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One of those days it does not paid to get out of bed

by Marty Carlson


Just for clarification on Robert Woody’s plea yesterday, many people believe that he got 12 years four months that is not correct. This plea agreement is for seven years four months, he gets a strike for the voluntary manslaughter, he gets a strike for the arson. He has no previous strikes so those are only two strikes on his record.

Now the 12 years four months he will get if he does not complete the conditions of his agreement. So if he does not testify to as agreed he will then get the 12 years four months. If he does testify to what he agreed to he will get seven years four months which he will do about half time on, so 44 months and is probably in the area of 26 2728 months now. So he has an additional 15-16 months or so before getting released, and he will probably do that locally in the county jail but as a department of corrections inmate.

Now back to the preliminary hearing which we just had abbreviated day, and only a morning session.

Kirk Bunch took the stand again to prop 115 Robert Lee Woodrow Junior, also known as Woodrow. He stated that he never showed Woodrow a picture of Bobby Ticknor. And when he talked to Woodrow he stated it was Robin Attenhoffer who had told him about the incident on Carson’s property that night.

Robin said she was at the scene and had seen a beating going on. This is an interview done in August 2015 and about the third story he had told. And in the previous stories there was no mention of gunshots as was told in the August of 2015 interview.

Martha Magana approached the witness on the stand with a document which has to be copied for all to see, and she says it is summary of look phone call between Kirk bunch and Woodrow. Woodrow had told Kirk bunch that Robert Woody was in Washington at the time of the incident and Kirk bunch admitted he never personally confirmed the information whether he was or not, but there were some checks made by other investigators as far as money transfers or anything of the like.

He was asked about Jason Armstrong knowing where the site was where the Korey remains were found. He admitted that Jason Armstrong and another gentleman had talked to the Hunter that had real originally found the body. And the other gentleman who name escapes me right now, was caught on again can that they had put up there at the scene. In addition, that Kevin Pickett was at pop and Cork on at least one occasion when Jason Armstrong was talking about where the school was located.

Attorney Hans asked investigator bunch about transporting Robert Woody from the out of county location that he was in, which we all know was Tuolumne, and if any documentation was made on those transports. He also said they never stopped anywhere along the way after his court dates for food drinks or anything else.

He was asked if it is the DA investigators function to transport inmates to and from court, and he stated that he had contacted the Sheriff Department transport and they would not do the transport so they were had to do them themselves. Now being extremely familiar with transports was from the custody division in the past that is exactly what their function is that the transport to and from court appearances even out a County. Now he may have had to come a day or two earlier and go back a day or two later and that might’ve inconvenienced Tim so they didn’t want to do that. But they have a bus that runs a regular route to all the jails and prisons to pick up inmate for such occasions.

Kurt bunch is also asked if he ever used any one particular tactic for interviewing and talking to people and getting information, and he stated that each situation is a unique to itself and that each is different at all need to be handled different. Kirk bunch was asked about some testimony he made on Monday as for the people on the property and he had to admit after reading the testimony he had stated it incorrectly.

He was also asked if he had generated a report for this conversation on the phone Woodrow and instead he did not because it was recorded. I also noted that this time to Kirk bunch was looking a little red and getting a little Pissy on the stand. In addition, Woodrow stated during our phone call that there may have been other people in the family that may have been responsible for the Korey’s death.

The Dist. Atty. then started redirect and he said that Woodrow was more cooperative in this conversation he had been in the past I was trying to reveal more information about Robert Woody and being in Washington at the time. He had also talked to Kandi Watts, Robert Woody’s former girlfriend and the mother of his kids, but he did say that he was able to establish that Robert Woody was at in shape city on three 3-30-2012, working out.

This line of questioning was objected to by Mark Martha Magana very loudly very vigorously as she stated it was misrepresenting the evidence, and the representations the DA was making to the court. Percy Martinez concurred with that objection which was overruled.

Percy Martinez asked if Kevin Pickett at ever said that Michael Cooley was involved, which Kurt bunch denied, and again cams were installed in late 2013.

Martha Magana start another re-cross and asked if the Hunter Crosby and had a dispute with Jason Armstrong and David McMillan over with Jason Armstrong thought was the Hunter was using their campsite to do been using for years. He also said that there was no investigation of Jason Armstrong and the issue of his stolen tools allegedly taken by Korey Kauffman and finally found at the Michael Cooley house. Michael Cooley apparently want to give the tools back but had extreme fear of Jason Armstrong.

During this line of questioning there was multiple objections by the Dist. Atty. Martha Magana was trying to get another bit of information out of Kurt bunch on the stand, as she was not able to get the question out properly to be allowed to ask, and it’d been just a little past the noon hour the judge said were going to have to come back at 130 Martha Magana said she’s not making everybody coming back to 130 for one question.

So at that time we broke for the day which is just about five minutes after 12 and we are back in court Monday morning 10 AM and probably taken testimony from Robert Woody.

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  1. Wonder if the DA just opened a can of worms by offering a confessed killer only 7 yrs ? Shit i would hope for same leinency to confess to a murder also and sure many others thinking the same? Mind boggling how this DA office is working…… Is. A 12yr old in charge or what???

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