Today, we heard Detective Jon Evers on the stand giving Prop 115 testimony for CHP Officer Eduardo Quintanar, CHP Officer Walter Wells, CHP Officer Scott McFarlane, and Patrick Emery. Defense attorney was back in the courtroom, as well as DA Investigator Kirk Bunch. Bunch was pink from being in the sun. We have heard that he was in Hawaii. Marlissa was much more organized today with Bunch at her side. The last two weeks had not gone very well for her in the courtroom.

We start out the morning with Marlissa Fereirra playing a body wire tape that was made by Keith Hobbs. Much of the tape had been ruled inadmissible by Judge Zuniga. What was played was basically useless to anybody.

Evers takes the stand and starts giving Prop 115 testimony concerning what CHP Officer Eduardo Quintinar gave him during an interview. He states that Quintanar told him that he had met Daljit Atwal through CHP Officer Walter Wells. He also stated that he had met Baljit Athwal through CHP Officer Walter Wells. Quintanar told Evers that he had asked Walter Wells about the search warrant, and if Baljit and Daljit were involved in the killing of Korey Kauffman. He told Evers that Baljit and Daljit had told him that they were not involved.

Quintanar told Evers that he had a conversation with Walter Wells about associating with Daljit Atwal and Baljit Athwal. He said that he was no longer going to associate with the Athwals. Quintanar said that Walter Wells had said that he was going to continue to associate with Baljit and Daljit.

Evers said that he had asked Quintanar if there was any unusual behavior from Baljit and Daljit before 03/30/2012. Evers said that Quintanar had said he saw them becoming more aggressive. This was objected to, and the objection was sustained. Quintanar told Evers that Daljit Atwal had a laceration on his face a couple of months before a search warrant was served on Pop N Cork Liquors. This was approximately 3 ½ months after Korey Kauffman had went missing.

Evers is asked about Eduardo Quintanar speaking to Daljit Atwal about how to find tracking devices on his motor vehicle. Evers said that Quintanar had told Daljit to have Robert Woody take a mirror and look under his car. Quintanar had been asked by Evers when this conversation took place, and told Evers that it had happened around the time of the first wiretap in July 2012. Quintanar told Evers that the conversation was between Walter Wells, Scott McFarlane, Robert Woody, and Daljit Atwal prior to 03/30/2012.

Quintanar told Evers that Scott McFarlane and Korey Kauffman were next door neighbors. He said that Scott McFarlane did not like Korey Kauffman living next door because he was a drug user and a thief. He had complained about getting things stolen. Evers said that Quintanar told him that McFarlane wanted to have Korey Kauffman removed from living next door to him.

Evers is asked if Quintanar had told him what he would do if Daljit Atwal was breaking the law. Quintanar had chased two people for stealing items, and had been injured. Judge Zuniga once again tells Marlissa Fereirra to “Tighten up her presentation.” Quintanar said he would have Daljit Atwal arrested if he found him breaking the law.

Quintanar told Evers that Daljit Atwal suspected Scott McFarlane was an informant working for the police. Scott McFarlane was a CHP Officer. What do you think he would do? Evers said that Quintanar told him that he did not trust Scott McFarlane.

Evers said that Quintinar told him that he was friends with both Daljit Atwal and Baljit Athwal.

Evers then speaks about when and how Walter Wells had met Korey Kauffman. Judge Zuniga reminds Marlissa that Walter Wells has said that he did not know Korey Kauffman. Evers said that Scott McFarlane had shown a flyer to Walter Wells about Korey Kauffman. It was mentioned that Walter Wells had not personally seen the flyer concerning Walter Wells. Walter Wells did not recognize a picture of Korey Kauffman that was shown to him.

Evers testified that Walter Wells had told him that he had been friends with Baljit Athwal for around four years. He would go to Pop N Cork to socialize and visit. He would drink with the Athwals in a bar area in the rear of Pop N Cork Liquors. He would go on trips with the Athwals. Walter Wells had told Evers that he had been to Baljit’s and Daljit’s homes. Evers said that Walter Wells told him that he had never met Frank Carson. Walter Wells told Evers that he had not been on the Carson property, and was not involved with the killing of Korey Kauffman.

Walter Wells denied to Evers that he was ever in the possession of Korey Kauffman’s cell phone.

Evers said he learned from CHP SGT Donby that Walter Wells was at Pop N Cork Liquors on 03/30/2012. Patrick Emery was at Pop N Cork on that date as well according to Evers. Evers said that Patrick Emery and Walter Wells were at Pop N Cork earlier in the evening, and had some drinks on 03/30/2012 for a couple of hours. They then were picked up by Jessica Crisp and driven to dinner at the Dust Bowl. According to Evers, they returned to Pop N Cork for some more drinks. Evers said that Patrick Emery, Natalie Emery, Walter Wells, and Jessica Crisp were at Pop N Cork around 10:00 PM on 03/30/2012. Evers said that Daljit Atwal and Robert Woody were there as well. Evers said that they did not see Baljit Athwal at Pop N Cork that evening. Evers said that a younger male employee was there as well. Evers said that Daljit would leave the party for the front of the store during the evening of drinks and socializing. Evers said that Patrick Emery said that they left Pop N Cork around 1:00-2:00 AM.

Evers said they went to Terry Locke’s house after leaving Pop N Cork. Patrick Emery told Evers that they were at Terry Locke’s house for 5-10 minutes. Walter Wells and Jessica Crisp then left, and went home.

Evers said that Patrick Emery told him that he saw Walter Wells later on 03/31/2012. A neighbor was having dinner for them next door to Terry Locke’s home around 4:00 PM. Evers said that Patrick Emery told him that Walter Wells was late to the dinner.

It is now time for lunch. Marty Carlson will do the afternoon reporting.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)