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Just as I predicted, a deal was made last night with Robert Woody for his testimony in the Frank Carson preliminary hearing. Marlisa Ferreira has relieved herself from the heartbreak of her Woody problem. I feel so much better for her.

Robert Woody has plead guilty to one count of Voluntary Manslaughter (192A), guilty to one count of Arson (451A), and guilty to one count of obstruction of justice (182D). For these three guilty pleas, Robert Woody will get 7 years and 4 months. The prosecution just let the confessed killer of Korey Kauffman off with a very light sentence. They had to, in order to have any chance of obtaining a holding order for any of the defendants in this case. His sentencing date is October 5th, 2016. I am certain that we will be still embroiled in this never ending preliminary hearing. The attorneys estimate that Robert Woody’s testimony will last about one month. I expect it to take at least twice that amount of time. It is the only direct evidence in this case that the prosecution has, and every aspect of it will be litigated to the max.

At 10:27 AM, we start out with a discussion about excluding Robert Woody’s mother from the courtroom. It is obvious to many of us, that Beverly Woody suborned perjury with Robert Woody by holding a sign up to the window at the jail where she was visiting her son. The defense attorneys talk about the sign telling Robert Woody to change his testimony to conform to testimony given earlier by Beverly Woody. She knows that all of her conversations with Robert Woody are recorded in the jail. A sign allowed her to communicate her instructions without being recorded on an audio tape. It is noted that Beverly Woody is unable to read or write. Someone else had to provide her with this sign.

Marlisa Ferreira gets mad, and says that she will exclude Walter Well’s mother Terry Locke, Ramona Casada (Georgia’s best friend), Eduardo Quintanar, and Jessica Crisp (Walter Well’s girlfriend) from the courtroom if Beverly is forced out of the courtroom. Marlisa states that they are on the witness list. Woody is the last witness that the prosecution intends to call to the stand. None of the above listed people have been called to the stand. I highly doubt that any of them will have to testify.

Defense attorney Martha Carlton-Magana eloquently speaks about how what Beverly Woody has done is the worst example of suborning perjury she has seen in her forty-year career.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez states that Beverly Woody was pressuring her son to change his testimony.

Prosecuting DA Marlisa Ferreira states that Beverly Woody’s testimony has already been thrown out. This is not completely true. Judge Zuniga let some testimony in, and struck other testimony.

We get into some intense arguments that get real nasty. Judge Zuniga: “Just Stop.” Martha Carlton-Magana states that this is the: “Gravest of matters.” She states that it is an undermining of justice. Martha reveals that the defense attorneys have proof that Beverly Woody had held up a sign with instructions for Robert Woody while visiting with him at the jail. She says that it is a clear case of suborning perjury. Martha states that it was an attempt to provide untrue allegations to the court.

Marlisa Ferreira goes on a 20-minute rant. Saying that Beverly Woody was confused. She tries to cite case law to show that Beverly Woody did not actually commit the crime of suborning perjury.

Martha Carlton-Magana goes over the history of many of the versions of events that Robert Woody has given. This has really gone through a metamorphosis. He initially was recorded on a body wire stating that he stabbed and shot Korey Kauffman, and fed his body to the pigs. According to one of the defense attorneys, there are at least 17 different versions of the events that he has given since being arrested. I thought I might have been pushing the limits when I said he had 7 different versions. I feel much better now that I know for sure what I said was fairly accurate. Each succeeding version lessened his involvement in this alleged murder.

We take our lunchtime break. At 1:39 PM, defense attorney Timothy Rien states that the defense is not trying to slight the mother-son relationship by asking for Beverly Woody to be excluded from the courtroom. He states that Beverly Woody is a witness in this case. He states that she has testified, and is likely to be called back to the stand for further cross-examination. Rien states that Beverly testified that Walter Wells directed Robert Woody to go back into the Carson property and to help clean up the mess after the alleged murder. Timothy Rien states that Beverly Woody testified that Walter Wells drove to the Carson property in a police car. Timothy Rien shows how evidence has shown that Walter Wells was not working on 03/30/2012, and was driving a silver Acura that day.

