By Warren Yates

July 26, 2016.  I was able to take a short break from my caseload and was able to go into court this morning. I knew something had to be up when I saw a trail of rose petals going up the aisle and toward the prosecution table as if being spread by a flower girl at a wedding. And then it sure as I’m Paddy McCoy, (I’m not really) out comes Cap’n Crunch. Darned spell check anyway, I meant Capt. Bunch also known as Special Agent Bunch.

A couple of the other commentators had mentioned that for the past couple weeks Mme. Dist. Atty. appeared frustrated and down in the dumps for the last couple of weeks. I guess she would have good reason to be depressed because for most of the last two weeks, Tweedle Dee, Jimmy Cook Junior was sitting next to her and most recently it was Special Agent Lingerfelt sitting next to her. One of the ladies in the gallery turned around and commented that Mme. Dist. Atty. seem to be in a much better mood and had a glow emanating from her.  Then I heard one of the fellows in the gallery say that she was happy because her handler was back. Not sure I know what that means, I’m just reporting it can’t even remember who said it.

I also noted that as the proceedings had started that Carmen Sabatino came in the courtroom a little late and because the seating on the left side had a lot of people, he sat on the right side which has come to be known as the prosecution side. After couple of minutes a person in the front row thought to be Tony Kauffman got up and spoke to a bailiff in the back of the room. The bailiff then approached Carmen Sabatino and asked him to move to the other side.

This is a serious matter and not a football game where opposing sides are separated. This had the appearance of someone from the opposite side of a stadium innocently wandering into the “Black Hole” on the Raiders side of the field and getting pummeled or intimidated. A person coming into a public courtroom should have the option of sitting wherever he or she wants which may give him or her a better view of the proceedings. Right after Carmen Sabatino had to move, a lady did come in and because of the crowded left side started to sit on the right side and was then escorted over to the left side.   I didn’t see a sign outside of the courtroom telling people which side of the court gallery they could sit in.   Somebody seems to be trying to turn this into an “us” versus “them”.  Both sides of the gallery should only be concerned with one thing and that is, that the dirt bag that murdered Korey Kauffman should be brought to justice.

Another point that has to be made, is that Special Agent Evers is being referred to as Baby Huey and some of the commentaries. While wearing my “tin hat” last night, I received a message from the outer limits which I transcribed through my secret decoder ring. I was advised that “Paramount Cartoons” was going to file a lawsuit against whoever alluded to Special Agent Evers as Baby Huey.  They are charging defamation of character and stating that Baby Huey has never been involved in any type of domestic violence case in Los Angeles California. So those of you who are doing that, have been warned.

I got my information from Daffy Duck who has been proven to be a reliable informant who has never embezzled any money from a doctor, been a drug dealer, is not a tweaker, not a thief and has never been involved in receiving consideration for his testimony from a Dist. Atty.

Well the day started out with the district attorney playing a partial recording of Keith Hobbs statement to two of the special agents from the District Attorney’s Office. I recalled that in 2013 while working a case for another attorney who has since retired, Keith Hobbs was charged with 211 PC, robbery. I spoke with Keith Hobbs at the Public Safety Center and got information for his case. As a result of my investigation the case against Keith Hobbs was dismissed. Like a ride at Disneyland, “It’s A Small World”. Just saying…

This is going to be a short commentary because there was not much action for me to get my teeth into.  Special Agent Evers, no, I’m not going to say that other name, took the stand and he seemed to be somewhat red and flushed while on the stand. He was doing some 115 testimony regarding Eduardo Quintinar and Walter Wells. There were numerous objections throughout his testimony this morning. During the direct examination by Mme. Dist. Atty., she was admonished numerous times for asking compound questions by Judge Zuniga.

In prior commentaries which you would have to research, there may have been some descriptions of Mme. Dist. Atty that may not have been complementary. I will have to go on record here and state that a number of years ago when I lived in Orange County California, I was employed by Disneyland. Now mind you, I was a few years younger and I just wanted to be a ride operator so I can watch the smiling faces of little children on the ride.

But against my wishes the Park supervisor insisted that I would be playing Prince Charming. So there I was, stuck every day with the same job, chasing Cinderella around the Park to see if I could get that Payless Shoe Source glass slipper to fit on her foot. It was fun while it lasted but then I get tired of signing all the autographs for the little kids. I used to shorten my signature to PC. But we know the time goes on and time takes its toll on all of us. I may be a little rough around the edges now, but I have a big heart.

The reason I bring this up is that in following this case and seeing the conduct of Mme. Dist. Atty., I believe that she has a black heart. As I mentioned in an earlier commentary, I thought that District Attorney Fladager in her vendetta to ruin Frank Carson was using Mme. Dist. Atty. as cannon fodder throwing her under the bus in a case which could not be won. Then it had been mentioned that someone in the District Attorney’s Office stated that Mme. Dist. Atty. volunteered to take this case in order to fry the Carson 8, much like Fladager had fried Scott Peterson.  Fladager used the Scott Peterson case as a stepping stone to become the district attorney. Some of the DA’s office said that Marlissa Ferreira wants to use the Carson 8 as her stepping stone to become district attorney when Fladager either retires, resigns, or is removed from office. Don’t know if we will ever know a truthful answer.

Then at one point this morning Judge Zuniga told Mme. Dist. Atty. To “tighten up your examination. Do I need to hear this? We need to get through this”. By now the judge must know that Mme. Dist. Atty. for whatever reason may be known only to her, is dragging her feet through this preliminary hearing.

I think I told you earlier that this is going to be a short commentary because there wasn’t much to me to get my choppers into. The main reason this persecution of the Carson 8 is so egregious, is because four people have been sitting in jail for almost a year with no solid evidence having been presented showing their culpability in the death of Korey Kauffman. The other major problem with this persecution is that it is now costing in excess of $5 million of taxpayers’ money to perpetuate an agenda driven prosecution. Board of Supervisors need to step up to the plate and put a stop to this.

I was surprised this morning and felt that several of the gallery members there in the hallway prior to going into the courtroom seemed to be mind readers. They told me that for some unknown reason, maybe tarot cards, they knew my political leanings. Some things I’ll never figure out. That’s all for now. Thanks for tuning in and now for word from my sponsor.