Can cadaver dogs tell the difference

between Human and any other

animal remains?

By Marty Carlson


With the recent testimony in court and questions about whether a cadaver dog had been used on the Cooley property, there are still questions whether it was used or not I personally have no recollection of any testimony. That does not mean it did not occur.

But some of the questions being asked cadaver dog distinguish between human remains and animal remains, like the dog that was allegedly buried in the Cooley yard.

And here are some of the results that I found in a search online:

Cadaver dogs are still more effective than any man-made machine. Though it is still in question of what kind of scent that the dog zeroes in on, as the decomposing human body releases 478 different chemical compounds. And there is still research being done to figure out which ones really matter to the cadaver dogs.

Whatever the chemical signature is, it is present through the whole process from fresh corpse in the first few hours after death to skeletons several years old. It is also present and several types of tissue, including blood, bone, and fat. Properly trained dogs can identify the said and not in just whole bodies. They can also detect in blood spatter, bone, and even cremated remains. They can even pick up the scent be left behind after a body has been removed from a grave, then removed again.

That last point is important as to what the prosecutors are trying to claim in the Carson case, and that the body had been buried at pop and Cork for 28 days.

The signatures scent of human death is also unique to humans, trained dogs can tell the difference between human remains and animal remains.

This last point is important to note if a cadaver dog was actually ever used at the Cooley residence and whether or not it would’ve detected a buried dog versus human remains.

Part of the researcher’s theory is that there is something in the bone structure, that is unique to humans, that releases certain chemicals that can be differentiated from any other type of animal.

Although the exact mechanism isn’t yet understood by humans, it is very clear that properly trained canines can reliably find human remains, from hidden graves to disaster zones.


  1. Why hasn’t the Stanislaus County sheriff, aka Adam Christianson ordered a cadaver dog to Cooleys property. Probably worried now that he fucked up from the very beginning, that if he does it now Brigit Fladager might take him off her Christmas card list. What a complete waste of tax payers money.

  2. Not really sure about all the hub bub regarding
    Cadaver dogs

    According to the testimony so far, the victim
    Was almost immmediately moved

    So wtf is a cadavwr dog gonna do????

    Kinda like the testimony about the rifle
    That was “ruled out”

    Makes no friggen sense what so ever

    Endless mindless bullshit

    (talking about carson property)

    Think about it

    Guy is shot after ass wuppin
    Guy is moved

    Cadaver dog what two years later

    Thats just retarded

    1. Agreed except were talking about the Cooley property, and people were asking about it and some were claiming that a dog was used on the Cooley property and hit on the burial spot where the dog was in and they claim that’s why the dog hit it on it.
      I am not totally sure about all these facts, but I am responding to many comments and messages.

  3. Wasn’t aware that they had actually took cadaver dogs to the Cooley property. It also doesn’t matter that the body was moved almost immediately or not, if there is DNA out there the dogs can pick it up. So you carry on with your tarded day there buddy.

    1. Maybe marlissa could put the dog on the stand

  4. trying to follow this dog/pony show you will never get the truth,because the DA will only release what the they feel will help their case. they never went after the people who had a debt to settle with kaufman, oh let’s see call me for interview ,wtf!!

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