Timothy Rien states that the officers went to Robert Woody on 04/27/2016 and did an interview with him. Rien states that Robert Woody once again denied that Walter Wells was at the Carson property during the alleged incident. Rien talks more about how Beverly Woody showed a sign to Robert Woody through the glass at the jail. He once again reminds everyone that she can’t read or write, and someone else had to make the sign for her. Timothy Rien requests that Beverly Woody be excluded from the courtroom to preserve the integrity of the case.

Marlisa Ferreira goes on another 20-minute rant, and once again says that Beverly Woody was confused. Marlisa: “There is no intent here.”

Judge Zuniga then starts making her ruling on this contentious issue. She states that she does not want to deal with the perjury issue at this time. She then states that she is governed by case law 867. She goes to her favorite book written by Justice Simons. She states that she has never excused Beverly Woody from testimony in this preliminary hearing. She cites the People vs Young case law. Judge Zuniga then states that Beverly Woody can’t be in the courtroom.

Judge Zuniga then asks Marlisa Ferreira if she still is going to try to exclude family and friends of the defendants mentioned earlier in this article. Marlisa and Kirk Bunch go out of the courtroom briefly to converse on the issue. Marlisa comes back and announces that the people can continue to attend as spectators in this preliminary hearing. Judge Zuniga orders these people to not converse between themselves concerning this case.

Defense attorney Martha Carlton-Magana states that Mark Davis (Mr. Microphone) will be following people around to try to bust them for conversations.

It is 2:48 PM, and the Bee reporter leaves the courtroom. He has been here all day, and for once he will be able to write an article with things that he actually witnessed. I hope to see the Bee in the courtroom more often. This is a really big story, and the story needs to be written so that people will know what is going on.

DA Investigator Kirk Bunch is put back on the stand for continuing cross-examination by Martha Carlton-Magana. Martha: “You transported Robert Woody 3 times from his undisclosed jail to and from Modesto. It is brought out that this would total 6 hours of driving with Robert Woody. DA Investigator Steve Jacobson was with Bunch and Woody on these drives. Bunch testifies that he did not record any of the conversations during these drives. Bunch was very aggressive on the stand, and spouted out a couple of objections. He has visions of himself being a lawyer it seems. He appeared to be obnoxious to many of us.

Martha Carlton-Magana tries to get Bunch to testify about the infamous letter allegedly written by Robin Attenhoffer concerning what Robert Woody had allegedly told her about the events at the Carson property. Martha asks Bunch if he had been told by a handwriting expert that it was highly unlikely that Robin Attenhoffer wrote that letter. This was objected to, and the objection was sustained. It was outside of the scope of the cross-examination.

We are done with the day. Robert Woody will not be put on the stand until Monday morning. This will give the defense attorneys to digest all the new discovery they have been provided.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


  1. Say mr Jensen, I believe that Georgia’s brother Chuck was also part of the group of people that this brutal DA wanted out of the courtroom
    That Carlton Magana hit the nail on the head when she called out that fake Wanna be Mark Davis, (aka Mr microphone) everyone knows he is a snitch, who’s asses he kisses and the charges that he is facing.
    his laughing at most times towards the defense team just shows you what a weak, scared and pathetic person he really is, he only wishes he could have the quality of those attorneys for his defense when he goes to trial

  2. Big Question here for me. Now that Woody has taken a deal might this be the tipping point to send this to trial? Maybe this prelim is over next week and it goes to trial or not? I keep thinking of what I have learned here- thin to win; you can indict a ham sandwich. It seems like getting Woody to accept a plea deal to testify to whatever bullshit he is going to testify to would meets the small needs to send this to trial. It seems now all the remaining arguments should be in front of a jury?

    One thing though, I still do not know the how, when, where of all this. It is like we are back at the start when this prelim was going to take “..3 to 4 weeks..” beginning on Oct. 13, 2015.

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