Court days


Confusion and delusion in the courtroom today

by Marty Carlson


The afternoon session continued Robert Woody on the stand there were talking about when he moved the body from pop and Cork to the mountains. And for some strange reason Mme. district attorney keeps bringing up Walter wells his name and asking Robert Woody if Walter wells was present when any of this happened and every response has been “NO.”

She asked if Walter wells was at the store when they talked about digging up the body with Bobby. And of course Robert Woody said no Walter wells was not there. But there taken a shovel unearths the body with Bobby helping, in addition Robin Aten Hoffer was there also. He stated the tarp are still around the body, they loaded it in the truck with Bobby’s help.

Again Robert Woody stated they did not cover the body in the bed of the truck, self for the second time their driving around with his body in the back of the truck uncovered for anyone to see. They then laughed to dispose of the body, with Bobby driving towards the mountains. Robert Woody stated that it was Bobby, Robin, and himself that were in the truck.

Robert also stated that the store was open when the body was dug up and he was inside the store tending to the counter. Robert Woody stated it took about 10 minutes to unearth the body and at that time no phone calls were made by Bobby, Robert or Robin while they were in the truck. Woody stated he had no idea where they were going, nor did he ask, and it was an hour to 1 ½ hour drive it was at night and he was unable to see any signs in the roads went from asphalt – gravel – to dirt. He stated he never been in that area of the mountains before nor has he ever been back.

At that time there was offer proof that needed be shown by the DA and they made the witness leave the room as the DA had asked him if he had made a trip back with the investigators to the scene where he is Tom Martha Magana argued that he just stated he’d never been back. The judge as usual allowed to question and testimony to stand.

The DA began basically whining about the argument the Martha Magana has been making a continually telling the court that there are not legal arguments in the court trying to tell her she’ll decide that. This whining by the DA continued on all afternoon and escalated right at the end.

Apparently Robert Woody was taken to the road where the body was dumped by investigators and began a long narrative as she usually does when she gets Pissy.

Once Robert Woody retook the stand he stated Bobby decided where they were going and he just went along for the right. He stated they went down a dirt road that was near a campground, that no one was camped in, and pulled the truck off to the side of the road. He was asked if they’d use flashlights or what they used to see as it was middle of the night, and he stated that the is moonlight and starlight it was pretty bright out there and not that dark. He stated they grabbed the body by the feet and I had using the tarp then went down an embankment about 30 yards and placed the body on top of the ground.

I remember Robert Woody yesterday said that he had removed the fingers and the toes from the body so they could not be identified, he placed those body parts in a black grocery bag from the store and left it with the body buried behind pop in court. He now decided to take a black bag and scattered around the area so apparently it could be found and identify Korey. In addition, there were some ranks that he had placed inside the tarp makes the body to absorb the blood.

After leaving the body he stated he took the tarp, rags, and a sheet rock nice returned it to the truck and drove back to Turlock to the pop and Cork, stating a been at the scene about 10 minutes. Stated when he got back into the truck there is no other conversations that occurred on the trip back.

When he returned to the store D was the only one there, and again the Dist. Atty. for some reason asked if Walter wells was there, and he stated again no Walter was not there nor was his car.

Robert Woody said Bobby told him to burn the truck with gasoline to destroy any evidence and they drove out East Street out to the country a bit and let the truck on fire with gasoline and a cigarette. He also stated that D had filmed the truck while it was burning.

He said when he got back to pop and Cork he went home to get some rest, which he said at that time was shortly before daybreak.

The next day he returned to work any heard Bobby say he would make a report of the stolen pickup and collect on the insurance. He also the night before had burned the bloody rags and the knife that he used, the first farm reason he just took the tarp and threw it in the garbage bin.

Woody stated that the police investigation forced them to move the body because they felt that that something was going to happen soon. He stated there was copse in the store about a week before they move the body asking questions and the search warrant was done on July 2012. He also stated there were some investigators that were sent to talk to him and they were hired by Frank Carson, and this was after the search warrants were done. That he stated that they went into the back room and started drinking shots and he just laughed and never did talk to them.

Woody stated that he was told by Bobby to not say anything if he was talk to by investigators. He stated D told him to go home later when law enforcement investigators showed up at the store also, but was then called back to work at the store later on.

He talked about leaving the state to go to Washington state in 2012 Woody had a go take care some issues with his kids up there and after the search warrant. He stated the outlaws gave him about $500 and a bus ticket. He used the name Bob Williams because he wasn’t supposed to leave the area due to be in on probation and he had stayed a couple months. He stated stayed in contact with the Atwahls while he was in Washington. He stated he was never asked, at least at that point, any question by investigators in regards to Korey Kauffman.

