For almost 11 months, I have been involved in this preliminary hearing. It has been made necessary because the Modesto Bee has refused to cover what is happening in an effective and honest way. As I have said before, I feel that what I am doing is the most important thing I have ever done in my life. I was born in Modesto, and have lived here my entire 66 years of life. I have never been as ashamed of Modesto, and Stanislaus County as I am right now.

Our legal system has been used as a means of punishment for people who have become unpopular with people of power in our community. It all started out with the bogus trial of our former Mayor Carmen Sabatino. I reported daily on that fiasco, and received death threats on a private telephone number that only a trusted few people that I worked for had. Frank Carson defended Carmen Sabatino, and the jury did not convict Carmen of any of the charges.

I was there in the courtroom for the trial of AJ, Pontillo. AJ Pontillo is a local Bail Bondsman who had fallen out of favor of our Sheriff. The DA attempted to put AJ away for life. I wrote extensively on that fiasco. Frank Carson defended AJ Pontillo. The jury found unanimously that AJ Pontillo was innocent of all charges.

I was there in the courtroom for the trial of Frank Drummond. Frank Drummond is a Police Science Instructor at Modesto Junior College. Frank Drummond had exposed misconduct of local law enforcement officers that worked in the MJC program. Frank Drummond was charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. He was defended by Frank Carson, and the jury did not convict Frank Drummond of anything.

Now Frank Carson is fighting for his life in a bogus Murder trial. I have reported on this trial extensively. Many people have warned me that I may be next. They may be true, but I don’t care. I am an old fart. I have lived a good life saving lives while working as a Respiratory Therapist in several local hospitals. I am willing to put everything on the line to put an end to this corruption that exists within our local government. If the corrupt officials want to mess with me, I will deal with it. My First Amendment Rights are the only reason they have not attacked me for the things that I write. Someday, when the shit finally hits the fan for these corrupt officials, I hope that Stanislaus County will once again be a place where the citizens do not have to suffer the unjust prosecutions that have become the norm. If I can accomplish that one goal, my life in Modesto will have made a difference.

We start out this morning with defense attorney Martha Carlton-Magana briefly busting Marlissa Fereirra for going into testimony concerning CHP Officer Walter Wells while Walter’s attorney was absent from the courtroom. Marlissa had given Timothy Rien her word that she would not do so. Her word is worth the stuff she flushes down the toilet every day. I so much detest having to be in the same room with this abomination of humanity. I am sure she feels the same way about me, and I DON’T CARE. Can you read me now Marlissa?

Marlissa is joined today with Bow Tie Boy Detective Dale Lingerfeldt. Marlissa has a very drawn look on herself today. She is unpopular with nearly everyone in the courtroom, and the judge seems to be fed up with her.

Defense attorney Timothy Rien is once again not present, and an attorney named Joseph Cox is filling in for him.

At 10:33 AM, Detective Navarro is put on the stand to give Prop 115 testimony concerning a body wire he put on Keith Hobbs. Marlissa Fereirra gets Navarro to testify that he put the wire on Hobbs to secretly tape a conversation between himself, Robert Woody, and Daljit Atwal that was done on 05/29/2016. Two pieces of evidence were admitted. One was a CD of the taped conversation, and the other was a transcript of the taped conversation. There were many objections to this body wire. The objections concerned it being irrelevant, and containing double and triple hearsay.

Marlissa Fereirra want to play the CD in the courtroom, and is hit by the objections concerning hearsay, and it being cumulative. Defense attorney Percy Martinez states that Robert Woody is not a part of these proceedings. Marlissa states that she wants to show that Frank Carson was the lawyer for Robert Woody at that time. Percy Martinez states that there is no dispute that Frank Carson was representing Robert Woody at that time. Frank was representing Woody for a theft case. Woody had stolen some drugs from somebody. The case was dismissed in 2012.

Marlissa argues that the tape goes to consciousness of guilt on a non- charged co-conspirator. Judge Zuniga reminds her that at this time she does not see any conspiracy to commit murder or to conceal murder in this case. For the umpteenth time, the judge allows some of the tape to be played subject to a motion to strike if she rules that no conspiracy exists at the end of this preliminary hearing. We are allowed to listen to a few clips from this recording. There was nothing there of any use to anybody.

Defense attorney Jesse Garcia asks Navarro if he had any encounters with Keith Hobbs before 05/29/2016. Navarro said: “No.” Jesse Garcia asks Navarro if he was aware that Hobbs was a methamphetamine and heroin addict. This was objected to, and the objection was sustained. Jesse Garcia asks Navarro if he was aware of Keith Hobbs being arrested for theft. Navarro said: “Yes.” He said he heard about the arrest on the radio, and it had happened sometime last year. Jesse Garcia asks Navarro if he had interviewed Charley O’Dell. Navarro said: “I can’t remember.” Garcia asks Navarro if he had received information from the Task Force about Keith Hobbs being involved in the killing of Korey Kauffman. This was objected to, and the objection was sustained.

Navarro testifies that he interviewed Keith Hobbs at the Public Safety Center on 08/19/2013. Jesse Garcia asks Navarro if Keith Hobbs told him that Michael Cooley was involved in the killing of Korey Kauffman. Navarro said: “I don’t remember.” That seems to be a familiar answer for the man I call “Mr. Smirk.”

Defense attorney Percy Martinez asks Navarro who introduced him to Keith Hobbs. Navarro says Detective Jon Evers (Baby Huey) introduced him to Hobbs. Navarro is allowed to step down.

After returning from a ten minute break, Judge Zuniga starts talking about receiving a copy of the arrest warrant that had been rejected by Judge Abdula from San Joaquin County.

Judge Zuniga then starts talking about exhibit 179A. She tells Marlissa Fereirra: “There is so little in here that is relevant to your argument.” That is pretty much the story of the case that Marlissa has tried to concoct during the last 10 months. Court resumes tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM. It seems we are going to see Robert Woody take the stand tomorrow. He is expected to take the 5th.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)