FRANK CARSON et al 8-15-2016pm (marty)




by Marty Carlson


The afternoon session started about 1339 hrs. Robert Forkner was arguing to the court about using his hearsay testimony when the DA has used that same type of hearsay testimony the last 10 months, in fact filterable case on hearsay.

Mme. Dist. Atty. said that they hearsay testimony is still applied to this witness as far as her testimony she brought out, but also said she has a foundation objection to what he’s doing. Robert Fortner presented a document to the court and the judge admits in part that document basically three lines in the document where Robert Woody was talking about the out walls to Korey Brown and that was transposed into the Ramey warrant.

The judge it printed out the plea agreement with Robert Woody and was rereading some parts of it and asked Bruce Parry some questions and he advised that the attorney-client privilege was only to clarify his testimony in this case and not for waving all attorney-client privileged conversations.

Robert Forkner argued that the agreement states that it’s all statements in the last two years, which is waived the right to attorney client privilege.

The judge stated that were doing a lot of arguing over a bit of information that is not exactly real high-value in her determination of old order. She advised Robert Forkner to get on with it and put Woody back on the stand.

Robert Fortner start talking about Woody’s auto theft case and asked him if he had keys to the car, Woody stated that his brother had took the truck with the keys that he had, and then Robert Woody was a driving the car somewhere to dump it off in the police got and behind team and a pursuit ensued. They finally ended with a spike strip set out on the road.

He was also asked if he ever stole cars and while he was in Washington to make money stated no that he does lived off of family up there. He also stated that he had never testified or snitched, or informed on any family member on any ever case ever. He had also heard that his mom was testifying to family members at a visit or a phone call he wasn’t sure which.

On April 24, 2014 Robert Woody took a polygraph at the DA’s office, and he was asked about where the body was and who had done it.

He repeated again it took about 10 minutes to remove the fingers and the toes offer the body at the pop and Cork. He was also asked about any information that had been revealed to him in reference to the Ramey warrant, and he had no idea what a Remy warrant was, but did say he had a big stack of papers in his cell that it may be in.

He stated that his family had been online, probably DAWGS BLOG, following the case saying it was a circus court. He stated there was a phone call to his father where he was concerned people were telling mom stuff and confusing her about what was going on. He also stated that the investigators were “drilling” on him trying to get him to talk and reading transcripts to him.

He stated that he had received a large number of transcripts a couple weeks ago mostly from Steve Jacobson. Kirk bunch was telling Woody many of the facts in the case and trying to convince him that he was facing serious charges if he did talk.

Robert Woody was stating he did not remember much of these interviews and conversations, nor was he reminded by the transcript in front of him, so Robert Forkner started rehab transcripts into the record in the DA objected, which led to long narratives in arguments.

Mme. DA was basically saying that he cannot read a transcript into the record like that the judge advisors she cannot objected that but she did ask a question for Robert Forkner if Kirk bunch has had they had a good case against him on murder on a capital case. There was a long narrative in arguments by the DA about the Robert Fortner cross and actually reading the transcript into the record is it was an appropriate.

Robert Woody also stated he had no recollection of Kurt bunch threatening him with death penalty in a capital case and also had no recall of Carson giving advice to anyone including him during that time. He also stated that the Atwahl brothers, as told by Kurt bunch were only thinking of their own interests and not him. Woody was also asked if he was scared of getting the death penalty.

The judge again asked the question if you scared about the DA and abilities to charge him and he stated yes, and he said that Kurt bunch had read into the record of an interview with following Frank Carson’s advice. Again there was a long argument by all attorneys involved about reading a transcript into record, and then he was asked if Kirk bunch told him that algae and bowed sheet only protecting their interests.

During many of these arguments they were making Woody get off the stand and leave the room to finish her arguments that she was trying to shape his testimony with. The judge finally advised the DA that the testimony that is being done is for non-hearsay purposes in the DA continue to argue with the judge which is always a mistake. But apparently Kurt bunch did not tell Robert Woody he would be convicted of murder, and the death penalty in this case. Kirk bunch did tell him his denial would make it worse for him.

Robert Forkner at that time and it is cross-examined but did reserve for the following polygraph information is both be provided by tomorrow, as the examiners are going to be in court to testify as the polygraph results have now come up missing which is seem similar in this case

At that time to preliminary hearing was stopped for the day is to be continued again tomorrow at 9:30 that were supposed to have the two polygraph experts in court to talk about why this polygraph exam has disappeared and what they’ve done to try to preserve it.


  1. HEh heh….I love your voice to text…”.he was asked if Kirk bunch told him that algae and bowed sheet ..” what is a bowed sheet anyway? Just ribbing ya Marty ! Dont put the boxing gloves on !

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      I know I really do suck at it don’t I? That’s why people like toms stuff so much more than mine but I’m secure in my manhood so I’m okay with it……

      1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
        dawg417 says:

        Oh I remember what I was trying to say now! thank you!

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