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  1. It’s easy for Kent to believe woodys story because he hasn’t been in court everyday like the rest of us.. and there is no way he can think woodys 12 different story’s are consistent

  2. We will never know who or what caused Koreys death because the prosecution has screwed up the evidence to the point that none of it is credible. It is impossible to tell what is true and what is not. It is ironic that because the prosecution chose to put obviously innocent people in jail, the actually guilty persons cannot be convicted. There are some persons who we know are accessories to Koreys murder and have obstructed justice: the prosecution team.
    At this point I believe it is irrelevant whether the Atwall brothers actually did it or not. In America to preserve our constitutional rights and fair treatment under the law people charged with crimes are entitled to due process. There is a reason our forefathers required guilt in a criminal case to be Proven beyond a reasonable doubt: so that prosecutors do not engage in the very type of conduct the prosecutors in this case engaged in. Unlike the prosecution, it is easier for me to live with the fact that a guilty man may go free than it would be to live with the fact an innocent man was put in prison. The one exception in this case is Woody. I think he deserves his 7 year sentence even if he is innocent because he has cowardly pointed the finger at others. Had he just kept his mouth shut he would be a free man today

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