Court day 128 in custody days 388 More of the same of no accountability by Marty Carlson 9-6-2016 The afternoon session started at 1:30 PM court time but was actually 2:07 PM real-time. The judge started by saying there’s been much ado about nothing as she is said earlier aboutContinue Reading

ARGUMENTS ON ATTORNEY/CLIENT PRIVILEGE FRANK CARSON CASE 09/06/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM)   Today, court was supposed to start at 9:30AM, with the intentions of hearing arguments on the claim of attorney/client privilege concerning transcripts that were taken from the cell of Robert Woody in Tuolumne County. This isContinue Reading

How can extreme miscarriages of justice he stopped? By Marty Carlson 9-6-2016 there has been a lot of conversation recently on how to stop the misconduct that some people feel is occurring in many cases namely the Frank Carson et al case right now. One of my extremely well-informed readersContinue Reading