FRANK CARSON et al 8-10-2016pm (marty)

Court days



By Marty Carlson


The afternoon session started 130 court time which ended up being 138 real-time, and when the judge took the bench she talked about the warrant log and for everybody to take a look at the first page of the Ramey warrant affidavit. But did not specify what she was talking about so I really did not understand. It was then moved into evidence.

They also talked about the polygraph the Robert Woody took and there’s no recording of that polygraph for the question-and-answer period prior to taking it.

I understood that there was supposed to be some information revealed that 130 in regards to Capt. crook but that did not take place unless that was what they were talking about in the Ramey affidavit and the log.

One note: I got to the court about a 1130 or 11:40 AM and as I walked in Robert Forkner had just started questioning Robert Woody. In the course of that questioning he was asked about his plea agreement and what he thought he had agreed to. Based on some confusion on his answers Robert Forkner asked him if he understood what he was charged with and what he pled to in the agreement and he stated he did not. Now my understanding is, and I know I’m an idiot, that you cannot make a plea to a crime if you do not understand what you’re pleading to. This is a type of thing I feel that can come around and bite somebody’s ass down the road later on.

Robert Woody got back on the stand after lunch and is still being questioned by her Robert Forkner and he stated that he never been to Frank Carson’s property prior to the Korey Kauffman incident. He stated he had been to Washington several times in the past but never before the homicide occurred. He stated his family namely his kids and ex-wife have been up there about 10 years. He also stated he never demanded money or anything else from the out walls since the incident. Robert Forkner asked him if he understood what type of time he was looking at prior to making his deal.

Apparently in one of the interviews that was discussed the investigator felt that he was holding back information and apparently that was true. He stated he never talked to Frank Carson since the dismissal of the possession of stolen property case.

When he was asked about the brothers fixing his teeth he stated that they had been infected for years and the brothers were willing to fix his teeth and they also wanted to get him off of meth.

When he was asked about sunny Dykes he stated she told him that CPS wanted to take her kids and he wanted tried to help her. He also stated that the scene where Korey was killed he never saw anyone else on the roof or by the fence nor did he ever see any pipes stacked up in the back of the property. He stated that sheet rock knife was one that’s used around the store constantly and he used at the cut tree limbs and such.

He stated all his life he did not like to hurt thing, in fact could not put a worm on a hook to go fishing, because he didn’t want to hurt the worm. He also stated that when he cut the fingers and toes offer Korey Kauffman there was blood everywhere but he did not get any on his clothes. He stated Bobby was holding the hands to help him cut the appendages.

He stated he never lied to get out of trouble before, and that turned out to be a big mistake. He stated he had used shaved keys in the past, and some of the stolen cars that he had done. He has burned cars, and drove them into the canal to destroy evidence.

Robert Forkner asked him if he would be willing to lie to protect his mother, and he said no he would not lie in a court.

Now remember he just said that he never lied to get out of the trouble before and then they started talking about one of the interviews they did and I believe in March 2014 where he stated he lied during the entire interview. He also stated that the list of people that he was supposed to collect as possible suspects in Frank Carson’s thefts was to be turned over to the police for them to investigate.

Not talking about some of these interviews in March 2014 and July 2012 he had talked to Korey Brown about Keith Hobbs had told him three people got over the fence and two people came back over the fence after they heard the gunshot. He had told Korey Brown no one was watching the property, but does not remember telling Korey Brown about what Keith Hobbs it says about Michael Cooley had killed Korey.

Now in these two interviews that I mentioned above Robert Forkner started going down the line in asking questions if what he said was the truth or not the truth. To give you a total, I counted 35 questions where he was asked if it was a lie or not a lie, and the questioning is not done.

The first interview in July 2012 was done by Korey Brown the second interview in March 2014 was done by Kirk bunch. He was asked many times if he had knowledge of the disappearance of Korey Kauffman and he said no, he was asked many times if he knew where the body was he said no.

He was asked by Robert Forkner if he knew you’d be recorded by sunny Dykes, at the time he said he did not but she told him about it later.

He was asked if he knew Christine DeFilippo he said he never seen her before.

As stated during one of the interviews he was asked if he knew where they had done with the body he stated no

Robert Fortner asked him why he why he lied so much in this case and he stated that he is stupid and to avoid prison. He also stated that he had lied to his mother about his involvement. So I wonder who made her story up.

Robert Forkner asked him if he actually talked to his family, and had pizza and beer with them well at the District Attorney’s Office during one of his interviews and family visits he stated he would love to have some now.

He also admitted another lie where he had tried to blame Scott McFarlane for Korey’s murder.

At that time, we broke early for the day there was an appointment that Percy Martinez had to get to in court ended at 3:15 PM with the restart at 930 tomorrow


  1. Idk about yu guys but this reminds me of a similiar case involving Duke University and the lacrosse team. Where the prosecuting DA witheld exclusionary evidence. And he got punished

    But why hasnt the state attorney general office got involved and investigated the DA . Integrity of the DA and justice in hanging on the line.

  2. Please do not call yourself an Idiot….I don’t like that
    You are a good person who has given his time to do an extremely stressful job of reporting what is really going on in the courtroom
    Many of you don’t know this but Marty and Tom have shown up at times when they were sick and under the weather…..
    That is truly heartfelt dedication…….

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