1. My prayers for peace and comfort to the bereaved family for their loss.

    Justice is dying everyday for free people everywhere. Justice is dying here in Stanislaus County Every day as we all know and is evidenced by the persecution of the Carson 8. 8 lives virtually ruined because of a district attorney who cannot take defeat gracefully.

    Section 6067 of the California Business and Professions Code requires that every Attorney must file an Oath of Office with the Secretary of State stating that upon admission shall take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California and to faithfully discharge the duties of an Attorney at Law to the best of ones knowledge and ability.

    The oath says to faithfully discharge the duties of an Attorney at Law to the best of ones knowledge and ability. When an attorney in a powerful position uses that power and un-ending taxpayers money to exact revenge on someone intellectually and legally superior to her and her staff, including chief deputy district attorneys and her investigators it is morally and ethically reprehensible.

    The majority of all of the citizen witnesses are convicted or soon to be convicted felons who would sell their mother’s soul to get a better deal. It has been shown in court that deals and consideration were given to several of the witnesses even though DA Ferreira said in court that no deals were made. She was embarrassed in open court by a deputy public defender that rammed that lie right down her throat. So yes, deals were made and the dregs of society would be the recipient of the favors as long as they said what needed to be said.

    The majority of those citizen witnesses in the above paragraph are people who for whatever reason don’t have a life. Their main goal in life is to get whatever they want by whatever means necessary whether it be robbing, burglarizing or stealing to get it. But it is not all the dregs we are talking about. One of the civilian witnesses who doesn’t mind bragging about how important he is, is glorified cell phone salesman Jim Cook. He was caught in several lies on the stand. But that doesn’t bother him because he and his not too bright son Chris, has clipped the taxpayers of Stanislaus County well in excess of $250,000. So old Jimmy was laughing all the way to the bank.

    Then we have Kirk Bunch. Bunch and his boys testify on the stand to events and interviews which are contradicted when the Tapes and videos are played. Recently Bunch was caught in a direct lie which he kissed off when he uses the term “I was INCORRECT”. So this means that if you are a citizen and lie under oath in a court of law, you are committing perjury, a felony. However, if you’re in law enforcement and you lie on the stand, the liar can say I was incorrect.

    Some of the defense witnesses that are being called are incarcerated in state prisons around the state. I find it laughable that Ferreira cannot attack their credibility because of their record. We know that she has used felons and soon to be felons in and out of prison as her star witnesses. Reality bites Ms. Ferreira.

    Well I’ve written way too much and do have a lot more to say but I will end this comment here. And say that real justice is coming and the right people will be the recipient of recall, disbarment, firing and hopefully some jail time.

  2. on the point ^^^^ , but you got a DA that will cut deals with the Scum of the earth too get her revenge. The revenge of what? An attorney that has fought and won cases against her office, officers of the Sheriff’s office who think they can make the crimes fit their agenda. Don’t worry about the cost too the tax payers, trust me they will retire after this SHIT, WITH FULL BENNYS.

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