who made in excess of $300,000 on this case alone. There is also been no accounting or proper billing procedures done with this expert, as his original estimate was $20,000 and there has been no breakdown of what he has charged and for what. This is the extent that this District Attorney’s Office is willing to go to try to discredit Frank Carson after he is campaign against the current DA in 2014.

This is a coward’s way of doing things and if they had any integrity and walk in the court and dismissed this case and get it over with as there is nothing left to try to prove for any of these defendants.

Are these the people that are in charge to try to make us feel safe at night?

Time to start contacting the people in charge in this County, this case has run in excess of $5 million up to this point. That is about a third of the Dist. Atty.’s office budgeted funding, what services are going to have to be cut from the general fund to cover this excess? Whatever programs are going to have to be cut because his money is can have to be taken out of the general fund to cover this case. Just to pay for the cell phone expert alone who is making $350 an hour between him and his son from June 7 to July 20 of this year while he was testifying in this case. Somebody get a calculator out and figure that one out.

Somebody step up and ask why a preliminary hearing that should take no longer than 3 to 4 weeks was six codefendants is still going with the prosecution doing their case in chief after 10 months. Melissa Ferreira has done everything in her power, and done it well, to extend this case this long and there still seems to be several months left for it to continue. It is currently the second-longest preliminary hearing in the state of California second only to the McMartin preschool, back in the 80s, that went 17 months.

Receiving this information explains all the questions I’ve had the last several months and why this continues to drag on. WTF! We need somebody with integrity to put a stop to this farce.


    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      It is easy to see in that book of fiction.

  1. I wonder what the Judge who signed the Ramey Warrants have to say now with all this crap and lies that have been brought out in this case. Sure does make him look stupid in my opinion. He should be held accountable also.

  2. This is spawned out of the demensions of a sociopathic influenced personality trait.. Apparrently the DA’s office feels that they can operate with impugnity from charges of corruption.. Birdgit could, no dout, teach Hillary a thing or two. Or did Birdgit learn it from Hillary… Either way both are very similar. They can be very charming on the outside and the spawn of evil laying dormant just below the surface of their shell..

  3. The people of modesto and Stanislaus county need to start a recall on brigit f. Immediately. She needs to be procuted by the state of California. What makes her think she can use the office for her own personal vendetta. Marlissa f. And bunch need to be charged and put behind bars also. Also crybaby jacobsen. People of modesto get busy code 3. Recall now.

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