Gruesome tales part II

by Marty Carlson


Again today due to the gruesome nature of the testimony I will not be put up pictures to make light of what this testimony is concerning.

As most you probably know this morning session was a total failure and actually never occurred in Tom’s report will be up shortly regards to that, the afternoon session started 1330 Hours Court time but in real time and started 1346 Hours.

Jesse Garcia immediately advise the court when the judge called Robert Woody to the stand, then again he is not prepared for Robert Woody’s testimony in the objected to the judge forcing him to continue with Woody’s testimony without being prepared.

The usual response by the judge was noted you have made your record Sir.

Testimony media began by Percy Martinez asking about his February 2014 arrest where he turned himself in. He stated that he turned himself in with it the assistance of his father and brother. He also stated that he may have asked law enforcement to leave his family alone, and he had also heard that law enforcement was talking to his sister Mary Branco. He stated that he had turned himself in the relieved the pressure off the family.

His first interview with bunch after his arrest was done at the District Attorney’s Office and told him he did not know anything. He stated he was told they could seek the death penalty against them in this case, and he stated that seem kind of harsh, but not much he could do about it. He also stated that he would like to escape the death penalty or life in prison.

Again Percy continue about him talking to his family on the phone after he was in custody and he had told his family in those conversations he had nothing to do with Korey Kauffman’s death or disappearance. In April 2014 he was talking to his father and stated he wanted take a polygraph, and stated the truth would set him free.

He was constantly being reminded about some of his statements with the interview transcripts but had poor recollection, but he did not remember in April 2014 he told a story that police wanted him to say that the lawyer did it. He was also shown excerpts from the Ramey warrant of statement that he and his family had made, and told his dad the police were twisting Brian’s statement, but again he could not recall making those statements.

Martha Magana then spoke up at that point in moved to strike all prior testimony as he is not cooperating with the defense, as it is obvious he is altered his story. The request was denied.

Percy Martinez asked about statements in the Ramey warrant, and Marlisa of Ferrera objected to though statements being used as a were third-party and not to law enforcement officers. I must a had a completely dumbfounded look on my face as this was an application for a warrant to a judge from a law enforcement officer.

Percy Martinez argued the statements in the Ramey warrant are sworn statements under penalty of perjury submitted to a judge under oath, the officer may have used hearsay evidence but it was the same warrant that was used for all these defendants to be taken into custody. The judge sidestepped the issue but allowed Percy to continue on in his questions.

Also Mme. DA was constantly making talking objections and not legal objections like she always bitches about other attorneys do, and Percy Martinez stated he requested the judge to ask her to stop with her speaking comments with no legal basis as she has effectively coaching the witness.

Percy Martinez asked Robert Woody about a conversation he had with his dad in April 2014 saying he was drunk wired and tired, and Robert Woody stated he does not remember that statement or most others around that time. Nor could he remember some of the statements made to his brothers. He did say he won’t he talked to his lawyer about taking a polygraph, and the lawyer did advise him is not admissible in court, and Woody wanted to take it anyway but did not want district attorney’s office involved. We saw how that worked out.

Again Mme. Dist. Atty. is making an objection and the judge stopped her and stated make the legal objection first and no more, and Woody was then asked to leave the stand in an offer of proof was given. Mme. DA went into her patented long narrative about he does not recall and once he says that they have to stop questioning in that area. Percy Martinez countered that it is inconsistent statements and should be allowed.

Woody again stated he did not want district attorneys or his dad present during the polygraph he thought the polygraph was arranged by his lawyer through a private entity. He also stated that Frank Carson never wanted anyone hurt or killed, or anything done the breaks a law to only contact the police if he finds out any information.

Frank Carson and never asked anyone in his presence to break any laws he was only inquiring as to where his property may be. Robert Woody did not know anything about any stolen books are antiques, but he was told if he found out any information about who was doing it or where the property was to contact the police.

Percy Martinez showed Robert Woody his stipulated facts page on his plea agreement, and he stated he had no idea what it was nor understood it. But he did remember seeing it as he barely remembered reading and he assumed that the attorney wrote the facts. He was also where that if he varies his testimony it violates his agreement, and he stated it would be the judge that decided he has testified truthfully.

At that time, it was about 2:55 the judge took the afternoon break, a 15-minute break turned into a 30-minute break as normal. And when we returned from break the judge announced to the attorneys that Charlie Odell has been sent back to the California Department of Corrections, with no explanation a what is happened to his testimony or lack thereof. So your guess is as good as mine.

Again Percy Martinez started his questioning of Woody, and was asking if he had ever claimed to have a mental disability which he said no, but he has taken some medications in the past for depression and anxiety but is not taking any now. He stated he was not on medications when he was arrested.

