By Warren Yates


This will be a somewhat short commentary based on information that I received from two other commentators but is also on the court record for verification. I’m going to speak about the egregious prosecutorial misconduct committed by deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira. Prior to getting into that particular part of this commentary I am attaching herein a partial summation of a case titled People vs Johnny Baca. This case is in the 9th District Circuit Court of Appeals. It speaks of prosecutorial misconduct and also the lack of the Attorney General of the State of California to take action to correct this miscarriage of justice.

Judge Alex Kozinski:

“In a series of searing questions, the three judges expressed frustration and anger that California state judges were not cracking down on prosecutorial misconduct. By law, federal judges are supposed to defer to the decisions of state court judges.

Prosecutors “got caught this time but they are going to keep doing it because they have state judges who are willing to look the other way,” Kozinski said.

Kozinski demanded to know why the informant and the testifying prosecutor were not charged with perjury. He suggested the state bar should pull the law license of the prosecutor who presented the evidence.

Judge Alex Kozinski asked Vienna if his boss, Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris, wanted to defend a conviction “obtained by lying prosecutors.” If Harris did not back off the case, Kozinski warned, the court would “name names” in a ruling that would not be “very pretty.”

Here we have a federal judge who is angry because state judges were not cracking down on prosecutorial misconduct. Judge Kozinski said that the prosecutors got caught this time but would continue because state judges would look the other way rather than hold the vicious and unscrupulous prosecuting attorneys accountable. Vicious? You better believe it. In the above Baca case, he has been in custody since 1995 because of lying witnesses and a lying prosecutor. If you don’t call that vicious, you are as stinking and rotten as the lying witnesses and lying prosecutors. Come on folks, do we see any parallels here in Stanislaus County?

Judge Kozinski demanded to know why the witness and the testifying lying prosecutor were not charged with perjury. Judge Kaczynski said the State Bar should pull the law license of the prosecutor. Judge Kaczynski then asked a worthless state Atty. Gen. if she was going to defend a conviction obtained by lying prosecutors? Had she not backed off, Judge Kaczynski was prepared the name names and it would not be very pretty for the Atty. Gen.

I have already told you in prior commentaries that Kamala Harris and don’t ask me why I capitalized her name because I don’t capitalize of names of people I have zero respect for, after my giving her documents and a video proving that a Merced County deputy sheriff committed perjury and filed a false police report, sent my report back two days later and did absolutely nothing. And she is going to run for United States Sen. from California. So we have the Atty. Gen. of California who is supposed to prosecute crooked law enforcement officials but now wants to move to Washington DC. Well with her dislike for getting lying and perjuring cops off the street to protect the public, if she’s elected, hopefully not, she will sure fit right in with the same ilk as Boxer and Feinstein.

In a post of Marty Carlson put up, Read here, he stated that he had it on good authority that Dist. Atty. Fladager had told chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira to drag this hearing out as long as she could to break the defendants financially, physically and mentally. This persecution by Fladager is reminiscent of the Salem witch trials. A village idiot would gather up a lot of his or her other idiot friends, get their pitch forks and torches and go grab innocent people and burn them at the stake or in this case try to kill them in court. Who says history doesn’t repeat itself.

This is also a murder prosecution that is actually agenda driven because of the hatred of the district attorney toward Frank Carson who has cleaned her clock in numerous high profile cases. All of the unlawful, egregious and lying conduct not only insults the court but stomps on the face of justice. So we the citizens have no hope of taking Ferreira’s egregious and at times unlawful conduct to the state Atty. Gen. The Atty. Gen. will refuse to take any action and let this travesty of justice continue.

Let’s talk about a couple of Ferreira’s lies. Without researching our prior commentaries, I will tell you that in open court back along several of the dirtbags that she has as witnesses were asked if they had received any consideration for their “perjimony” and Ferreira jumped up and said no there have been no deals made. Then along comes an intelligent, compassionate, honest young deputy public defender full of integrity and said that to the contrary at least two of his defendants in this egregious prosecution have been offered consideration in exchange for their “perjimony”. If you don’t get “perjimony” let me know and I’ll tell you.

Then another case of complete disrespect for other officers of the court, meaning the defense attorneys, Ferreira again lied in open court. Defense attorney Tim Rein could not be in court yesterday due to a trial he had to go to. Ferreira made a pact with Mr. Rein that in his absence she would not discuss anything regarding his client Walter Wells. As evidenced by the record, Ferreira again showed that she was a liar and had a plan all along to ask questions of shaky Baby Huey Evers in which he would have to bring Walter Wells into the testimony. So obviously Ferreira has absolutely zero respect for the other defense attorneys and does not mind lying to them and breaking her word. Read about it here, Should be sanctioned.

It is getting so toxic in Department 26 that when I go in again, I am going to be wearing my radiation suit, gloves and booties and then my tinfoil hat on top of that. I drove by earlier today and there was a great big sign over the entrance that said: “Area 51 – Enter at your own risk”.

I said this several times before and I will say it again, I am a right wing ultraconservative who believes in strict law enforcement. Strict law enforcement of those who are guilty I mean. I will say again that the majority of all police whether they be deputy sheriffs, constables or anyone who wears a badge are all loyal, dedicated, trustworthy and have what the law enforcement players in this prosecution do not have, and that is integrity and a moral compass.

I am sure that all of the decent law enforcement personnel here in Stanislaus County are clenching their teeth and saying please don’t judge us by what you’re seeing in the Frank Carson persecution. I say to them, don’t worry we know you are the honest and dedicated officers and we respect you and we got your backs. Stay safe out there.

In reading Tom Jensen’s recap of the Thursday morning court happenings, I noticed that during the court proceedings Ferreira would launch into her usual rants and raves to try to muddy the waters but that Judge Zuniga, hung her out to dry numerous times by sustaining the objections by the defense attorneys.

In reading that, it made me think about Moe and Larry of the Three Stooges. Every time Larry would say something stupid, Moe would slap him. Ferreira, who may change her name to Larry, probably had to change cheeks because the one was probably getting too sore. Judge Zuniga is good at slapping. I think when I finish this tonight, I’m going to pull up a couple of the Three Stooges movies on YouTube and laugh.

I can go on and on here but I just wanted to air out the fact that prosecutorial misconduct is not recognized by the state courts and therefore needs to be taken to the federal courts for action.

Also keep your eye on Dawgsblog and backstorynews.com for information on the demonstration that is planned for Tuesday, July 26, 2016 on the sidewalk in front of the Stanislaus County Courthouse. We want to make the public aware of the millions of dollars that an agenda driven district attorney is costing the taxpayers of Stanislaus County. Taxpayers ought to go to the Board of Supervisors meeting in demand that this three ring circus be stopped and the waste of money be discontinued. Come on out and watch the demonstration and if you can’t stop, honk as you go by to show support to stop this travesty of justice.

As I finish this commentary, I am speaking to the Sikh Community. I know that you are frightened by the terrible conduct of the District Attorney’s Office toward two of your people who were hard-working businessmen that were victimized because of misconduct by law enforcement. I know that you probably feel intimidated because of what happened to two of your community. But I urge you not to live in fear because there are people who will stand up with you. I urge you to send three or four members of your community daily into the court to show support. It could be different people each day but we want to show unethical law enforcement that their days are at an end.

Okay that’s all for now, I got to bring up YouTube and watch me some Three Stooges.


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