1. You courtroom lice are too smart for the judge. She will
    dismiss the case finding no probable cause so Frank “the Gangsta”
    Carson & his crew can sue the pants off Stanislaus County for
    20 million dolla on a malicious prosecution claim. And if you believe
    that, I got a bridge for sale that connects Marin County to the Presidio.

    • You continue to show so much insight and bravery, especially with your constant anonymous comments.
      I put my name on everything, why are you so afraid?
      Especially since you are the “CHOSEN ONE” and so self righteous.

    • Yo, I hear yuh. To think the County is going to get out from under this damage for 20 million dolla is gangsta insane. It would be like my homey offering the Golden Gate Bridge for sale for 20 million dolla. The price tag would be at least 10 times that amount.

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