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I need to hear from Woody ma’am

by Marty Carlson


I was not at the morning session today as I had other business to attend to but I was advised that the judge Zuniga finally put an end to this one 15 testimony of Brian Woody and Woodrow Woody. Apparently the judge felt there was getting into a situation similar to the Beverly Woody debacle and finally put an end to it. She advised the district attorney she needed to provide Woody tomorrow and that’s it. But remember that could just entail prop 115 testimony.

Court resumed that 1345 hrs., which was the scheduled time and they finished playing a video interview of Woodrow Woody, which is Robert Woody’s son. The judge inquired with Robert Fortner if you wanted to impeach Woody with video as he is coming in tomorrow.

Robert Fortner asked the judge to reserve ruling on this tape and another tape from August 2015. Which the judge complied.

At that time and audio recording of Woodrow was played, and it was a little bit hard to follow that he had talked about hating to see someone gets hurt her beat up, apparently he had seen one of the Atwell brothers catch someone on a beer run and he got physical with. He also stated that one of the Atwell brothers it actually shot at the person to, at that point Martha Magana objected and moved to strike the part where he shot at what they described as a homeless person. The judge already advised that she’s taken it with a motion to strike after she listens to it.

Woodrow was told by investigator botch that he will be his friend and Woodrow stated he feels that he can trust him, I wonder if he feels that way now. Woodrow stated that D Atwahl had been acting kind of sketchy ever since a search warrant.

Kirk Bunch as Woodrow if he had heard that the victim had been chopped up in any way. Again Kurt Bunch assuring Woodrow that he will not reveal to anyone what he says. And Woodrow Talking about the number of guns owned by the out walls especially a 22 caliber Ruger bolt action rifle. They also talked about a chainsaw that was owned by the Atwahls that they got rid of just before the search warrant.

There was then a long argument between attorneys about a second video that the DA requests to be an admitted before it’s played, and the judge advised her you are not in front of a jury just play it before you start something here. The audio was then played and was difficult to understand but I was able to pick up parts of it.

Woodrow was talking about that for two weeks Robert had stayed in his room after the alleges homicide and was drinking heavily. Then they started talking about the Atwahls and the regular visits that they were having from CHP officers and other law enforcement, and at times they were teasing each other and having fun at the pop in court.

Woodrow stated that Robin Aten Hoffer told him two weeks after the murder what had happened. And he also talked about Robin writing a letter to someone but wasn’t sure who. He also mentioned that his mom was allowed to borrow down sheet pickup truck and actually put a dent in it over at a store. He then stated that Robert Woody had lit it on fire to collect on the insurance.

After that audio was done we took a break and when we returned Kirk Bunch was on the stand and Martha Magana was asking questions. She was asking about Brian Woody’s interview and if he had been asked to watch the property for Frank Carson, this interview was done by Bunch and Evers. Brian Woody had talked about payback for Frank Carson’s assistant in a previous case, and then Martha Magana ask about his criminal history which included multiple felonies which range from stolen property, domestic violence, and felony drug charges.

Brian Woody also told Kirk Bunch that Robert did not move the body, and said they never moved a body. Robert Woody never told Brian Woody that the body was buried at pop and Cork. And no one ever mentioned to Kirk Bunch about cutting off fingers and toes. In the March 2014 interview, nothing was said at that time of Robin Aten Hoffer present at the scene.

This became the end of a day and they were wrapping up business, and Percy Martinez inquired what the plan was on the DAs part tomorrow as far as Woody’s testimony. Because he is saying there is multiple interviews that have been done. The DA responded that saying she is not sure what she is going to do tomorrow, she may just take testimony or possibly prop 115 through Steve Jacobson.

At that point the judge confirmed that if Woody is not live tomorrow Steve Jacobson will prop 115, and the DA confirmed.

Remember court starts at 10 o’clock tomorrow it might be interesting

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  1. Nothing but a bunch of he said she said. Same old shit that has been said before. People keep coming up with stories to satisfy the DA. She needs to quit. None of these so called witnesses are reliable and the Investigators are telling them what to say. We all know that.

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