1. What I was trying to say, The guy that was arrested in Mariposa County.. he was arrested at Moores Creek campground, he is a guy named Bobby with a white truck.. where he was arrested at, in July of 2012 is probably, not far via forest roads from where the recovered Korey’s remains, Likely he was familiar wiht the area as the charges were m.j. cultivation.. wasn’t this just months after the murder..? there was some indication that he was the guy that hauled of the body, did he bury some body parts at the grow site..? fingers etc..?

    Where is that truck now.. ? could there still be some evidence in the bed of the truck ..? body fluids.. etc..

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    1. Who is handling the different cases? Mariposa County or Tuolumne County?

      Which county would bring Woody down and Tickner was in Marioposa County. In that area the county lines are right near each other. Splitting hairs on that one.

  2. Also, what are the chances that he was just completing the task, >>? they all said the body was buried then dug up and moved.. ?? one who does that, would probably plan for it, and these are not very intelligent people, that is what makes it credible that he took the body to a place he was familiar with, and could map out in his head.. they probably not stupid enough to do it all willy-nilly without some sort of plan in their head

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