This is the morning report of the Frank Carson preliminary hearing. I’m trying dictation again so get your decipher mode ready.

Court started at 9:30 Court time which was actually 9:44 real time and it started with the district attorney playing the audio of a Keith Hobbs interview by Curt bunch

In the interview which most of it had been stricken so they had to cut out parts of the audio they were talking about the situation with Cooley and Corey and the Carson connection. Being chopped up I did make a lot of sense so I did not really see any real purpose there.

Madame da then she’ll put John Evers on the stand they were talking about they wanted to clear up some of the audio just some minor issues.

They went into the discussion that ever had with Eddie quintanar and the judge stopped at that point and said she wanted it back up to a different spot where she was last Thursday when she promised that she would not go into Walter Wells and she did when Tim Raines was not in court.

John Evers asked quintanar about Walter Wells and a search warrant at pop and Cork and the knowledge that he had. Which one are apparently did not know much about it but also stated that he was not going to hang out at pop and cork as much as that could be problematic with what’s going on at the time.

Apparently quit Dark Souls Walter Wells not to do the same and Walter said he was still going to associate with the Atwals.

Apparently there was some conversations with Eddie quintanar about a tailgate Atwal have become more aggressive of late and had a certain what the da referred to as a state of mind which means it seems to be a common theme. Also there was discussion about an injury the Delta Atwal at on his face it was some type of laceration of some sort.

Also out down that wall had been asking quintanar about GPS trackers on a car and how to find out if there’s one there and he had advised them to come here and just look underneath the car.

This conversation occurred sometime in July of 2012 about the time of the around the time of the search warrants make note that’s it. That there was a lot of objections being made it appear the judge was making some overruling some objections I’ll just finish this testimony and moving along and may not have been doing it just for a legal basis. I’m not sure. That way if you just keep telling the da to move it along and at one point she admonished the district attorney about herself instead of just asking questions and that’s a common thing that’s been going on in this case.

Paralegal quintanar had discussed the conversation with others that pop pop and cork between Baljeet daljeet Walter Wells and Robert Woody it’s a common thing that happens when you type of events happen. There’s also some conversation about Scott McFarland and Cory kauffmann relationship is Corey live next door to Scott McFarlane and he was having trouble with items being stolen.

Also there was multiple injections going on throughout this this whole line of questioning by all attorneys and the judge did inquire as to what the da was trying to establish and she has she is trying to establish a relationship with all the CHP officers and popping cork.

Also watching investigator Evers on the stand many times he looked confused and he wasn’t answering questions never really asked of him, I think it appeared to me that he was in a lot of pain somehow as he grimaced a lot and he was a little confusing couldn’t answer questions that were asked.

During an offer of proof for this line of questioning the district attorney said she is trying to show State of Mind of defendant towards things and some of the problems that they had they also talked about an incident in Sacramento where are LG Atwal got hurt somehow chasing some thieves of some sort the judge again that she has several times recently and the da and told her to tighten up your case it’s not going well it’s been stretched out too long.

In fact there were some objections that were sustained about the sacramental it back event because it was a character evidence and not actual physical evidence of the case and the objections were sustained.

Apparently also down to eat at wall had made a comment to quintanar about Scott MacFarlane was an informant working for the police. No I didn’t quite understand where they were going with this because Scott McFarlane was a CHP officer at the time he was the police.

They went back to the Walter Wells conversation on May 7th of 2014 I said Walter well said that he was had a relationship with the Atwal he did not know anything about any evidence in this case and he had never met Korey Kauffman.

Water wells did admit that he knew about the Cory kauffmann flyer as it was shown to him by Scott MacFarlane but he did not recognize a picture of Korey Kauffman also Walter admitted that he had an association with the Outlaws and they went on trips together and been at each other’s houses events.

Walter Wells said he never met Frank Carson nor been on his Frank Carson property of his properties denied any involvement in a homicide nor any information of that homicide.

He then went on to the prop 115 testimony of Patrick Henry comma and apparently officer zombie of the CHP have done an investigation of Walter Wells internally who discovered that we had been at the pop and cork on the night of the Siri event of the da. Patrick Henry had found out about the investigation through about four levels of hearsay through Walters mom threw his wife he did say on the 31st he was with Walter at the pop and cork in the back at the bar the back of the restaurant. They were drinking beers and some vodka about 8 o’clock they called his wife to come over and pick him up then she and Walters girlfriend picked him up they went to dinner at the Dust Bowl. They finally returned back about 10 p.m. to the pop and Cork and stay there and chill around 1 a.m. .

Also note that Walter Wells his father’s funeral was the next day on April 1st of 2012.

While they were at back at the pop and cork there was daljeet was at the store Robert Woody was there unknown of algae was there Jessica Chris Natalie Emery we’re all there with Patrick and Walter at the bar area.

He also stated that two men had come in while at the bar that he did not know but apparently Walter Wells knew who they were and in fact and introduce him to them but could not remember their names. You think they left between midnight and 1 a.m. but was not sure

After they left the pop and cork they went to Walters mom’s house where they dropped off the Emory Walter stayed for a few minutes and went back to his house. Apparently the next day a neighbor of Walter’s mother was having a dinner for everybody at her house about 4 p.m. . Now it’s a point John Evers was asked to look at a report and to look up some information he couldn’t remember and then couldn’t remember what he was looking up. I seriously think this gentleman was having a back problem or something was bothering him he did he was grimacing and look like he was in pain and his answers were extremely slow.

After the dinner everybody went over Walter White’s house that morning apparently Walter Wells was not present at a breakfast at IHOP and Patrick was texting all the whales giving him a bad time about not being there after all the drinking the night before. It was also noted that food for the funeral was taken to pop and cork to be stored because he didn’t have room for it at their houses and Patrick did not know who was actually dropped off and picked up the food for the funeral.

After the dinner at 4 it was over around 5 or 6 o’clock they again went back to Walter Wells his residence so that’s about where we broke for lunch.

I don’t have hers also stated that April 2nd 2012 was the first time step Cory kauffmann was reported missing and unless I missed something that’s not my understanding as a family or put out flyers on March 29th of 2012 and had reported it to law enforcement.

That was it for the morning session to be continued at 1:30 this afternoon we originally said that Robert would he was supposed to take the stand today I’m not sure that’s going to happen now I think they will cross-examine John Evers all afternoon probably see Woody tomorrow.