1. wtf

    the suspense is killing me

    1. Remember Robert Woody is about 15-16 months away from being time served under that deal.

  2. HOLY COW!!!
    So with credit for time served he gets released immediately on parole. For First Degree Murder!!!
    So boy and girls what have we learned today? If you murder someone in Stan County just tell the police someone the DA does not like helped you do it. Lets see. Who could that be. I got it! Tell them Marty Carson helped you do it. Better hold onto your cell phone records Marty.

    1. Marty has cameras at his house
      Occasionaly turns lights on or off
      Once repaired a broken fence
      Nice knowing ya pal

  3. Mr WOODY was all dressed up
    In his rat jacket for the sweet deal from his nbf

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