It appeared that Robert Woody was not giving somebody answers at the Dist. Atty. was looking for, and there were some issues with the outlaws that he didn’t really want to discuss. And whenever some objections to some of the questions the Mme. DA’s offer of proof is why it was relevant she stated she is inquiring as to what he may say, meaning she doesn’t know what she’s going to say and it’s usually mistake for a lawyer.

After we came back from the afternoon break Robert stated that he and Bobby had been on the phone while he was in Washington but stated he did not want to talk to Bobby about what it happened because he was not proud of what had occurred. He stated he did talk to both brothers at the store the apparently did not want to give him money to come back and so He contacted to his family about getting the money to return which they did.

Woody stated that he got treated just like he always did when he got back to working at the pop and Cork, which was about a month after he had returned. They talked about some dental work that he had done after he came back and when asked how much it costs he stated $400 worth of dental work. And after some prodding by the Dist. Atty. with many objections he realized that she was asking how much it actually spent on his dental work was which he now says is in excess of $10,000. He stated that the out walls were making payments for the dental bill, but it was to his house.

Woody stated when he got arrested in February 2014 and the bills stopped getting paid as he was told by family members he did not know for himself. At this point there seemed to be a lot of confusion with the court about some of the information being revealed as it is being presented in an era regular manner and not in any type of order. The judge inquired if the Atwahls actually talked to any of his family members about the dental bill he says that ensures his silence.

Again we get an offer of proof from the Dist. Atty. as Woody was off the stand DA and says that the Atwahls threaten him to keep to keep his mouth shut and they would put money on the books at the jail for him. At this point the judge was inquiring with the DA a simple question of what the threat was or what they had said in the DA went into a long narrative never really answering the question. The judge finally shut her down and quarter and asked her what the threat was and it was only represented it basically that it came through the family so it was a multi levels hearsay type of threat.

Robert Woody was asked if he knows a gentleman by the name of Kamau and he stated he did not and the DA just continued on asking when he had a visit from this gentleman which led all loud ringing roomful of objections give you just stated he did know the person nor never met the person. It appeared that the DA was getting answers that she did not expect him to say but did say apparently in some of their practice rounds.

But he did keep repeating what he said about the Atwahls telling him to keep his mouth shut and everything will be okay, he also stated that after the search warrant at pop and Cork he was asked to come back and clean up some of the damage from the wires being cut in the locks being broken certain areas of the store.

He also stated that the outlaws were going to sue the investigators for their actions thinking that it would stop the investigation and the case. He also stated that Frank Carson had told them that but there is began Punjabi and he has stated he did not understand the language.

Mme. DA asked Robert Woody if he knows investigator by the name of Frank Navarro, and the brothers had talked about the investigation after an interview was done with Woody by Navarro in July 2012. What he stated he did not know Navarro but then read eventually remembered that he was interviewed by him.

He was then asked about Miranda Dykes a.k.a. of sunny Dykes and he had taken her in 2014 for a few months and stated he never knew that she was wearing a body wire a few times when she was around him. Until she had finally broke down and told him about it. He stated later on he had listened to the body wire recording with Steve Jacobson and he was home at the time when that recording was done. He said what he said on that body wire was not true because he was stupid and high on dope at that time. He was then asked about Keith Hobbs and his relatives and he could not remember who they were initially and then realized it was my Cooley and Eula Keyes.

At that point it was about 4:15 PM there were some other business to be discussed and Robert Woody was taken off the stand for the day.

Of note I noticed Robert Woody was not very clear about his testimony today, his body language was poor, his recall was poor, and it was obvious that he was not testifying to some things that the DA expected him to say. He actually looked at some point like he did not want to be up on the stand anymore, and he’s got a long way to go.

Some of the trivial business being discussed after Woody left the stand is Robert Fortner as stated he had received some cell phone information that was done by a wisdom prior to Jim cooks involvement. And he presented that to the court

Martha Magana stated she had received some discovery today from the Dist. Atty. but is not what was expected, as she was waiting for the recorded conversation between Beverly Woody and Robert Woody at the jail when she was holding a note up to the window telling him what to say to the DA and court. Which of course led to a long contentious argument by all parties involved.

The DA represented that the all recordings and or videos have been turned over and Martha Magana countered that jail visit has not been discovered yet.

Percy Martinez made an argument about the jail visits and the glass and the phone that’s used at the jail for those type of visits and again asked the DA to turn over that information and Mme. DA was already real Pissy probably because her witness is not done very well today, and she retorted very loudly at the end of the hearing that “she’s already explained it what is wrong with you?”

Just goes to show more hate from the right side of the room.

Tomorrow’s court starts at 930 due to some other obligations for some of the attorneys it will close early around 3 o’clock tomorrow.