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After an eternity given to Marlisa Ferreira to put on her case, Judge Zuniga gave her an ultimatum this morning. She wants to get served the meat and potatoes of this case. Judge Zuniga ordered Marlisa to put Robert Woody on the stand tomorrow morning. He has just changed his story, and now says that Frank Carson and Walter Wells were not at the Carson property on the night that Korey Kauffman was allegedly killed.

Marlisa has been doing everything she could to put off dealing with her “Woody Problem.” She can’t do that anymore. I expect there will be a high level meeting tonight where Woody will be given the keys to Modesto with a deal for his testimony. I expect it will basically give the confessed killer of Korey Kauffman a very short prison sentence in exchange for him taking the stand. We may see him change his testimony yet another time before this thing is all settled. It’s “Let’s Make A Deal Time.” How a prosecution can be based on ever changing testimony from a confessed killer baffles me. Judge Zuniga has said in court that she has never had the wool pulled over her face by any attorney. I think she will see that this whole case pivots on the testimony of someone who can’t be trusted. It’s just about as simple as that. Robert Woody has shown us during the last year that he is more than willing to lie.

Bunch starts out the day with his Prop 115 testimony concerning Woodrow Woody. This concerns statements that Woodrow Woody allegedly was told by his father Robert Woody. He did not come forward with this information until years after the fact.

Judge Zuniga let Marlisa have DA Investigator Kirk Bunch Do Prop 115 testimony for Robert Woody Jr. (Woodrow) that obviously violates evidentiary rules, in order to speed through what Marlisa was trying to sneak into the record. She allowed her to violate the rules by saying it was subject to a motion to strike. All of his testimony concerned single and double hearsay that will eventually make what we heard this morning a moot point. It seems to me that Marlisa has gotten to the point of desperation. If she loses this trial, many of us feel she will be working somewhere else in the future. She will be pushed under the buss. I hope other people involved will be pushed under the bus as well.

Bunch testified that Woodrow told him that 3 people jumped over the Carson fence on 03/30/2012 to steal antique cars, and only two returned back over the fence. One person remained on the property. All of Kirk Bunch’s testimony was objected to strongly, especially by Martha Carlton-Magana based on hearsay, and foundation issues. Judge Zuniga states that she will let it go subject to a motion to strike.

Bunch testifies that Woodrow said his father heard gun shots from Carson’s back yard. Woodrow allegedly told his father that he did not want to hear anything more about this alleged incident.


Bunch testified that Woodrow Woody told him that the body was taken to Yosemite National Park. The body was actually found in the Stanislaus National Forest. Bunch testified that Robert Woody had told Woodrow Woody he wished that Baljit Atwal had hid the body better

Bunch testified that Woodrow said that the truck that had transported the body was burned for insurance fraud.

After the 03/03/2014 search warrant, Bunch testified that Woodrow said Daljit Atwal contacted him, and took him to the back room of Pop N Cork. Bunch said Daljit Atwal asked Woodrow if he had talked to his father. Bunch testified that Woodrow said that Daljit was acting sketchy. Daljit allegedly told Woodrow he would help him out. He allegedly told Woodrow not to go to Washington, because the cops know about Washington.

Bunch continues his Prop 115 testimony by stating that Robert Woody went to Washington between 02/28/2014 and 03/01/2014. Woodrow allegedly was told by Daljit Atwal to relay a message to his father to not say anything because the police did not know anything.

Bunch testifies that Woodrow Woody told him that Daljit Atwal followed Robert Woody and Baljit Athwal up to the mountains to hide the body of Korey Kauffman. I believe I heard that Robin Attenhoffer was on this trip as well. Bunch is now done with the Prop 115 testimony on Woodrow Woody.

Defense attorney Robert Forkner wants the judge to rule on the admissibility of this testimony. I expect her to rule on this today.

Bunch then tries to give Prop 115 testimony on a person named Tonya Johnson. She is a person who had a search warrant served on her home by Kirk Bunch and Detective Jon Evers. He tries to talk about a woman who had shown up and allegedly said that she was a friend of Georgia and Christina DeFelippo. He starts talking about how a threat was made, but objections stopped him from completing his statement. Judge Zuniga tells Marlisa Ferreira that there has to be some kind of link to get past the multiple layers of hearsay. It sounds like this was an eviction that had taken place on a property owned by Frank Carson. There was some talk about Frank Carson threatening this lady by saying that he was carrying a gun. This appears to have been all thrown out by the judge.

Judge Zuniga chides Marlisa for doing so many things that are “Not Salient.”

Prosecuting DA Marlisa Ferreira then announces that she is not ready to put Prop 115 testimony on for Jessica Crisp, but she could put Detective Corey Brown on the stand. She seems to be a bit disorganized today.

Defense attorney Robert Forkner asks why it took over two years for Woodrow Woody to come forward with these statements. Bunch said that the Woody family was not cooperating with law enforcement at that time. The better of a deal Robert Woody gets, the more cooperative they will be. I think they call this symbiotic relationship. Bunch testifies that he got search warrants on Robert Woody’s Facebook account. Defense attorney Robert Forkner pins Bunch down on revealing details of the investigation before he starts asking questions during his interviews. He especially did this with the interview of Woodrow Woody.

At Robert Forkner’s request, we now play the CD of the interview he did with Woodrow Woody on 03/06/2014. We can hear Bunch telling Woodrow Woody the details of what he believed had happened on 03/30/2012. We then can hear him asking some questions. We hear /Bunch telling Woodrow that he knows other people are involved, and that his father is not the one they are really focusing their attention on. Bunch tried to imply to Woodrow that his father had played a minor role. Bunch tells Woodrow Woody that: “Your dad puts himself on the Carson property. Bunch tells Woodrow that Baljit Athwal and Daljit Atwal were there, and some suspicious other people were there also.

We can hear Woodrow telling Bunch that his dad told him that Baljit Athwal did the “Beat Down.” Woodrow mentions to Bunch that his dad was thinking about suicide. Woodrow tells Bunch that his dad told him that Daljit Atwal and Baljit Athwal were there on the Carson property. Woodrow told Bunch that his dad told him that he had heard gun shots. He tells bunch that his dad told him that three men jumped over the fence into the Carson property. He then says that only 2 came back over the fence. Woodrow Woody tells Bunch that his dad told him that Baljit Atwal should have hid the body better. He states that Baljit Athwal burned the truck for insurance fraud.

It is now time for our lunch time break. Marty Carlson is doing the afternoon session. I apologize for how late this post came out. My computer was giving me fits tonight, but I finally got things straightened out.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)

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