I wonder how long this time……. Anyone want to guess? HAMPTON, PATRICK GENE OPD CJ 16:55 07/21/2016 Case No: Charge: 11364 H&S possession of paraphernalia Bail: 1 CourtDt: $100,000 07/22/2016 Case No: Charge: 148(A)(1) PC resisting arrest Bail: 1 CourtDt: INCLUSIVE 07/22/2016 Case No: Charge: 1203.2A PC violation of probationContinue Reading

Court days 107 Sent to me by a reader GOVERNMENT CODE SECTION 3060-3075 3060. An accusation in writing against any officer of a district, county, or city, including any member of the governing board or personnel commission of a school district or any humane officer, for willful or corrupt misconductContinue Reading