Again as in the past I got people that are deciding to be self-righteous and feel they can armchair quarterback the work that is being done by the contributors to DAWGS BLOG. Some people do not want to put their name on an article with their contributions but want to continually tell the rest of us how to do what we do.

Unless you’re willing to step up and be accounted for personally, as myself, Tom Jensen, Warren Yates are willing to do I do not have any interest in what you have to say. Step up and be accounted for.

Here is my open invitation,

 Anybody that is willing to come to court every day listen to the testimony and the evidence presented every day as an open invitation to have their reports posted on DAWGS BLOG unedited. If you give me a sincere report of what you see in court I will post whatever you write.

There are many people that want to sit back, criticize, critique, but are not willing to do the work themselves here’s your chance to stand up and be accounted for.

Understand DAWGS BLOG is not a public relations firm for the defense nor prosecution in this case or any other. Our reports indicate what we see in court, and if they sound biased maybe it’s because this case is biased and not justice. But you do not know that unless you come to court and see for yourself.

There are many people that have shown us a lot of support, and given us some strength to fend off the attacks that we constantly get. Trust me that is deeply appreciated.

So again I say if you want to complain, criticize, bitch, moan, groan, I am simply not interested in hearing it.

If you want to get off your ass come to court listen to the testimony and report what you hear I am most definitely interested and promise to post what you write. If anybody does not want to do that I do not want to hear your bull shit, save it for somebody that gives a fuck.

There it is I tell it like it is I always will let me know if you are interested and willing to do the work.


FRANK CARSON et al side issue 8-5-2016



Sometimes I just stop, look, listen,I still can’t believe what I see and hear

by Marty Carlson


I have been following this Frank Carson case since November 2015, and the tentacles of this case seems to reach out to so many different areas. It has a connection that started years ago with the charges against Carmen Sabatino, AJ Pontillo, Frank Drummond, and many more. This case has local judges that have recused itself, another judge in San Joaquin County the refused to sign the Ramey warrant, and finally a third judge in Madera County that read the warrant, which is 330 pages, and about 2 ½ hours. Understand 330 pages is a size of your average novel.

We have seen this case morph into the women’s locker room of Ceres Police Department where somebody decided they wanted take pictures of naked women, a.k.a. Panty gate. Those pictures were taken with a game cam that was used at the scene of where the victims remains were found in this case. This created a legal quagmire for the Ceres Police Department was holding that camera as evidence, and the attorneys and judge in the Carson case who want to see if there’s any pictures on that camera that places anyone at the scene of what they are calling the gravesite of Korey Kauffman.

I have also been graced with a presentation of a tinfoil hat by one of the investigators in this case. A moment I actually enjoyed very much.

For you that follow DAWGS BLOG regularly you a note in a recent report that there is an individual who is a regular in the courtroom that was singled out in arguments to the court by one attorney Mark Davis is working as an agent, by the use of electronic recording devices, for the Dist. Atty.’s office. It is been testified to in court in this case and in other cases of his activities. It is very obvious that there is a special relationship between Mark Davis, Kirk Bunch, and deputy chief Dist. Atty. Melissa Ferreira.

Sitting in the courtroom every day I see this special relationship. Mark Davis, as he is becoming to be known as Mr. microphone, is constantly sending candy and treats across the bar in the courtroom to Marlisa Ferreira, and I noticed she always responds with a big smile a kind look and usually with a wink of her eye to Mr. microphone. During breaks and the end of the day he meets them at the bar to talk to them constantly, in addition he meets them at their vehicle at the end of the day, every day, to have long talks with Kirk bunch Melissa Ferreira and even was involved in a long conversation on Wednesday, with the many members of the Kauffman family on August 3 after Robert Woody had agreed to his plea bargain deal in court. Apparently Mark Davis is involved in the privilege conversations with the victim’s family in this case. In one instance I personally observed Mark Davis having a short conversation with the judge in this case in the parking lot. For some reason somebody has determined that to be appropriate.

Not understand Mark Davis is pending three felony charges, it’s 182/487 PC, 118 (a) PC, 1814 CIC. These cases day back to 9-14-2011 so has been trailing for approximately 5 years. Both of Mark Davises codefendants have either pled out, or in AJ Pontillo’s case been to trial and note beat the case. So Mark Davis is the only remaining defendant in this case. He also has a second case pending with 2 more felony charges. As seen above.

