1. I haven’t been following the blogs for a while. Is this sort of correct from what I have read lately-
    Woody basically made up the story of all this with the help of “All of the DA’s Men”?

    This is basically a conspiracy by the DA’s office to go after Carson at all costs?
    One question we have all had from the beginning is – Why did they not serve a search warrant on Cooley’s property or use cadaver dogs, try and find some DNA there? It seems they purposely did not search Cooley’s property because they knew the truth was there.

    Will the people in the DA’s office face charges? How many laws has the DA’s office broken?

  2. You just brought up the same thought that I had. No cadaver dogs there. And why would they bury a bicycle. Most likely it was the body that was buried there before it was moved.

    But once again we are seeing but they are not in search of the truth. If they were this would have been over a long time ago.

  3. I thought the cadaver dogs DID hit on Cooleys’ back yard, where the bicycle and dog were buried and they didn’t do anything about it, it didn’t fit their plan.

      • It was
        I was in court that day cooleys sister on stand think it was Forkner that was asking her about her dog buried on cooleys proptery size if dog why it was a 6 ‘ long hole if her dog was a foot or so that’s the day I thought judge should released them all

  4. Yes it was brought uo in court when lawyer was asking about the dead dog the sister buried in back yard what size the dog was and she put her hands out foot or so then he asked why they had made the hole so big like a body she said a bike and cadiver dogs were there and hit on that spot and they said it was a dog byt test canorove difference between dog andhuman as far as I was concerned they should if been let out on that testmony alone no Dna blood nothing at Carson’s but on cooleys

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