He also stated when he’s under the influence of methamphetamine it changes his thought process especially when he was talking to Miranda Dykes in the body wire. He also admitted that he was just trying to impress a girl during that conversation.

He stated he has not talk to anyone about going to prison and the statements he made to Miranda Dykes is just someone being stupid and dumb, while he was under the influence of meth, in addition to trying to impress a girl.

He was told he was going to prison for statements on the recording for life if convicted. Stated he does not remember most of the conversation on that wire.

He also stated he lied about Frank Carson in his July 2016 statement.

He stated he was stupid for doing what his mom suggested he do at her visit in the paper to the glass. Realizing also that could get her into trouble. And on July 22, 2016 he gave the investigators information on that piece of paper shown by mom during her visit.

They went back to March 30, 2012 in the Korey Kauffman incident and the fight at the Carson property, where he heard the gunshot. He stated the brothers were arguing and Bobby was real angry at “D”, but were speaking in Punjabi. There was nothing in Bobby’s hand at the time but said “D” had a gun.

Woody and Bobby had carried the body out through the gate to the back of the truck and placed the body in the truck, and they decided to go to pop and Cork with the body. He also stated he was not sure what Korey Kauffman was wearing the he does remember a sweater like hoodie, and there was blood on the back of the shirt.

He stated at this time there was no blood on his close or Hands from carrying the body, nor was there any on the pants were shoes of Korey Kauffman at that time. After putting the body in the truck he left the property in “D” s car and assumed that Bobby was following them back to pop in cork. They had not covered up the body with anything in the bed of the truck.

Woody had opened the gate for the truck for to back in the back lot of the pop and Cork, he stated there were some dim lights in the back of the store and a couple in the front, but with was not a lot of light there.

Percy Martinez inquired about some apartment windows across the alley that faced that back lot at pop and Cork, and Woody stated there was about four apartments that face it the did not notice anybody was watching or not. He stated it took about 10 minutes for him to dig a hole that was 3 x 5. He had used just a shovel, no pick as a ground was not that hard.

He stated that Bobby was in the back lot by the truck while he was digging, and he placed a tarp over the top of the whole to place the body on when he was done. He stated the tarp was already in the back lot covering an old Hickory bar.

Percy Martinez inquired about if he was present when the warrant was served at his house, he stated he was in was not aware that it was a simultaneous warrant being served at pop and Cork.

Percy Martinez then asked about how he cut the fingers and toes off the body he stated that he placed it on the tarp first on the back of the truck. He cut the fingers first and then the toes and stated he was his idea to do so.

Percy Martinez asked him if he never gutted a fish, and Woody stated he’s a catch and release type person when he goes fishing, and does not feel that he could cut open a fish dead or alive. He also stated that he cannot stand worms when putting on a hook is a are two slimy and wiggly and make him squeamish.

He stated he had used a sheet rock knife to cut the fingers and toes off which is a fixed blade and has saw teeth on it and stated it is about 6 inches long with about a 4-inch handle.

He stated it took up 5 to 8 minutes to cut off the fingers and then an additional 5 to 8 minutes to cut off the toes after removing the boots and socks. He then collected all the digits and put them in a plastic bag and stated he put the boots back on in the book and the remains was still slowly bleeding from the toes that he had cut off, and there was blood on both shoes, that he called work boots.

He stated there is also blood on the hoodie and the back of the shirt the body was wearing. He then moves the body to the grave he had dug with the tarp underneath and stated there was also some blood running down from there. The fingers and the toes were then placed in the tarp along with the body. He was also noted that in an earlier interview with investigators he had told them he had thrown the digits in the river.

He stated when he dug up the body again there was a strong odor, and did not remove the body from the tarp. He also stated they did not anchor the tarp down to keep it from blowing up after putting the body in the back of the pickup with the tarp on top. He stated it only took about 10 minutes to dig up the body.

He stated they left to get rid of the body and did not completely revealed the whole where he just exhumed the body.

What he was asked if he never made any prior statements about this case, and removal of the body in such prior to the Miranda Dykes body wire and he stated he was not sure. But he did hear gossip on the streets that he was involved in the homicide.

Percy Martinez began asking what his understanding is of his plea agreement and telling the truth and led to another objection and the judge had Robert Woody removed from the courtroom for an offer of proof.

The DA stated it was irrelevant if he goes to prison are not, is certainly not irrelevant to Robert Woody I’m sure and his frame of mind.

Percy Martinez argued a goes to on his understanding and thus his cooperation. The DA gives a long narrative again the judge disagreed with her.

At that point it was the end of the day of the judge called recess in court to be continued at 9:30 AM tomorrow but we know it won’t happen that way.