Again as in the past I got people that are deciding to be self-righteous and feel they can armchair quarterback the work that is being done by the contributors to DAWGS BLOG. Some people do not want to put their name on an article with their contributions but want to continually tell the rest of us how to do what we do.

Unless you’re willing to step up and be accounted for personally, as myself, Tom Jensen, Warren Yates are willing to do I do not have any interest in what you have to say. Step up and be accounted for.

Here is my open invitation,

 Anybody that is willing to come to court every day listen to the testimony and the evidence presented every day as an open invitation to have their reports posted on DAWGS BLOG unedited. If you give me a sincere report of what you see in court I will post whatever you write.

There are many people that want to sit back, criticize, critique, but are not willing to do the work themselves here’s your chance to stand up and be accounted for.

Understand DAWGS BLOG is not a public relations firm for the defense nor prosecution in this case or any other. Our reports indicate what we see in court, and if they sound biased maybe it’s because this case is biased and not justice. But you do not know that unless you come to court and see for yourself.

There are many people that have shown us a lot of support, and given us some strength to fend off the attacks that we constantly get. Trust me that is deeply appreciated.

So again I say if you want to complain, criticize, bitch, moan, groan, I am simply not interested in hearing it.

If you want to get off your ass come to court listen to the testimony and report what you hear I am most definitely interested and promise to post what you write. If anybody does not want to do that I do not want to hear your bull shit, save it for somebody that gives a fuck.

There it is I tell it like it is I always will let me know if you are interested and willing to do the work.



  1. Well put Marty. How ever the lazy ass pieces of shit that want to sit back and criticise your blog probably can’t drive or even find the court house.

    1. Some cannot even find their asses with both hands.
      Now I have to go prepare for my pending lawsuit by Beverly Woody…….

  2. 100% to the point. If the lard asses don’t understand this then they are beyond help. As far as the law suit goes She must think you are getting rich for blogging on this case. Wouldn’t that be nice. Tell her to get in line and pick a number out of the hat. Thank you Marty, Tom and Warren for the fantastic job you are doing for free in reporting what you see and hear in court on this case.

  3. They can’t be bothered going to 116 days of court hearings.. they would miss out on about 6359 aluminum cans.. and maybe a few hit’s on the community crack pipe.

  4. Marty I agree with your blog and it is simply the truth
    I have no idea what has occurred that prompted you to write this piece but those of us who are there daily and continuously know for a fact you gentlemen are devoted to share the happenings in the courtroom whether it is good or bad
    As you know my dear, there are those simpletons who will never understand the truth nor do they want to!!

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