Now I bet you guys are wondering where I’m going with this

Mark Davis was initially being prosecuted by Deputy chief district attorney Dave Harris in Department 7. It is unknown why Dave Harris has now pulled out of this case and it has been turned over to none other than Marlisa Ferreira. Seeing the obvious more than friendly nature of their relationship I see no reason whatsoever how this could be appropriate. In yesterday’s hearing on August 4, 2016, which was in a short hearing that lasted just a morning session, I observed Melissa Ferreira for no reason at all, turning and smiling big at Mark Davis and winking at him, severaltimes. I saw somebody that had some type of affection at some level for Mark Davis. How can she possibly be the deputy DA in charge of his case and expect to have justice dispensed, or is that even a concern anymore?

In my opinion Mark Davis has constantly fed the Dist. Atty. information from conversation in the parking lot, which includes attorneys and their clients, spectators from the gallery, and I constantly see him talking to the victim father and other family members during the court is in session, and during breaks. He actually in fact one day attempted to agitate Mr. Kaufman with some type of conversation concerning myself. I had seen Mark Davis leaning over talking to Tony Kauffman which at that point Tony Kauffman looked at me with a very agitated look on his face. Why is this type of person allowed to aggravate a murder victim’s father in court? As if he doesn’t have enough on his mind hearing all the details of his son’s murder? I have seen Mark Davis make disparaging remarks directly to some of the defendant in this case, as he is constantly in other people’s business and what I felt was a deliberate attempt to block one a defendant’s entry into the courtroom by standing right at the door, she made a comment and he started making disparaging comments back.

On Thursday, August 4, 2016, AJ Pontillo, after learning Melissa Ferreira had taken over Mark Davis’s criminal case, confronted Mark Davis in the parking lot and of course Melissa Ferreira was there also and when she was also inquired to the appropriateness of that she blurted out “don’t talk to me” apparently a response that she drew from her many years of experience in the courtroom.

And at that time investigator Kirk bunch that come around the corner, and hearing the confrontation apparently began moving too fast and dumped all his files and paperwork on the ground. In blurted out the excited utterance of “keep it down.”

So apparently in their eagerness to defend Mark Davis, who has a pending case of three felony charges, that is now being handled by Marlisa Ferreira, she has gone into a “mother hen” type protective mode for him.

So my question now is are the citizens of Stanislaus County going to get justice in the Mark Davis case? Why would a deputy chief district attorney take a case of somebody that she has an obvious, and appears to have an affectionate type relationship with? As I have seen sitting in this courtroom for going on 11 months now they seem to have a strange sense of propriety, and have no sense of what’s appropriate anymore.

As has become glaringly obvious in the Frank Carson et al. preliminary hearing, that the prosecution has been putting on their case in chief for going on 11 months now. If you cannot do a preliminary hearing of this type in a month you do not have a case. There is no excuse for a preliminary hearing the last 11 months let alone the prosecution still presenting their evidence. That is done in a trial not a preliminary hearing whether trying to get some be held over for trial.

As I received information from an insider in the Dist. Atty.’s office there was a directive from Birgit Fladager to Melissa Ferreira telling her to make this last as long as possible. At one point I thought Melissa Ferreira was a bumbling idiot, and in some ways I still do, but she has made this hearing last going on 11 months now, with long unnecessary narratives creating issues that have to be addressed by the defense, and bringing a witnesses that have nothing to add to the case. And she has done this brilliantly.

There also seems to be no issue with the amount of money spent in this case, as we have seen with the recent testimony of an alleged cell phone expert who was paid $206,000 prior to his testimony in court, and then was getting paid $350 an hour for seven weeks’ worth of worthless testimony. This is a commitment this District Attorney’s Office is made to this case. The main witnesses a case has recanted same Walter wells, and Frank Carson were not at the scene of the alleged event night. But for some reason they still will not release these two defendants from custody. And the current bill in this case is running over $5 million, and they will get no conviction in this case.

Welcome to your own brand of special justice in Stanislaus County.